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Candles are not Seasonal… They are Timeless

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Candles…They’re everywhere in the colder months. They’re on every Instagram story at your holiday party, they’re burning in every bathtub you see on Pinterest, and they’re right there (in a photo) on your coworker’s desk. But what happens to candles when summer hits? Well, they don’t seem to be gone—you can still find them at every store—but it seems that people just aren’t as into lighting them all the time anymore. Is there truly a Candle Season? Where does Candle Season come from? What about candles as gifts? And where do we go from here?

Is there truly a Candle Season?

Imagine a time without candles. Try to remember, if you can, a world without the warm glow of flames in the evening. There was no Candle Season or Holiday Candle Season or Evening Candle Season. There were no special occasions for lighting candles either; there were just days, and nights with light and dark like any other day or night.

Candles are not seasonal; they are timeless. They can be lit on any day of the year, at any time of day or night, by anyone who wishes to have their company for some fleeting moments in time (and hopefully longer than that). Candles are wonderful gifts for any occasion; birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are all great times to give someone a gift that warms both heart and house alike!

Where does Candle Season come from?

Candles are a symbol of light in the dark times. They are a symbol of hope, love, remembrance and peace—but most importantly they symbolize unity.

What about candles as gifts?

Candles make great gifts, especially for birthdays, weddings, housewarming parties and anniversaries. They’re also easy to give away because they don’t need any wrapping paper—just a ribbon or bow.

Candle season may not officially exist (yet) but when it does? It will be here in no time at all! There are plenty of reasons why candles are the perfect gift for every occasion:

Candles should be lit all year round.

There’s a reason why candles are so frequently used for creating ambiance in romantic settings. They have the ability to create a cozy, warm atmosphere that can be used year round and in any room of your house. Whether it is a candlelit dinner or evening spent relaxing on the couch, there’s something about candlelight that helps people relax and unwind from their everyday stresses. When you light your own candle at home, you’re setting up the perfect environment for unwinding without having to leave your home or go out with friends!

Candlelight has also been shown to improve moods by increasing serotonin levels which makes us feel more positive about ourselves as well as our environment around us.”

Where do we go from here?

You’re probably wondering what you can do to fill the void that Candle Season will leave behind. Well, the answer is simple: Get yourself some candles and light them up, because they are a gift for any occasion and no occasion at all. If you need help choosing, we recommend checking out our guide to buying candles for every occasion. In fact, there are so many reasons why candles are a great gift that we think every day should be Candle Day!

We hope this article has helped answer your questions about Candle Season and how it affects the candle industry at large. As always, feel free to leave us any comments or questions below!


So, yes, there is truly a Candle Season! But just like the holiday season, it’s not really about buying candles; it’s about enjoying your time with family and friends. It’s about celebrating all that you have to be thankful for! And that includes candles. So if you do want to buy some candles for yourself or as gifts, at least make sure they’re good ones like the ones we sell here at 912 Candle Co—and remember that the best ones of all are handmade.

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