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The visual appeal of a watch greatly depends on its band. To an observer, the face of a watch is not as visible as its band. A different band can make your watch look totally different. This is also a cost-effective way to experiment with different styles. In this post, you will learn about the best watch band brands.

There are numerous different brands of watch bands. So, you might feel a bit overwhelmed when choosing one. We will discuss the best brands and the factors that should be considered when choosing a watch band. We hope the discussion will help you make an informed decision.


With multiple perforations below the lugs, Rally bands are easily recognizable. It is hard to say whether the perforations are for ventilation or for an aesthetic purpose. However, they serve both purposes. If you are looking for summer wear, you will fall in love with Rally bands.

The perforations also significantly decrease the weight of the band. Whatever the true reason is, the perforations look really great. The band has a good history and is still very popular. Another great thing about this band is the vintage chronograph.


Gucci, an Italian brand, has been around since 1921 and is known for its traditional craftsmanship and high fashion. The watch bands of Gucci exude high levels of heritage and class. Gucci watch straps come in some great models, so you have quite a few options to choose from.

If you are in search of a classy watch band, Gucci will certainly make you happy. It is one of the best watch band brands. Apart from watch bands, the company manufactures clothing, leather goods, and many other types of fashion products.


Oyster is another classic watch band brand whose history goes back to the 1930s. With its 3-piece link design, the Oyster is a highly popular brand of watch bands. Oyster was introduced by Rolex, and almost every Rolex model has used Oyster bands.

The success of Oyster is indebted to not only its history but also its functionality. Each link is very strong, thanks to the wide center bar. The band is very strong, and it does not stretch. There are very few links, and that is why the band has almost no breaking point. However, in comparison to some other bands, it feels a bit stiff.


Introduced in 1945, Jubilee is a renowned watch band brand. At first, it was available only in gold. Now, steel versions are also available. The links are narrow and highly polished. The band looks very much like the President bracelet. It also has the same number of links. Because of the triple-wide construction, the central portion of this band is narrow.

Jubilee leaves little footprint on your wrist because it draws the attention to the watch face center. This effect is exacerbated by the two-tone variations. However, over a long period of time, this watch band has a propensity towards stretching. Yet, Jubilee is considered among the best watch band brands.


This brand is associated with US president Dwight D. Eisenhower, and that is where the name came from. Rolex offered the 150,000th certified chronometer to the president as a token of respect, and the president accepted it.

This watch band is very much like Oyster. The number of links is also the same. However, the Oyster is not as dense as the President’s band. As a result, it is not stiff at all. Here is another thing to notice: when it comes to the question of durability, the President is not among the best watch band brands.


If you do not know a lot about watches, and you are just looking for a cheap strap, then Barton is a good brand to check out. It is considered one of the best watch band brands. The company has some great leather bands, and they are affordable.

The bands are made from high-quality leather and come in many colors. The bands are easy to swap, thanks to the convenient spring bars. They are available in two sizes: standard (5” to 8”) and long (7” to 9”). The standard length is a good fit for smaller wrists. These bands provide great value for the price.


Hirsh is known as a popular manufacturer of inexpensive watch bands. The products are as good as those of Barton, and the prices are similar. You get bands of high-quality leather at excellent prices. There is a wide variety of strap widths to choose from. So, no matter what your style is, you will find a band here.

The bands are also splash resistant, and that means you do not have to worry about getting close to water. However, they are made from leather, and you do not want to dip them into water. Yes, this is an entry-level brand of watch bands. But if you have a tight budget, this is one of the best bands to check out.


It is among the best watch band brands. The watch bands of Louis Vuitton have a unisex look, which means both men and women can use them. They have gold hardware and red stitching. In most models, there is red leather both on the inside and on the outside.

If you are looking for a higher-end band, check out this band with real Louis Vuitton canvas. It can complement many types of outfits. The band looks formal and informal at the same time. The Louis Vuitton Apple Watch Band is one of the most popular models of this brand.


We have discussed some heavy hitters in this post. However, ColaReb is not one of them. It is an Italian company known for manufacturing many different types of watch bands. The bands are reasonably popular, thanks to their affordable price.

Venezia is a popular strap of this company.  The bands have their natural imperfections, but they exude charm and personality. Make from calfskin, the bands come with a steel buckle. If you have an interest in Italian craftsmanship, you will certainly fall in love with the products of ColaReb.

The straps come in many different sizes. So, whether your wrists are large or small, you will find a good fit. The straps look and feel elegant.


This is a German company that manufactures relatively cheap straps. But there are also midrange options, and the prices are affordable. Some say it is an underrated brand, just like ColaReb. The straps are very durable, and that is no surprise because Fluco is one of the best watch band brands.

Fluco has some expensive straps, and they are popular as well. The company is pretty old. It has been operating since the beginning of the 20th century. Fluco uses the type of leather that is considered standard. Horween leather is used to manufacture some straps. If you are looking for straps made from high-quality leather, Fluco is worth checking out.


This is another company that manufactures inexpensive straps. The company also manufactures higher quality and higher priced straps. So whether you have a small or big budget, you can buy a Hadley Roma watch band.

The MS2042 is a high-quality watch band from Hadley Roma. Its style is visually appealing. Even if you have tried a few brands of watch bands, you will like the products of Hadley Roma.


