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Busy Moms – Learn These Kitchen Hacks And You’ll Never Look Back


Busy Moms – Learn These Kitchen Hacks And You’ll Never Look Back

When you’ve got children to look after, a house to run, a husband to tidy up after and a job too, life can get a little busy. It’s not unmanageable for you, but sometimes you wish you had a little help, just to make the days a little easier. Days fly by and the kids start to grow, so if you could only slow things down a little and get some of that time back, life would be great.

Well, you can. But like everything, it’s only easy when you know how. We all want our families to be happy, healthy and safe, but we’d also like just a little more time to enjoy parenthood too. If that sounds like your daily life, then hopefully these hacks for the kitchen will help you free up a bit more time.

Slow Cooking

You’re probably more than familiar with your Crock Pot already, but if you’re not, head out and grab one now. You can make so many varied, healthy and delicious meals, just by cooking them slowly and all in one pot. Not only does slow cooking save you time, but it cooks the food for you. You do have to prepare the ingredients for some meals, but most of the time you just throw them all in, stir and leave them to cook.

Steam Sensations

It’s be a lucky guess, but you probably eat a lot of vegetables in your household, don’t you? With children, you have to. But how do you cook them? Chances are, most of them will be boiled or roasted, and some will be fried. But what about steaming? When your roasting, boiling or frying vegetables, you have to be nearby to stir or season. But with a steamer, you add them in, leave them, and they cook. Plus, steaming leaves all of the goodness in the veg, so it’s a win-win cooking situation!

Alternative Ovens

We’re all used to our conventional oven by now; we swear by them. But, there are alternative options out there. And no, not grilling machines – they don’t count. What we’re really talking about here are pretty much small ovens that sit on your counter. And as this review makes clear, you’re really getting a small Wolf oven on your countertop, with all the quality that you would expect with Wolf ovens. Not only are they quicker to heat up, they’re also easier to clean – saving you time twice!

Multifunction Mixers

Kitchen appliance have been all the rage in recent years. They take a lot of the prep work out for us and some even do the cooking too. But, there’s also a new machine on the market that can do it ALL for you; the all in one appliance. And yes, that does mean the chopping, mixing, mincing, juicing, blending, steaming and stirring too! Before long, the kitchen won’t even need you!

One Pot Pastas

And then, for when you’re all appliance’d out, there’s a good old-fashioned favorite – just using one. Using one pot for meals is simple, easy and quick. It can save you all the effort and cleaning that you would usually put into cooking. Pasta is an excellent meal choice for this. You add the pasta, ingredients, and sauce and the pot does the rest.

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