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Bio paper cups is a calling. With a colossal waste from disposable and single-use coffee cups, we saw the need for an alternative. Thus, the birth of bio paper cups.

This is the way forwardConfused, Not sure?

In the UK, coffee lovers use up to 2.7 billion cups per year. Sadly, up to to 90% of these cups go to landfills leaving an uncontrollable mess.

The waste can hurt marine life and the environment for the next thousand years. Bio paper cups is our initiative to rid the planet of all non-compostable coffee cups.

Bio paper cups solve the safety and the environment problem. We use corn or sugar starch for the cups insulation. The coating, also known as PLA (Poly lactic acid) degrades within ten days in an industrial compost pit.

At home, the PLA will decompose within 40-90 days in a standard compost. That makes the bio-cup safe for the environment and human use. Yet, there’s more to the bio paper cup that makes us the market’s choice!




In our quest to preserve the environment, we conceived a PLA-biodegradable paper cup. The bio paper cup comprises a top-quality GSM paper board and a corn starch coating.

PLACornstarch PLA

We make all our paper products from renewable materials to protect the environment. We source the manufacturing paper board from controlled and certified forests.

So, our bio paper cups carry the PEFC or FSC certification. And to ensure you don’t trouble choosing a certified from a non-certified cup, we label all the paper cups.

By using certified paperboards, we support our forest’s protection and conservation. To you, the customer, an FSC mix, is a surety of quality. Certification guarantees the paper board is of the highest standard. Plus, the manufacturer supports responsible forest management.

Wood and corn starch are renewable raw materials. Unlike petroleum, they have the least carbon imprint. More, their raw material sources can’t get depleted.




Another thing that lured us into bio paper cups is the removal of the recycling distress. Initially, you wouldn’t recycle a standard paper cup. It had a plastic bonding that made it impossible to recycle.

Recycling a plastic/PE coated cup is an uphill and costly task. Even some recycling plants don’t accept the PE or the disposable cup. Reason being, there are still few PE coated cup recycling plants. For such cups that end in landfills, the environmental impact lasts for aeons.

Enter our new corn starch coated cup, and the recycling troubles are no more. When bio paper cups don’t reach a recycling plant, they can decay and leave the environment clean. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you compost the cups or dump in compostable bins.

Cups Envisioned for the Customer

Right from the start, our vision has always been to mould our products around your needs. For us, a happy customer is the best reward we desire. Hence, our bio paper cups concept revolves around the modern needs of a consumer.

First, the bio paper cup is all about your safety. We intend to make sure no harm or side-effects need to bother you when using the bio paper cup. So, the materials we use must be safe and free from any toxic contents.

The bio paper cup’s design takes into account your comfort and convenience. These cups come with a sturdy and waterproofed layer to ensure zero leakages and your fingers never get burned.

For takeaway customers, our bio paper cup is heaven sent. These cups are not only easy to carry, but they also keep coffee warm for up to three hours.




Biodegradable Paper CupCompostable paper cup

The intense competition calls for more than a mere coffee cup. Old school paper cup designs focus on the functional value of a cup. But, today, there’s more to a paper cup than an item for coffee serving.

At Scyphus, we focus on designs that can touch and inspire coffee lovers. Our designing entails a blending of artworks, colours and styles to produce irresistible bio paper cups.

Our goal is to create happiness around every coffee cup and elicit joy in every serving. For example, you can choose a design that can overturn the looks of your cafe and even lure new customers.

Given every restaurant has its unique needs, we commit to provide tailored products. Regardless of your needs, we will do our best to offer the most befitting paper cup design.




Originally, bio paper cups were about a cleaner environment and safety. Today, bio paper cups influence a business’s reputation.

Customers now prefer an eco-conscious brand. Meanwhile, paper cups are at the centre of the entire green coffee shop’s conversation. Thus, biodegradable cups can solidify your reputation as a responsible brand.

Our bio paper cups meet all the standards of environmentally friendly products. They are 100% compostable, recyclable and safe. For your business, these cups are an excellent opportunity to showcase your real stand about climatic change.




At Scyphus, maintaining top health and safety standards is our core priority. The risk of chemicals leaching into coffee has always been a worry for many customers. Thus, the reason styrofoam and plastic cups are no longer viable.

BPA FreeBPA Free

Our bio paper cups are BPA free, and the coating is organic. We also use a food-safe paper board to maintain the highest standards levels.

For printed bio paper cups, we use food-safe inks to ensure the customers enjoys the purest coffee. That makes our bio paper cups the safest in today’s market.




For years, we have been at the forefront of gunning for eco-friendly and safe food packaging solutions.

Bio paper cups came up after a relentless pursuit for a reliable alternative to plastics, styrofoam and PE disposable cups.

We now have an affordable and sustainable option for serving coffee.

Carbon neutralGoing carbon neutral

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