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Business Capital LLC Launches Enhanced Website and Expands Services to More Industries


New York, NY, August 8, 2023— Business Capital LLC, a leading business financing firm that serves businesses across the nation, is excited to announce the launch of its newly enhanced website. The updated website offers a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality, allowing customers to access comprehensive information about the company’s extensive range of business funding services.

Business Capital LLC specializes in providing businesses with same-day funding in amounts up to $50 million in unsecured capital. The company’s services include lines of credit, short-term loans, long-term loans, invoice factoring, equipment financing, merchant cash advances, and SBA loans.

“Our new website is designed to provide our visitors with a seamless way to learn about Business Capital LLC’s services and commercial funding solutions,” said Henry Pershin, Founder. “The website offers improved access to our diverse funding options, the industries we serve, and the process we follow to secure business funding.”

Business Capital LLC believes in all businesses and provides direct funding to a wide range of industries. From construction companies needing to finance large projects, law firms seeking to expand their operations, to grocery stores and supermarkets looking to upgrade their facilities, Business Capital LLC is an integrated hub for business funding solutions. The company also caters to the unique needs of beauty businesses, e-commerce platforms, HVAC and ventilation companies, auto repair shops, and agriculture businesses, among others.

“Each industry has unique challenges and needs, and at Business Capital LLC, we are equipped with the expertise and resources to provide tailored funding solutions. Our team of expert advisors works closely with businesses to understand their specific needs and provide the most suitable funding options,” added Pershin.

The company’s reliable communication and fast funding process ensure that businesses can get the funds they need when they need them. “We value your time and business and often provide most clients with same day funding or within a 48-hour time frame,” said Pershin.

“We are excited to debut our new company website to our clients, partners, and visitors who are looking to understand the breadth of Business Capital LLC’s services and products,” added Pershin. “This website redesign ties together all of our services into one place and allows for each visitor to have the same experience and access to our critical resources and service information.”

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About Business Capital LLC:

Business Capital LLC is a business financing firm that supports businesses across the United States with working capital. The company provides unsecured financing, which therefore does not require collateral. At Business Capital, your time is valued. In most cases, businesses get approved and funded within 24 hours.

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