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Cell Phone Battery Life: How To Make Your Phones Battery Last Longer

The average user checks their phone 110 times a day. What people may not know is that these constant checks can take a toll on your phone’s battery. Checking and swiping means more strain on your phone to produce power.

While checking your phone so often might be a bad habit to break, your phone’s battery life doesn’t have to suffer.

Being more mindful of how you use your phone can help with battery life. Here are some phone battery life tips using cell phone battery life that can help your phone last longer.

Avoid Extremes Of Heat And Cold

Heat can cause your battery to age more quickly and reduce its capacity. Cold can cause a decrease in the ability to store and release energy, reducing the effectiveness of your battery.

Try to store your cell phone at room temperature (between 60°F and 80°F), and keep it out of direct sunlight and away from other sources of heat and cold. 

Checking the Charging Cord 

Make sure the cord is working properly and is securely plugged into your wall or computer. Clean any dirt or dust from around the charging port with a cotton swab. If your phone is not charging, read more information here to see what you can do.

Doing this will help maintain better contact with the charger and help the battery charge faster and more consistently. Use a charger that has been certified for safety and is specially designed for your device.

Avoid Fast Charging Of The Battery

Using a higher amperage charger than the one with the device can cause excessive heat and irreparable damage to the battery. To ensure the battery’s longevity, charge it slowly and re-charge it as soon as it reaches around 50%, as this will also help maintain the phone’s battery life and performance in the long run. 

Turn Down The Screen Brightness

Setting the brightness level to a lower or more comfortable level can help reduce these symptoms and make it easier to view the display, even in low-light settings. In addition, lowering screen brightness reduces the energy consumed by the device, saving battery life and lowering the electricity cost.

Reduce The Screen Timeout (Auto-Lock)

A shorter auto-lock time will save battery life and help preserve the device’s memory. It is also a great security measure to protect confidential data stored on the device. Shortening the auto lock allows your device to quickly switch to a locked mode when idle, denying intruders access to personal accounts and content on your device. 

Look For Other Apps That Waste Battery

Many phone apps today suck up our battery life without us even noticing. Everything from online games to social media can be draining our phone’s energy, and it’s important to be aware of the apps that are draining us the most.

This includes mapping and photo-sharing or editing apps that require a lot of data. Be sure to take the time to identify these apps and delete them if they are draining too much power.

Managing Your Settings to Maximize Cell Phone Battery Life

Making the most of your phone’s battery life doesn’t have to be hard. By making small changes to how you use your phone, such as limiting the number of apps running in the background, avoiding excess screen brightness, and installing the proper charging equipment, you can easily improve your cell phone battery life and make it last for longer.

So don’t wait. Start optimizing your phone’s battery life today!

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