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Choosing Fasteners For Your Deck

First things first – what are fasteners?

If you’re thinking to yourself, what is a fastener? Don’t overthink it. When people refer to fasteners in this context they’re usually referring to nails or screws (as the image above suggests). It’s the stuff you use to fasten your deck together, and it represents a surprisingly overlooked but very important aspect of deck building.

Let’s Talk Brass Tacks…

Fasteners Are Important

If you’re building a new deck, it goes without saying you’ll want to use top shelf materials to get the job done. While choosing between composite and wood is typically the chief question that comes to mind, choosing between different fasteners to keep your deck together and in good working order is no less important.

Everything to do with deck fasteners can be boiled down to one essential question: Should I use nails or screws?

Nails come in a variety of sizes and types, from small, barrel headed finishing nails to common nails and spiral nails designed to grip wood fibers (the latter being harder to remove than the rest). Sizes are gauged by the length of their shaft and diameter of their head. A good rule of thumb if one is determined to use nails is to only use stainless steel, as it will resist rust the longest and hence give you a deck with greater longevity. Nails are cheap, easy to use, and will absolutely get the job done.

That said, there are many reasonable arguments for using screws instead. This decision will obviously be dictated by personal preference, the scope of the deck being built, and overall budget. But it’s worth going all in on the best materials for the job, which is why you should at least consider using screws for their durability over time.

Screws are often thought of as the more ideal choice because they both contain a stronger holding power than nails as well as come out much more easily (without damaging your deck). If you decide to use screws, we highly recommend decking screws, or any screw of appropriate size that’s coated with a corrosion-resistant substance. Most decking screws are additionally self-sinking and sharper, making them ideal for the job at hand. As with nails, buying stainless steel screws (although more expensive) is the best way of ensuring the longest life of your deck.

If you’re just getting started you’re probably brimming with questions. Feel free to give us a call – we’re more than happy to address any concerns you have as well as provide you with a fair quote for the job: (574) 210-5951

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