The company manufactures watch bands that are suitable for many types of watches including dive watches. A list of the best watch band brands is incomplete without Engineers. The bands have links that are larger than those of most other watch bands, but they are quite visually dense.

The straps of this company are usually heavy and thick. If you are accustomed to a light band, this brand may give you some wrist fatigue. However, you will get used to it in no time. The brand offers both thin and bulky bands. If you are a small-wristed person, try not to use a band that has a bulky appearance.


The German air Force popularized this brand during the Second World War. In the beginning, the bands were long, and they were supposed to be worn over slide jackets. The band still has rivets but they are not functional. Aviator straps were primarily designed for pilot watches, but how many different types of straps are available, and they can be used with numerous types of watches.

It has a military stick essence because of the brown aviator strap and black dial. Whether your wrists are thin or thick, you will find a perfect match. The straps are so beautiful that they can be a conversation starter.


The name sounds a bit frightening, indicating that it has a similarity to the oceanic predator in some way. But the fact is, the brand name does not describe this product very well. Omega launched an advertising campaign years ago, and from that, the title was derived. The brand manufactured a watch that was specially designed for operations underwater.

The watch was highly rugged and robust. And the strap became a matter of discussion among the enthusiasts. The advertisement claims that the strap is “shark-proof” but the claim is not literal. It just indicates the extreme durability of this band. Intertwined loops hold the entire band together, and there are very few breakpoints. That is the main reason for its extreme durability.

One of the best watch band brands, Shark Mesh is a familiar name to watch band enthusiasts. The links are large, unlike most mesh bracelets. Because of its relaxed nature and a smooth trip, many users consider it as a very comfortable option. If you purchase this band, you will never repent the decision.

15. BUND

Like Shark Mesh, this band was created for German soldiers during the Second World War. However, it was manufactured for a slightly different reason. In a plane crash, fire is a great matter of concern. If something is made of metal, it will get extremely heated. Since watches are made of skin and they are in contact with the skin, the manufacturers tried to come up with a solution.

Beneath the case, bund straps have an extra layer of padding. As a result, it saves you from getting burned. The extra layer of leather is also useful in high altitudes, where extremely low temperatures can freeze the skin. The padding can also absorb perspiration.


This brand is from Milan, Italy. Believe it or not, the design of this watch band has a long history dating back to the 13th century. Originally it was a kind of chain mail. For more than 500 years, the process of manufacturing the chain was an Italian specialty. It was completed by hand; no machine was used.

The straps are easily recognizable–thanks to their dense and tight mesh construction. If you are looking for a smooth metal strap, it is one of the best options available on the market. It is undoubtedly one of the best watch band brands. However, in terms of durability, Milan is not the best watch band brand out there. It is not highly resistant to the elements. The mesh is a bit tight and that is why rigidity is an issue with this band.

If you can ignore this minor issue, Milan’s watch bands will make you happy. There are many models to choose from. So, whether you have a large or small watch, you will find a good match.


Developed in the 1960s, Tropic straps were originally regarded as a relatively cheap alternative to metal bracelets. They were usually used with Tudor and Rolex watches. Bracelets made from metal are suitable for underwater excursions. However, they are expensive and a bit heavy. Rubber bands solved the problem to some extent.

This is the first company that manufactured rubber bands. The bands became an immediate hit with divers. These rubber bands also come with numerous perforations that are helpful for underwater excursions. In terms of breathability, nothing could beat these bands.

Durability is another notable feature of Tropic watch bands. 40 years later, there are numerous models of tropic watch bands and they are highly popular. Vintage diverse like this brand very much.


Waffle is an iconic invention of Seiko. The brand has been around since the early 70s. The Seiko 6105 was a favorite with Vietnam servicemen. The Waffle band was used with this watch. The watch kept ticking in the humid jungles, even long after the war. And when the veterans returned to the country, civilian circles began to use the watch.

The band has a distinct texture, and the users are very familiar with this texture. Breathability is another feature of this strap, thanks to the small vents on the sides. The rubber strap is easily cleanable and completely waterproof.

This band can be used with many types of wristwatches, but it is recommended that you use it on a vintage Seiko. Although Waffle is among the best watch band brands, the bands are comparatively inexpensive.


Parlon watch bands also date back to the 1960s. They are also easily recognizable, thanks to their basket weave pattern. The pattern is almost similar to that of the Tropic band. The weave has nylon threads. Because of the three-dimensional structure, these bands look really magnificent. They are popular also for their breathability.

All the watch bands of this brand are infinitely resizable, which means they come with no predetermined holes. So, if you have a peculiar wrist size, you can choose a Parlon watch band. The bands are abrasive resistance. Although they are not waterproof, they do not stress when they come in contact with water.

20. NATO

The NATO strap was developed for the British army in the mid-1970s. It was initially known as G10. The brand became popular in the military. Since the band has numerous features, the general public began to use it later. After the end of the cold war, G10 bands were available in the military surplus shops. And this product had a unique NATO number.

They are still very popular and it seems they are not going to fade in popularity in the decades to come. The single-piece construction is a notable feature of this band. As a result, it is very easy to switch out straps. You can remove or apply NATO straps in a matter of seconds.


Numerous companies manufacture many different types of watch bands. If you want to choose a good band for your repurposed watch, you should have some knowledge about some well-known manufacturers. We have discussed the best watch band brands, and we hope you have found this post helpful.

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