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Can you make thousands overnight selling Ty Beanies?

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Believe it or not, a major chunk of the information on the Internet regarding the value of Ty Beanie Beanies, Buddies and Boos is highly misleading, if not completely inaccurate. However, it wouldn’t hurt to delve a bit deeper and analyze whether it is really that simple to make thousands of dollars overnight just by selling your favorite Ty Beanies.

Ty. Inc the manufacturers of Ty plush toys has distribution facilities all around the world. So basically, with each of their 4th Generation and later models being distributed across millions of individuals, Ty Beanies are not that ‘exclusive’ or valuable as one may believe.

Value guides for Ty Beanies today are obsolete. Beanies and other collectibles are worth what buyers have recently paid for them on secondary marketplaces such as eBay, this is referred to as the True Market Value. Sure you may have seen a listing on eBay for some Ty Beanie up for sale for thousands $$$ of dollars. GREAT! You may think you’ve hit the motherlode, right?

Actually this is an asking price for an unsold item. If you want to see what retail shoppers are really paying for Ty Beanie Babies on eBay, go to the left side menu and check Sold listings and Complete listings boxes under the Show only section:

This will reveal the True Market Value of your item based on recent sale history of actual transactions.

So, if you actually see a seller listing their Ty Beanie Babies, Buddies or Boos on any auction websites for thousands of dollars, it is safe to say that the listing that you are viewing is probably listed by some misinformed individual thinking of making a fortune out of their Ty Beanie collection that is nothing but ordinary.

Unless you are actually holding onto a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Generation Ty Beanie Baby which are the true unique and rare editions, you are probably laying your hopes on a very ordinary mass-produced beanie that is not only readily available on the market but also at a surprisingly low cost of $7.95, inclusive of free shipping.



Basically, what we are trying to say here is that the answer to the title question is ‘No, you cannot make thousands of dollars overnight selling beanies’. Well unless you have a warehouse of these of them. Speaking of which, the harsh reality is that you will probably never be able to sell off your mass-produced plush for a grand to a buyer who can purchase them elsewhere for under $10.

At we aim to eliminate this sales price confusion and ensure that you do not waste your time over irrelevant campaigns that are going to get you nowhere. All you need to do is Register on our toy buy-back website, submit your Request For Quote (RFQ), ship your beanie collection to us and walk away with hard cash!

Unlike most other beanie baby buyers, our prices are largely standardized and we do not charge any sales fee per transaction. For all orders above $25, we offer free prepaid FedEx Ground Shipping service. Enjoy lightning fast payment via PayPal or check by mail .

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