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Celebrities have been doing yoga for years. Kate Hudson has a regular yoga practice and has created a Zulie outfit for us.  In fact here is a picture of it as sold in the US, UK and SpainNicole Kidman regularly prZulie Outfit by Kate Hudsonactices transcendental meditation.

Mindfulness and yoga practices will add significantly to the quality of your life. If you haven’t tried yoga or meditation read on to learn ways it can change your life.Yoga Pose Eagle

Ways Mindfulness and Yoga Practices Will Change Your Life for the Better

Below is a list of the biggest benefits of yoga and meditation.

Yoga Helps to Manage Stress

The practice of yoga and meditation lowers the stress chemicalsin your body, specifically cortisol. The breathing practice, pranayama, maybe the biggest contributor to this benefit. The physical practice of yoga, the Asanas, will lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system. Neuroscientist have documented the shrinking or the amygdala or the part of the brain that stress activity generates . People who meditate more often have a smaller amygdala but have more activity in other pleasure centers.

Yoga Helps Manage Chronic Pain

Research has shown that yoga helps to manage pain in individuals with fibromyalgia. It also benefits individuals with cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other auto-immune diseases.

Yoga Improves Flexibility and Strength

Practicing yoga asanas regularly increases your range of movement and reduces nagging aches and pains. Don’t use lack of flexibility as an excuse to not try yoga. Everyone has to start somewhere. It is called a yoga practice for a reason, it is a process, not a signal perfect pose.

Besides improving your flexibility, yoga increases your strength. A complete practice will work most of the major muscles in your body and some muscles you may not know you had. A side effect of the practice is an increase in physical confidence. The more you practice yoga the more confidence you will have in pushing your practice forward.

Yoga Helps with Weight Management

The physical practice provides all the same benefits as any other exercise. The added benefit from yoga and a complimentary meditation practice comes from the improved connection to your body. With regular yoga practice, you become more aware of your hunger cues and it is easier to separate stress cues from hunger ones. Lower cortisol levels improve your body’s ability toprocess sugars (carbohydrates) which also adds to your weight loss.

Being Present, Increased Happiness, and Inner Peace

common yoga poses

In simplest terms, yoga is a union of mind, body, and spirit. As you practice you are better able toenjoy the events of your daily life. Meditation helps you to breathe in calm and piece and let go of those things you can’t control. The end result is a happier, healthier, and more peaceful life.

Almost everyone who has tried yoga or meditation has achieved some of the above-mentioned benefits. There are benefits whether you practice one a week or daily.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Mindfulness and Yoga practices are common and can have a significant impact on your life. If you are looking to see how the celebrities fit these practices in their runners pose

Some Of Nicole Kidman’s Favorite Things

I spoke to Nicole Kidman recently . She mentioned a few beauty secrets that she likes to use Neutrogena’s Oil free Eye Makeup Remover. I have been using different products to try to find one that removes all eye makeup cleanly and easily. I have discovered Sephora and Tarte have Eye Makeup removers that are getting great reviews

Nicole Kidman's Beauty Tips

We talked about Nicole’s kids and how much they like Bonnie Bell’s lipsticks and lip glosses. Pucker up with Bonnie Bell’s fun tasting and fun shaped Lip Smackers. Here is a link to theirwebsite 

Nicole Kidman's Beauty Tips

While we were discussing Lip plumpers and lipsticks, Nicole Kidman, mentioned she likes Christian Dior’s lip gloss and lip plumper. Nicole has some of the most famous lips in the business.Nicole Kidman Beauty Tips Dior Lip

I have been enjoying Cliff Whey Protien bars for breakfast or a quick lunch. We had Cliff bars in common. Nicole says she likes Luna bars as a candy bar. To her they are sweet and fun like a candy bar would be.

I just watched Aquaman and I love it. Nicole looked younger than ever. The film is definitely a must see. We love watching films with some popcorn. My children love my husband’s Whirly Pop Popcorn and his famous double pop popcorn. Keith Ruban has a Whirly Popcorn Maker too. He uses it for special occasions. We all agree organic popcorn.

Nicole Kidman and I both love running with a balance of Yoga and meditation as part of our days. Adding 2 minutes a day of conscience deep breathing has a lot of benefits. Two minutes is something almost everyone can do. Both Nicole Kidman and I practice meditation for longer periods of time. Starting simple is best. Making meditation a part of your day grows on you and soon you will find its easy to enjoy the relaxation of the practice.

Nails Inc Mermaid Collection

I have been looking for the perfect shade of periwinkle blue nail polish for what seems like years. As everyone knows, I only use clean 6 free nail polishes. Clean makeup without toxic chemicals is important to me. You will see many runways , celebrities and models use the non toxic nail polishes that I use on a regular basis. My interest in using paraben-free , sulfate-free, sulfite-free and natural products has been a lifestyle for me for many years.

