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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy works to help people with their emotions, thoughts and actions. It is a type of psychotherapy that seeks to find solutions to problems. With the cognitive behavioral therapy North Carolina clinics offer, clients can change mental patterns that are not based on reality as they remove destructive behaviors.

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

The entire theory behind cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the fact that perceptions of the world and thoughts influence how we behave. When someone is under stress or angry, it can distort the way they understand reality. During the CBT North Carolina rehabs offer, clients learn how to identify negative or harmful thoughts. Then, they decide if these thoughts accurately portray the reality.

Once the client figures out which thoughts are inaccurate, they use techniques to change and overcome those thoughts. By changinga group therapy session discussing the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy the individual’s thought patterns, the therapist hopes to change their actions. Over time, this technique can help with problems like addictions, anxiety disorder and other mental illnesses.

This treatment works for people of all ages and backgrounds. While cognitive behavioral therapy was originally for just a few disorders, scientists now know that it can help with many different problems. People can use this treatment for eating disorders, anxiety disorders, addictions, major depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Even if it’s impossible to go to an addiction therapy program, the individual can still get help through an online session.

When someone goes to the CBT North Carolina centers offer, they can get help with these mental health challenges. Therapists consider this treatment one of the most effective forms of talk therapy. After treatment, individuals gain a better understanding of their behavioral and cognitive processes. This allows them to incorporate new strategies into their life.

The Benefits of Therapy

Through the cognitive behavioral therapy North Carolina rehabs provide, clients can cope with difficult relationships and lower their stress levels. This kind of therapy helps people deal with grief and face life challenges. Unlike other treatment options, this therapy has short-term options that can work to bring about lasting change.

The entire concept behind this treatment is that the way we think and interpret situations affects the way we feel and behave. Because of this, the therapy is extremely specific for certain problems or goals. For the technique to be effective, the individual has to want it to be successful. This collaborative therapy can occur in individual or group settings, so clients can use the setting that works best for their needs.

How Do You Learn?

The exact techniques can vary between counselor to counselor. Often, cognitive behavioral therapy involves role-playing activities. Individuals use role-playing activities to explore different ways of responding to challenging situations.

Cognitive behavioral therapy may also include techniques for calming the body and mind. Individuals may keep a cognitive behavioral diary or do homework assignments. In addition, clients may practice new skills, receive frequent feedback and attend one-on-one sessions. Exposure therapy helps the clients gradually increase the amount of time they spend around things that cause fear.

Discovering the Best Treatment Program

Often, clients use dual diagnosis care when they seek treatment for a mental health disorder. Many people have co-occurring illnesses like substance abuse problems, anxiety disorders, depression, and other ailments. To get the best treatment, clients need to care for both problems at the same time.

In a treatment program, clients can find options such as:

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