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7 Impressive Health Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga continues to rise in popularity as more people learn about the benefits of yoga. The practice started thousands of years ago with the Indus-Sarasvati civilization, which resides in South Asia, right above modern-day India.

Since then, it has expanded into modern cultural practices all over the world and reaches all ages, from children to those that are wise in years. So whether it be for the sake of getting out of the house, or wanting to increase one’s flexibility, yoga has benefits for everyone.

Here are the 7 most impressive benefits of yoga.

1. Yoga Can Decrease Stress

Implementing yoga into a weekly exercise routine has been shown to decrease stress levels.

This is thanks to yogas meditative properties that go hand in hand with the exercise. Meditation seems to decrease cortisol levels, which is our body’s main stress hormone.

Decreasing this stress hormone allows us to deal with stress with a clear head.

2. Improve Inflammation Responses

As with an increase in any type of exercise, yoga has the benefit of increasing our body’s anti-inflammatory response.

Arthritis causes inflammation and swelling of the joints and is most common in the knees. When the knee is constantly inflamed, it makes everyday movement complicated. Getting into yoga and decreasing inflammation can make your everyday life easier.

3. Help Improve Cardiovascular Health

Since yoga has the benefit of increasing our blood flow, we also find our heart being happy with us.

An increase in yoga weekly can help lower high blood pressure and lower high cholesterol levels. Both illnesses are shown to increase the risk of heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in America.

Anytime we can increase our cardiovascular health, we are helping ourselves fight this disease.

4. Help Promote Better Sleep Quality

More mobility and blood flow also lead to an increase in sleep quality. Our body’s recover the most while we are asleep. By getting into yoga, your body may actually recover better, even though you are moving more.

5. Improve Flexibility

One of the most common reasons to get into yoga is the benefits it carries with flexibility. Yoga is the process of stretching our muscles and keeping our bodies stable and sturdy.

Yoga also has the benefit of increasing our posture, which is just as important in flexibility. By having good posture, our bodies are not stuck in unnatural positions that would make everyday life harder.

6. Increase Core Strength

Good posture stems from an increase in core strength. Our core consists of both our abdominal muscles as well as our lower back muscles. Both of which are often overlooked when it comes to working out.

Yoga focuses on these areas and makes them the basis of almost all movements. Specific yoga forms like Gravotonics will bring this to an even more intense level and increase your core strength beyond belief.

7. Overall Improvement In Mood

Doing yoga also seems to improve health because of its meditative properties. Meditation is the process of clearing the mind so you are focused on your breathing and nothing else.

By only focusing on the breathing, it clears the mind of anxious thoughts and overthinking that may occur throughout the day.

The Benefits of Yoga Should Not Be Looked Over

The benefits of yoga are endless and should be considered by everyone. Whether you are someone who has been exercising for years or hasn’t looked at a gym since the early 2000s, yoga is for everyone.

For those looking for more health and lifestyle tips, be sure to check out our other articles. If you know someone who has been interested in starting yoga, be sure to share these benefits with them.

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