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CoolSculpting vs truSculpt iD: 2 Leaders, 1 Winner

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Body Sculpting Comparison Table

For the majority of people in America losing a little fat would probably be seen as a good thing.

In fact, there were approximately 64 million Americans that held a gym membership last year.

Removing pockets of stubborn fat can be a frustrating experience — “why aren’t these stubborn areas responding to all my hard work?” seems to be a very common theme among the average gym-goer.

You’re following directions but all of your eating well, working out, and doing cardio simply isn’t working.

Body Sculpting will help you maximize all the hard work you put in day after day!

Body Sculpting works by targeting specific areas of stubborn fat and can be performed in a variety of ways.

The end result effectively contours the targeted area.

So how is body sculpting performed?

Body Sculpting has two definitive approaches, invasive and non-invasive.

Invasive fat removal procedures, like Liposuction and tummy tucks, were the de facto body contouring methods of the past.

These are relatively simple procedures, performed by board certified plastic surgeons, that have dramatic results. They can essentially change entire silhouettes from one day to the next.

However, there are obvious downsides associated with such dramatic changes, like swelling, discomfort and even infections.

Non-invasive body sculpting takes a radically different approach. Instead of rapid changes, non invasive methods stimulate our body’s natural functions to eliminate fat.

This usually involves using gentler, non surgical methods, like laser lipolysis, ultrasound, or Radio Frequency. These different types of energies are directed towards fat deposits to disrupt cell function, causing irreversible fat cell damage.

The body then proceeds to remove the destroyed fat cells from the body through its natural pathways, like the bladder.

Does this really work?

Non invasive body sculpting has quite an impressive success rate. A study published by the ‘Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology’ revealed that:

“Overall 44% of patients had more than 75% improvement, 32% of patients experienced 50% to 75% improvement, 20% of the patients had between 25% to 50% improvement and only 4% had less than 25% improvement.”

Thats a pretty impressive group of statistics.

The technology being developed by the aesthetic device manufacturers in recent years has advanced to the point where surgical procedures simple aren’t necessary for far reduction.

So what are your body shaping options?

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery methods, by definition, are infinitely more invasive than non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

At Miami Skin Spa we don’t perform any invasive procedures. We prefer that all of our patients are able to leave refreshed and ready to get back to their normal activities.

This is something that surgical procedures do not allow for.

However, before considering any non invasive body contouring, your medical history should be reviewed and discussed with your primary physician.

 Whereby you will discuss your expectations, outcomes, and risks of the procedures, to find out if you are a suitable candidate.

Head-to-Head Comparison:CoolSculpt vs truSculpt

The most popular body sculpting treatment on the market is CoolSculpting manufactured by Allergan.

This was the first non surgical treatment to be released and it took the world by storm.

However 10 years on and there are now countless options available to patients.

 In this review we compare the CoolSculpting treatment to the newest treatment to hit the market – truSculpt iD.

Even though both offer similar results there are quite a few notable differences in how they get there.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared, noninvasive body contouring technology that eliminates fat cells for good in a number of areas.

Studies have shown that the treatment is effective for fat reduction, and it has a number of benefits over traditional surgical body contouring methods.

CoolSculpting is by far the most popular body shaping treatment, however this is largely because it was approved in 2010, much earlier than any competing devices.

But is it still the best?

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive treatment that freezes of fat cells in targeted areas.

Freezing the fat cells causes them too effectively ‘die’ and leads to them being excreted from the body.

It works by placing a roll of fat within two panels, then bringing it down to freezing temperatures until the fat is permanently damaged and secreted.

According to studies, after 6 months up to 25% of fat can be removed using CoolSculpt.

What is truSculpt ID?

truSculpt iD is the newest body sculpting treatment from top laser manufacturer Cutera.

It provides a personalized, hands-free and hand-held solution to permanent fat reduction and body contouring.

