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College Admissions Secrets: Setting Your Child Up For Success

College Admissions Secrets, founded by Dr. Agnia Grigas, helps students to get admitted into highly competitive and prestigious colleges.


Los Angeles, CA, December 20, 2022— With more and more students going to college every year, the process is becoming ever more competitive. The college admissions process can be very stressful for both parents and students.

With College Admissions Secrets, this fear is a thing of the past! College Admissions Secrets will provide your student with the guidance and branding strategies necessary to get them into the college of their dreams.

Dr. Agnia Grigas, the founder of College Admissions Secrets, is very familiar with the college application process. She graduated from Columbia University with her BA, then received her Master’s and Doctorate degrees from the University of Oxford in England. In addition, she was accepted into some of the most prestigious schools in the United States, including Harvard, Brown, Duke, University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, UCLA, NYU, and USC.

After realizing how strenuous the process can be, she decided to found College Admissions Secrets to help students achieve their academic goals and get into their dream school.

Since everyone is in a different situation, College Admissions Secrets offers a variety of different programs to cater to your needs. Services provided include interview preparation, student counseling, support in essay development, waitlist strategies, standardized test strategy and coaching, and much more.

“The college admission process involves a lot of moving pieces, and at College Admissions Secrets, we will provide you with guidance in every aspect necessary to get into the university of your dreams,” said Dr. Agnia Grigas.

With college admissions, the earlier you prepare, the better. This is why College Admissions Secrets will begin working with your student in 8th grade. This will give your student ample time to prepare, and exponentially increase their chances of admission into the school of their choice.

“We reduce admissions complexity for parents and students by focusing on the 20% of actions that produce 80% of the results,” said Dr. Angia Grigas.

When you work with Dr. Grigas and her team, you can expect guidance of the highest quality. Those who work with College Admissions Secrets have been accepted to Ivy League schools, Stanford, MIT, and many others!

To explore the many support programs available, you can call or visit the company website to schedule a consultation.

Don’t wait, get ahead of the college admission process today!

About College Admissions Secrets:

Dr. Agnia Grigas is an education expert and entrepreneur as well as a three-time author. She has had more than a million dollars in scholarships granted to her name during her student and professional career. She’s the founder of College Admissions Secrets, a leading admissions consultancy based in Los Angeles that helps students gain admission to highly competitive and selective colleges in the United States. She also founded Monster Education, an online enrichment school that serves hundreds of K-8 advanced students.

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