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12 DIY Tricks To Effectively Secure Your Home

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Our homes should absolutely be the safest and most secure places in our lives. Fortunately we don’t live in a high crime area, we don’t even live in a high people area lol We’re pretty well out there on a little dirt road but we still take caution when it comes to keeping doors locked etc. There is still the possibility of vandalism etc. Owning a dog makes me feel safer even though Annie would happily go home with anyone who offered her treats. She still barks and lets me know if something is going on and I really appreciate that – it helps me feel secure especially when Lodi isn’t home with me.


You don’t need to spend a fortune, or even hire professional help to ensure your home is safe and sound. While spending a little money and hiring a pro for help could be beneficial, you could first explore DIY tricks to help you secure your home yourself. Let’s take a look at 12 DIY tricks to effectively secure your home:

Put Up Signs

One of the easiest and most cost effective things you can do is put up signs. Signs can be a great deterrent, as many criminals just won’t want to take the risk. You don’t need to have a guard dog to put up a sign saying you have one! 

Install An Alarm System

A high quality alarm system can work wonders for your home security, giving you peace of mind and deterring any chancer who might be passing by. There are all kinds of alarm systems out there depending on your needs, budget, and how complex you would like it to be. For instance, you can have a completely connected, automated system, or a more simple alarm system. 

Add Window Sensors

Window sensors are also known as open/closed or entry sensors. When added to a window or a door, they’ll let you know if it opens or shuts. Making sure your entryways are protected like this can go a long way to giving you peace of mind. 

Make Your Doors Extra Secure 

If you don’t fully trust in your doors already, it could be time to make them extra secure. You could add a deadlock, chain, and even use exterior door entry sets to make sure you know if somebody tries to enter your home. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to the security of your doors! 

Install A Security Camera

Security cameras are becoming more commonplace on your average home, and not just businesses. CCTV can be a fantastic deterrent, and isn’t the ‘extreme’ measure you might think it is. If you can’t afford CCTV, you could always invest in a fake camera instead. 

Create A Burglar Decoy For Your Sock Drawer 

A burglar will usually want to quickly grab the goods and leave, so make sure there’s something you can leave laying around to throw them off. Create your own burglar decoy with a box filled with a little cash, costume jewellery, and a few fake documents. Putting it in your sock drawer is usually a good idea. This will make it look like your safety box, and they will likely grab it and leave without checking anywhere else! 

Keep Your Key Off Social Media

Advanced technology now means if you put your key on social media, someone may be able to copy it. Don’t let anyone know when you’re going away, either. Posting on social media that you’re going on vacation could be an invitation for someone to try to break in. You never know who might be watching! 

Install Outdoor Lighting For Every Entrypoint

Outdoor lighting is essential for securing your home and keeping you safe at night time. Porch lights are just the beginning – lighting up your backyard with motion lights makes it harder for intruders to sneak around. All of the entrances should be well lit! 

Make Sure Your Kids Know Not To Answer The Door

Make sure you talk to your kids and let them know that they should not answer the door when home alone. Making sure your family is on the same page is key to keeping your home as safe as possible. 

Focus On Your Garage – The Most Popular Entrypoint For Thieves! 

The garage is one of the most popular entry points to the home for criminals. There’s likely to be lots of good stuff in the garage, even if they can’t access your home. Make it a habit to lock all doors to the garage – both interior and exterior. Keeping the remote to open your garage door in the house is a good idea, as they could easily get it out of your car. The code should always be secret if you have one, and you should use extra locks, as well as window coverings as a deterrent. 

Eliminate Potential Hiding Places For Criminals In Your Garden 

Eliminate hiding places in your garden and outdoor area by removing any huge trees and shrubs – they can give your home curb appeal, but they can often be a good place to hide, too. Trim them down and make sure any intruders can’t use them for cover. If you have trees near windows, either remove them or reinforce those windows with extra security. There are a few other useful things you can do, too:

Add stickers to let them know you have CCTV (even if you don’t).

Put away stools, ladders, and any tools that could be used to aid a break in. 

Lock all of your gates, sheds, and out buildings. 

Don’t have expensive goods on display outside. 

Get A Heavy, Sturdy Safe

A safe is always a good investment, and can actually be good for your insurance premiums. You can place your valuables in your safe, such as expensive jewelry, important documents, and passports. It should be waterproof, heavy, and fire resistant. You don’t want a thief to walk away with it! Look for a safe with two locks, and make sure it’s the right size for what you want to put in there. An anchored safe is often safer, but you can find portable options, too. 

The above 12 DIY tricks don’t require much help, if any, and soon, you’ll be able to secure your home and ensure you have peace of mind. You can never be too careful, and you don’t want to wish you’d made these changes early on when it’s already too late. Make them now and you can sleep easy! 

Do you have security tricks of your own to share with our readers? Leave them below. Thank you for reading and come back soon!

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