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Business Owners, DON’T Put Off Exiting Until After the Pandemic; It’s Not Going Anywhere

Metal Finishing Business Sale Valuation Increased by 53%, Even During the Pandemic Period.


Beverly, MA, January 5, 2022— Phenna Group/Hansen Aerospace, LLC Acquires/Buys TDF Metal Finishing, Inc. through a sale prepared by Exit The Family Business – who boldly claim they can help most businesses increase their value by 30-50%.

Exit The Family Business, LLC (Exit) recently announced the successful sale of TDF Metal Finishing, Inc. of Danvers, Massachusetts, to Hansen Aerospace, LLC and Phenna Group (a Private Equity firm located in Great Britain). Whilst the price is undisclosed, we do know that Exit increased the value by 53% when preparing for the sale.

Exit The Family Business facilitated the transaction on behalf of the family who owned TDF.

TDF is a 39 year old family-owned business whose primary business specializes in the metal plating of high-quality materials in the medical, aerospace and precision manufacturing industries.

Thomas Ferrairo Sr., President and Founder of TDF recently comments: “I had received interest from several firms regarding the acquisition of our business, but none of them met my expectations. When it became apparent a sale was in the best interests of my family, I engaged “Exit” to properly prepare for a transaction, increase the valuation of my firm, and assist in the identification of a buyer and negotiate a transaction that met my requirements. During the pandemic, they not only succeeded in shepherding my company through a very satisfactory conclusion, but their efforts also resulted in a 53% increase in valuation over other offers brought to me by outside M&A firms. I would never have been able to do what they did without them.”

Knowing that a great number of family business owners in the lower end of the Lower Middle Market struggle with being able to sell the business for full value, TDF was yet another example of the benefit of “staging a business for sale”. At Exit we call this process: transitioning a business built for lifestyle to a business built for Sale.

The work performed by Exit resulted in tremendous enhanced value for the TDF business, helping the owner enjoy a successful, well-deserved retirement after 40 years of hard work and effort.

Exit The Family Business are the leading experts in helping businesses prepare for sale or transfer and increase their sale value, using their trademarked “7 Pillars of Value Creation Process”. They are revolutionizing the M&A space using their performance-based fee structure and value-driven approach.

If you’re looking to position and sell your business for the maximum possible price, here are 4 reasons you should get in touch with Exit:

  • Sell faster
  • Sell for more
  • Protect your legacy
  • Save money on fees

For a no-cost, no-obligation, Business Valuation, please contact:

Rick McDonald, President of Exit The Family Business, at [email protected].

You may also be interested in our ‘best-seller’ Amazon book: ”Exit The Family Business”, revealing the secrets to a successful business sale.

About Exit The Family Business: You May Be Looking To Sell Your Business…But That Doesn’t Mean Your Business Is Ready To Be Sold! Why? Because you built your business to support your lifestyle… not for a sale. But now you’re ready to exit, it’s about money, and increasing the value of your business! “Our mission is to maximize wealth for private business owners by building business value and converting it into personal wealth.”

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Rick McDonald
Exit the Family Business
[email protected]

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