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How an Ipe Wood Fence Gives Your Home a Distinctive Contemporary Look

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If you’re in the market for a new fence, an ipe wood fence may be just what you’re looking for. With an exotic, contemporary, and timeless look, ipe hardwood and ipe fence designs are as beautiful as they are durable.

Because of the grain and color of this tropical wood, you’ll often see it used in more modern, contemporary designs.

This guide has everything you need to know about ipe hardwood for your backyard and how to use it to create a beautiful, modern outdoor oasis.

What is Ipe Wood Fencing?

Ipe is pronounced ee-pay in Portuguese. Ipe wood is sourced from South America. This beautiful and exotic hardwood is from the tropics, so it makes a great weather-resistant choice for fencing.

Because it is a tropical wood, it comes naturally resistant to weather, insects, abrasion, and rot. Ipe wood fencing can stand up to rain, heat, wind, and any other elements your home may face. The Wall Street Journal describes this wood as being tough as nails.

The color is naturally a medium to a dark shade of brown. If the wood has been untreated or sealed, it may turn lighter and patina but it can easily be brought back to its natural beauty with a brightener or cleaner.

The color of ipe wood is similar to mahogany and it is a less expensive tropical hardwood that teak lumber. Because it is so durable and weather-resistant, you will often see ipe wood used in fencing, decks, outdoor furniture, and walkways.

In almost all applications, you can expect a really long lifespan out of your ipe fence. With a little maintenance, you can expect your fence to last longer than many pressure-treated woods or engineered materials.

Contemporary Design Ideas with Ipe Wood Fence

Ipe wood fencing is often used in modern and contemporary designs. The color and grain of the wood make for a great contemporary look as opposed to other more weathered or grainy types of woods.

Ipe fences can be laid horizontally for a contemporary look or even in a decorative pattern such as herringbone, or a mix of traditional horizontal boards broken up with vertical ones.

A modern fencing twist is laying the boards horizontally and using thicker, larger pieces of wood. You can separate the slats a little more as well. Bigger spaces with a wider plank give a cool take on the usual fence patterns.

The darker color of ipe boards is also on-trend right now and you won’t even have to stain it.

Another contemporary look is to mix ipe boards with black iron. You can use black iron to stabilize the fence and create a modern, industrial look.

Metal is another sleek way to stabilize an ipe fence in a contemporary and industrial feeling way. The combination of the two will give a clean and modern feel to your outdoor space.

A Good Neighbor Fence

A good neighbor fence is a newer trend where you try to have the fence look the same on both sides. The idea is that both you and your neighbor will see the same fence so one person doesn’t have a bad side while the other has a good side.

With boards laid in a modern, contemporary pattern such as horizontally, both of you will see the same thing on either side of the fence.

The great thing about using ipe as a good neighbor fence is that the natural color is also universally appealing. While it lends itself to contemporary designs and outdoor spaces, the pretty color goes well with any house your neighbor may have.

Additional Contemporary Fence Ideas

For some more contemporary looking ipe fence ideas, think of concrete or green vegetation. In addition to black iron, using concrete is also another super modern way of securing your fence and creating a minimalist and on-trend look.

Between the concrete and durable ipe hardwood, you will barely ever need to maintain this fence. While both are contemporary in design, they are also so clean and classic looking, you will have a look that is virtually timeless.

Another fun twist on the average fence is to use boxwoods or metal trellises to secure your fence. You can break up pieces of the fence with hearty, and contemporary boxwoods trimmed in a clean fashion.

Metal trellises filled with plants and vines are another pretty way to break up the fence while still creating privacy. Both looks add a natural element that are visually stunning.

The pops of green will look gorgeous against the rich, reddish-brown ipe wood fencing. This would also look pretty as a pergola, around a pool, or as a privacy wall.

Ipe Wood Fencing Price Guide

While getting a new fence can seem expensive, with proper care and maintenance, an ipe fence can last for decades. A new fence is also something that will always increase the value of your home.

Ipe fencing comes in three specific widths with varying lengths at Ipe Woods USA. There are 1×4 boards, 1×6 boards, as well as 1×8 inch boards. These are all ¾” thick.

The price of ipe wood will typically be around $2.00-$2.50/LF for standard 1×4 boards. The price will vary slightly depending on the board you go with. Each board can be used in a variety of different ways and the prices range depending on the size and quantity you need.

The 1×4 boards range in length from 4 to 20 feet.

The 1×6 boards range in length from 4 to 20 feet.

The 1×8 boards range in length from 4 to 20 feet.

It is always best to have a professional asses your needs and quote your unique job.

Why Use a Contemporary Ipe Wood Fence?

An ipe wood fence is well worth your investment. From its rich color and universally appealing look to its durability and versatility, you can use an ipe fence in almost unlimited ways.

The color and look of ipe wood make it an eco-friendly and timeless addition to your modern, and contemporary outdoor space. Use it with iron, metal, varying patterns, or in combination with natural plants for a sleek and modern fence that will transform your outdoor space.

If you’re ready to speak with a professional about your new fence, fill out the contact form here to get started on your contemporary backyard make-over.

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