It uses several hand pieces that offer more placement options and for multiple areas to be targeted simultaneously.

This powerful ‘MonoPolar Radio Frequency Hyperthermia’ platform is tailored to each patients’ individual needs and features.

How Does truSculpt iD Work?

The truSculpt iD treats the entire area of stubborn fat as well as the deeper layers. This will result in an average fat reduction of 24%.

The treatment is customized with 15-minute protocols that can treat the full abdomen or multiple areas of fat simultaneously.


Which is Better CoolSculpting or truSculpt iD

Treatment time

With both CoolSculpting and truSculpt iD the targeted areas will experience the therapeutic temperatures needed for fat removal for 15-minutes.

However, our body has a resting temperature of around 96 to 99 degrees fahrenheit.

Because the truSculpt iD uses heat it doesn’t take more than a minute to reach the required therapeutic temperature of 104 degrees.

On the other hand, the therapeutic temperature required for CoolSculpting is much below our resting temperature.

This adds a significant amount of time to the procedure.

Furthermore CoolSculpting requires 6 post-lymphatic massage sessions, to trigger the destruction of fat cells and to shape the treated areas.

This is not necessary with the truSculpt iD.

Winner: truSculpt iD

Comfort Level

The truSculpt iD has been compared to a hot stone massage by many patients.

The temperature of the skin on and around the treatment area will rise, but not to an uncomfortable level.

With CoolSculpting the feeling is slightly less comfortable. There is a pulling and tugging sensation throughout that is accompanied by pinching and cramping.

There is also an intense cold sensation as the treatment area descends to the required therapeutic temperature.

CoolSculpting might not be well suited for those with a low pain threshold as it is the more painful one.

Winner: truSculpt iD

Treatment Effectiveness

Both treatments have a great success rate and can lead to a patient’s desired results.

On average the truSculpt iD leads to 24% fat reduction whereas CoolSculpting leads to a 20-25% reduction in fat.

It’s important to note that the average fat reduction for truSculpt treatments is not calculated the same as that for CoolSculpting.

Less patients are candidates for CoolSculpt and fewer areas can be treated, so the data is inherently skewed in CoolSculpts favor.

The effectiveness of CoolSculpting is largely dependent on the post-treatment lymphatic massages.

The effectiveness of the treatment is often tied to how well these 45-minute massages are performed. 

Winner: truSculpt iD

Body Sculpting Side Effects

truSculpt iD is the safest body sculpting treatment on the market that has absolutely no downtime.

After the treatment the area will be warm to the touch and could be slightly red for about an hour.

Daily activities and exercise can be resumed almost immediately.

CoolSculpting side effects can include temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, tenderness, cramping, aching, itching, or skin sensitivity.

Winner: truSculpt iD

truSculpt vs CoolSculpt Pros and Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Pros

CoolSculpting can be used on almost every body part, even on the chin. This means you can usually target more than one area at a time, like the abdomen and flanks.

CoolSculpting Cons

It’s generally considered a very uncomfortable experience, and pain can persist in the area well after the treatment has finished.

It also doesn’t treat saggy skin, which often gets worse after fat reduction.

Unfortunately, CoolSculpting can’t be performed on anyone with a BMI over 30.

Furthermore those with non-pinchable fat are also not candidates.

Advantages and Disadvantages of truSculpt

truSculpt Pros

The truSculpt iD can treat multiple areas at once. It is also very fast as just one session takes only 15 minutes.

There is very minimal patient discomfort and zero bruising or swelling.

 It is the only device that can treat areas that have a tattoo, people with a BMI over 30, and remove non-pinchable fat.

Best of all greatly improves skin tightness, which is very important after the treatment area experiences weight loss.

truSculpt Cons

The only downside with truSculpt iD is that optimal results can take up to 8-12 weeks to appear.

However, when combining truSculpt iD with the truSculpt fleX results will appear in half the time.

