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7 Hangers That Don’t Leave Shoulder Bumps (Plus Ways to Remove Them)

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If you’ve ever left a sweater or old t-shirt hanging in your closet for too long, then you probably know all-too-well about shoulder bumps. These unflattering lumps between the collar and shoulder of your shirts can make even your finest apparel look amateurish and untidy.

Fortunately, there’s a solution! In this guide, we’ve put together a list of finely made hangers that won’t ruin your clothes with unsightly folds of bumps. Then, we’ll touch on a few of our favorite methods of removing shoulder bumps if you’re in a rush out the door and need to throw on a bent-out-of-shape crewneck or button-up before your night out.

7 Hangers That Don’t Leave Shoulder Bumps


Ivory Satin Hangers

Ivory Satin Hangers 15 ½”

If you’re after an assuming yet elegant addition to your wardrobe, consider investing in ivory satin hangers. This model, which measures 15 and a half inches wide, is wrapped in padded ivory-colored satin and features an anti-snag notch on the ends of the shoulders. In other words, it’s the perfect solution for protecting your clothing from stretching and general wear and tear.


On the tops of the shoulders are chrome-finished strap holders. These notches allow tops to hold without sagging or causing long-term wear on the shoulders of the shirt. Plus, a deep curvature around the ends of the hanger let shirts sit naturally like they would on your own shoulders. The result is less sagging and a smoother neckline when you take it off the rack.


Ivory Satin Boutique Hanger

Ivory Satin Boutique Hangers 15”

Those looking for a more upscale option should consider a satin boutique hanger. Measuring 15 inches wide, these hangers are designed to add extra flare and personality to otherwise drab or boring wardrobes. However, their soft and plush edges make them excellent options for those who want to keep their shoulders crease and wrinkle-free.


An added bow detail on these hangers adds a feminine touch to an otherwise plainly elegant hanger. Given the softness and narrow shoulder width of this hanger, you can trust it to not leave your shoulders with bumps or unwanted creases.


Pink Satin Hanger with Clips

Pink Satin Hangers with Clips 15 ½”

These satin hangers are a one-size-fits-all solution for preventing shoulder bumps in your apparel while saving space and minimizing the risk of snags. Unlike conventional hangers, these satin luxuries have a trouser bar with clips to keep your pants and slacks secure without creasing or wrinkling.


The plushness of this hanger makes it a perfect option for those who struggle with shoulder bumps. The wide frame and shoulder nudges on the ends of the unit provide support for shirts and let them hang at their full length. In other words, they won’t cause folds in the fabric that lead to bumps over time.


Extra Wide Wooden Hanger

Extra Wide Wooden Gloss Shirt Hangers 16”

The cause of many shoulder bumps is an overly narrow hanger width. That’s why we always suggest investing in wider hangers if you find your favorite sweaters and cardigans are suffering from a case of the lumps. At 16 inches across, these hangers are all but guaranteed to leave your shirts looking fresh and new throughout the years.


Although the extra half-inch of width doesn’t sound like much, it makes a big difference when you keep your clothes hanging for months or years at a time. Especially if you’re a larger person, you should keep some wide 16-inch hangers on hand to prevent shoulder bumps and folds around the neckline.


Wooden Low Gloss hanger

Wooden Low Gloss 16” Wide Hangers

Extra-wide hangers prevent shoulder bumps, especially when they’re made of soft wood or have a padded finish. However, if you want to provide a creaseless and bump-less appearance for your entire suit, you may want to invest in 16-inch hangers with a trouser bar.


These hangers have sturdy clip mechanisms on the trouser bar to ensure that your pants and other bottoms stay as fresh as your suit jackets, vests, or sweaters. Plus, saving room in your closet lets you fit more clothes in your wardrobe without cramming, which can lead to wrinkling and blemishes on your clothes.


White Velvet Suit Hanger

White Velvet Suit Hangers

You don’t need to splurge on high-budget hangers to protect your clothing from snags, bumps, and other unwanted blemishes. Instead, a basic velvet suit hanger can get the job done. Unlike conventional narrow-width hangers, our velvet hangers feature an ultra-slim profile that hangs your crewnecks in a natural position.


Notched shoulders help position your garment’s shoulders in a flat and smooth manner. This way, they can be stored for months without having to worry about folds or creases developing.


5 Ways to Remove Shoulder Bumps

5 Ways to Remove Shoulder Bumps

One of the best few upsides of cold winter weather is that our sweaters, coats, and crewnecks come out of storage and enter our wardrobes once again. The downside, however, is that they can gather bumps and other not-so-attractive lumps on the shoulders when left hanging for weeks at a time. Follow these tips to prevent unwanted shoulder bumps.


    1. Fold, Don’t Hang

The hard truth is that the best preventative measure you can take to prevent shoulder bumps in your clothes is to forego hanging altogether. Instead of hanging your sweater or crewneck, try folding your laundry and laying it neatly in a pile with your other sweaters. You’ll surprise yourself with how crisp and fresh your clothes will appear when you try them on.


    1. Hang Your Sweater in the Shower

If you’re in a hurry and need to get rid of the lump in your shirt’s shoulder, there’s still hope. Throw your sweater on the hook on the back of your bathroom’s door when you take a shower in the morning. Give yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes in the shower to accumulate enough steam to work the kinks out of the sweater’s fabric.


    1. Wash & Lay

With a bit more time on your hands you can find a more lasting solution for your shoulder bumps. When you find a lump in your sweater’s shoulder, throw it in the wash at a cold temperature and then lay the garment out flat on the dining room table. Ensure that all sides of the fabric are stretched on the table so that it dries without bumps.


    1. Spray the Sweater

If you’re in a pinch for time, you can give your sweater’s shoulder bump a spray of water. Coat the entire exterior surface of the bump with enough water to saturate the fabric. Then, try the sweater on as it dries. Give the sweater at least 45 minutes to dry from your natural body heat. Once dry, the sweater will conform to the shape of your body and won’t feature any lumps.


    1. Use the Right Fit

When you hang your clothes, make sure you use the right hanger size. Far too often large garments like cardigans and sweaters are kept on narrow clothes hangers. Over time, undersized hangers can lead to lumps and wrinkles in your clothes.


Conclusion: Keep Your Shoulders Looking Fresh

Fortunately, the dreaded shoulder lump isn’t a permanent blemish. With the right hanger size you can keep your clothes looking fresh and new for years without settling for wrinkles and other blemishes. However, if you do run into inevitable shoulder snags and bumps, you can follow the steps in this guide to work the kinks of your clothes.

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