I was involved with demo and tradeshow appearance for Zia Cosmetics, and haircare product lines. I created my own line of bodycare products and a natural lip plumper. What you put on the body absorbs into the body.Nails Inc Nail Polish  I finally found my perfect periwinkle nail polish in the Nails Inc Mermaid collection. Since I brought it home, it has been a favorite of mine. Magazines like Allure, Teen Vogue, Maire Claire and Instyle all rave about the nail polish line. Celebrity Nail stylist often use Nails Inc for its variety of gorgeous eye popping colors and the healthy ingredients that Nails Inc uses.

Periwinkle Fox’s Vegan Temp Hair Color

I am loving the Arctic Fox temp periwinkle haircolor. It is so much fun to wear. It washed out in 4 to 6 washings for me. I love pastels in the Spring. I know I mentioned the many celebrities including Rachel McAdams who have rocked the pastel haircolor. Here is a Sunday Selfie Funday Photo. Beautiful blonde hairstyles

Yes that is my Minion Pillow and my artwork in the background ? Playing with Spring pastel colors in your hair and makeup is refreshing!

Celebrity Makeup – Blue Lipstick

We all know how much fun it was a kid to use certain food items to color our lips fun shades of white, blue , purple and other non traditional colors. beautiful blondeMore and more I am seeing in catalogs, on runways and even on the street, celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Lupita Nyong’o, Kat Von D, Selana Gomez and others are known to have shown some gorgeous shades of blue or purple. I have a great shade of turquiose and a glittery purple I love to wear. The next time a pretty blue or purple lipstick catches your eye, give it a try you will be surprised how fun it is to wear.

Manic Panic Celebrity Haircolor

Anyone who has dark hair knows how hard it is to get a good true platinum blonde. I found myself dealing with some brasy roots, but I did not like the chemicals. One of my favorite celebrities gave me a little inside tip that I have heard echoed by the likes of Rihanna , Katy Perry, Lady Gaga( who has some very good tricks for makeup and hair), and others. Manic Panic blog states thesecelebrity hair products celebrities use Manic Panic. I know why. I have been using Manic Panic Virgin Snow White with the blue bleach to get my nice shade of light blonde. I simply love the color. There is so little scent . Manic Panic is paraben free and one of the best options for reducing your chemical exposure but still getting the great looks you want. I have the feeling Nicole Kidman might be one of the bext examples of a true redhead with highlights like mine, who can pull off the fairest blonde colors to an artform. The next time I see her, I will have to see if she is using Manic Panic.

My Favorite Mascara

My go to mascara is a huge cult favorite. Too Faced makes the famous Better Than Sex Mascara. It truly make your lashes pop out.beautiful celebrity makeup Nicole Kidman agrees with me.. When she bats her eyes at her handsome husband Keith, Better than Sex is often a part of her look. The cameras adore it. Keeping Keith attention is easy when you are flaunting some of the best peepers in the world. My husband knows when I want to get his attention a few coats of this mascara and a couple of winks, well lests say it gets great results. Flirting with my husband is always fun. I was just doing that last night until we both started cracking up,but that might have been my antics at the time of trying to roll his pants up to his knees. We spend a lot of time playing with each other and silly games are a part of what makes us both smile.

Celebrity makeup tips mascara


Better Than Sex Mascara is fanastic. I simply love the trial size because it means I have fresh mascara any time I need . The length is great as the color coats each lash and extends the look while staying put all day long. The mascara removes easily with a small amount of eye make up remover.

Exercise Is Fun   I have been an active runner since a kid. In school , I ran Cross Country for awhile but mostly I enjoyed the freedom of putting on my shoes and go… I still run daily.  I love to dance. Impromptu dancing in various styles is a lot of fun for me. Soccer and softball are another sports I enjoy playing. Atheletic is definitely my nature. Yoga has been a constant for about 20 years. I often practice daily. Even if it is only for 10 minutes, Yoga is a breath of fresh air. I enjoy the relaxation, the stretching with breath and the peacefulness that Yoga brings to my day. Me goofing off as I practicing yoga in a bunny onesie I enjoy boxing. Aeroboxing and using my punching bag or speed bag is a fun part of my routine. We all know how much I LOVE my trampoline. It is great to put on some 80’s -90’s workout music and sweat. I have found combing jumping with some boxing drills is really freeing. I also love to put on the cartoon movies and jump away !! This is an overview of some of my favorite exercise routines. I will go into more detail in the future with tips, favorite products, and more fun!! My typical Exercise Routine

Each day, I spend 62 minutes on the dreadmill. It is better known as the treadmill. I typically run 30 to 45 minutes and walk at fast pace for the remaining hour. My cooldown is very short. I only do a 2 minute cooldown and my warm up is usually not on the treadmill. I enjoy doing Pilates or a Boxing Bag routine as my warm up. Boxing has become a popular workout for many celebrities and models. Several Victorias Secret Models also enjoy boxing. Boxing has taken Hollywood by storm. I find boxing is a great release with many benefits. I will go into the benefits of boxing in a later posting.