Due to the stimulation of the lymphatic system experienced during the fleX the secretion of fat cells is accelerated.

truSculpt iD vs CoolSculpting Results

CoolSculpting Before & Afters

Unfortunately there are quite a few risks and downsides of CoolSculpting.

Here are some before and afters that show the potential problems that can occur:

How much does truSculpt iD cost?

At Miami Skin Spa we only invest in the machines and technology that yield the best results with the least discomfort.

As far as body sculpting we only offer the iD for fat removal and the fleX for muscle growth.

So how much is body sculpting? Our Body Sculpting pricing starts at $2400 and our Muscle Sculpting with the truSculpt fleX starts at $600.

Quick, Painless and effective

truSculpt iD Body Contouring Video

Other Non Invasive Lipolysis Body Sculpting Options

Lipolysis is the process of fat cell breakdown.

Non invasive body sculpting devices induce this process and promote the excretion of the destroyed fat cells.

There are four categories of treatment options through which lipolysis can be achieved:

  1. Monopolar RF Focused Hyperthermia (truSculpt iD)
  2. Laser Focused Hyperthermia (SculpSure)
  3. Focused Mechanical Ultrasound (Liposonix and UltraShape)
  4. Cryo Focused Hypothermia (CoolSculpting)

We’ve already taken a deep dive into CoolSculpting and truSculpt iD, so let’s take a look at the others:

SculpSure vs truSculpt

SculpSure is right up there with the truSculpt iD in terms of efficacy and treatment temperature.

However the SculpSure falls short in several areas.

The SculpSure cannot treat patients with a BMI over 30 and it takes three times as long to treat one area.

It also has a higher risk of side effects and does not help with skin laxity like the truSculpt iD does.

What is SculpSure?

The most popular laser lipolysis treatment is SculpSure manufactured by CynoSure.

This treatment uses laser heat to target localized fat by approximately 10 degrees centigrade to promote apoptosis.

The treatment involves the placement of eight specific sized applicators that complete a treatment in 50 minutes.

SculpSure Pros

The treatment involves zero downtime, and has been clinically proven to reduce 25% of fat cells in the area.

SculpSure Cons

This treatment usually requires multiple sessions, and only one area can be treated at a time.

For a comparison of CoolSculpting vs SculpSure check out this head to head comparison article

UltraShape vs truSculpt

Unlike the truSculpt iD, UltraShape requires multiple treatments to attain the same results. The total treatment time is therefore 96 minutes compared to 15 for the truSculpt iD.

Furthermore,  patients are only eligible for UltraShape Body Sculpting if they have a BMI under 30.

What is UltraShape?

Unlike the truSculpt iD, UltraShape requires multiple treatments to attain the same results.

The total treatment time is therefore 96 minutes compared to 15 for the truSculpt iD.

Furthermore,  patients are only eligible for UltraShape Body Sculpting if they have a BMI under 30.

EMSculpt vs truSculpt

EMSculpt is a 2-in-1 treatment option that helps reduce fat as well as increase muscle mass.

In terms of fat reduction and lipolysis it doesn’t quite compare to the other treatments.

However it is quite effective at increasing muscle mass, much like the truSculpt iD’s sister device, the truSculpt fleX.

What is EMSculpt?

EMSculpt offers similar results to other treatments, but it doesn’t use laser therapy.

Instead, it uses electric currents to force the muscle to contract very quickly. It attempts to combine muscle sculpting and body sculpting into the same platform. However if the choice has to be made between the EMSculpt or truSculpt fleX, the latter wins.

EMSculpt Pros

It is ideal for patients that are not only trying to achieve weight loss, but gain muscle.

EMSculpt Cons

EMSculpt cannot reduce large amounts of fat, which means it may not be the correct treatment for everyone.

Moreover, the muscle gained may not even show as a result.

It may be better to use a treat your fat, and then undergo a treatment designed to increase muscle mass.

For example, first doing the truSculpt iD followed by the truSculpt Flex.

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