I keep my coconut water with a splash of pompengraten juice on the treadmill . By using a straw, I am able to drink it as I run. Straws have become my little trick to keeping hydrated and comfortable while I run. I sometimes take 1 day off from running to use my bike or the step. Cardio Boxing is another workout I switch it up with if I am not running.  I will do my Yoga at night before bedtime. The amount of time varies from 10 minutes to 48 minutes of Yoga almost every day. More of me goofing off the Bunny Yoga Returns …. The Mermaid PoseFunny Yoga Poses

My favorite Benefit Highlighter – a celebrity favorite

My favorite Benefit makeup product is High Beam. I love the light shimmer it gives to the skin and it is a great combination product. High Beam can be usedcelebrity makeup tips  as an eyeshadow, mixed with foundation or a highlighter. They say Kim Kardashian and Kylie Minogue agree with that High Beam works wonders since they both swear by it.


Nicole Kidman Favorite


Nicole Kidman likes to use Benefit Benetint for the same multipurpose that I like to use Benefit’s High Beam. Nicole Kidman uses it on her cheeks or her lips. I find that Benetint is a great natural looking product that gives you a nice rosey look and in a pinch it fits nicely into a small evening bag.

Easy Boxing Techniques for beginners



Models and actreses who love to box

If you are new to boxing, I would recommend starting with some Cardio Boxing videos. Youtube has a variety of them available. They are a simple way to explore your first combos and to learn the terms. Cardio boxing is very different than heavy bag boxing . The benefits of the Cardio boxing starting it you can discover if you like the boxing experience before you invest in the heavy bags which cost over $200. Cardio boxing is a good way to take a small step forward and see how you like it.celebrity exercise routines

Boxing itself has many benefits including reducing tension by literally getting the weight off your shoulders as you swing out the stress. Boxing also solves the fight or flight response that sometimes builds up in people. Many popular models, actresses and movie stars have began to take up boxing for a variety of reasons.

I do feel boxing is a great addition to any workout routine especially when combined with Yoga. I will go more into how Yoga and boxing combine so well towards a peaceful, joyful, healthy lifestyle.

By the way, my bag is an Everlast red 70 pound bag. You want a bag that is half your weight. Since my other family members use it, we decided to get the 70 pound bag. It is more than half my weight but it works well.

Boxing Gloves – Just like a good a pair of running shoes , the investment you put into a good pair of boxing gloves pays off . You can walk away cheap, get a set for $20 but you will feel each hit and the damage to your knuckles is not worth it.If you are sparring, then you really want to make sure you have good gloves and so  does your partner. Everlast and Venum are well known for quality gloves. I would suggest putting in at least $50 into a good pair. In the long run, you will be glad you did it.


My favorite Lip Plumper

I love Buxom Lip Plumper Lipgloss .It gives me a nice full lip and it has a great taste. Not that you’re suppose to eat it-lol. If I want a bit extra plump, I  will add a tiny (andI mean tiny) bit of cinnamon oil to my finger and celebrity makeup tips lipsspread it on my lips before I add the Buxom gloss. The difference after you add the tiny bit of cinnamon is amazing. I have even used cinnamon in homemade lip plumpers. Cinnamon is one of the few ingredients that are used to give the lips a full kissable look that is sought after. I bought this great kit from Sephora. It is a great deal on a variety of shades.

 My favorite Yoga Pose

Zulie goofing around in tree pose

My favorite Yoga pose would be Shavasana- just kidding. If you are familiar with Yoga then you will get the humor in that statement. Shavasana pose in Yoga is simply lying on your back with your legs and arms comfortably apart. It is defintiely the easiest. When you look at it from the standpoint of it signifies  the end of your Yoga routine and  it also is when you can most easily feel the benefits of the poses you have accomplished. I suppose in the sense that it is when you feel the most relaxed during a Yoga routine, then making it my favorite pose would make sense.



However, I do enjoy the Bear Pose, Warrior Pose, the Tree Pose and the Eagle Pose. I tend to find myself in tree pose without even thinking about it. To me tree pose is very comfortable . If I am working on something that requires me to stand up in then I often simply do it. Of course , strking a pose as they say is not something to do in the Grocery or at an event. If you like the pose,then using  it any time you like is fun. Tree pose is seen to the left – not my art by the way. It is simply here for illustration. That is me in the photo at the top,  goofing off striking my Tree Yoga pose.

Unicorn Festive Nail Polish

I just discovered Nails Inc nail polish. I love it. It goes on so smooth and the larger brush Celebrity nail polish covers my nail in one sweep. It dries very quickly . It is 7 free meaning it is free of the 7 toxic chemicals in nail polish.


I bought the Unicorn Collection. I LOVE the colors. It changes in the light from a turquiose to periwinkle to a pretty pink. I also like it as a topcoat. It looks great over a black matte nail polish. I know I will be trying more Nail Inc products. I got mine at

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