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Why You Should Choose Hardcover Binding for Your Custom Photo Book

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Think about the last time you bought a book – any book. You probably saw a beautiful hardcover copy on the shelf next to its softcover alternative and compared prices. Sure, you wanted the hardcover, but the paperback was more affordable at that moment. Which did you end up with?

The real question is: which one did you want the most?

If you’re like us, you probably said you wish you had the hardcover. There’s just something about printed and bound hardcover books that jumps out at you, whether it’s on a bookshelf, coffee table, office desk, or otherwise. At PhotoBook Press, we believe the same applies to custom printed hardcover photo books. And while they are slightly more expensive than their softcover alternatives, we believe there are a few reasons you should consider choosing hardcover over paperback for your next photo book project.

1. Durability

This one is the most obvious point we’ll make about hardcover photo books – they’re designed to last. Because pages in hardcover books are glued to sturdy, pre-cut boards, you can trust that your custom hardcover print project will stand the tests of time that a paperback would simply crumple against.

Depending on your specific hardcover binding choices, you can usually rest assured that your photo book will stay strong for years to come, even in tough environments. Think about the last time you sat in a waiting room for a doctor’s office or a business meeting – the magazines on the coffee table were likely folded, bent, and torn, but the hardcover photo book looked tough and proud next to them.

2. Aesthetics

When you put a book on your bookshelf, desk, or table, you want it to look good there. Books are often use decoratively – especially photo books. But a smaller, narrower paperback whose spine may become crinkled from frequent use just can’t compare to its sturdier counterpart.

The truth is that hardcovers are almost always more desirable for their aesthetic qualities than a softcover book. Because of their often larger sizes, more artwork can be displayed on their covers and spines. If you are designing a photo book with keen attention to artistic detail in mind, you’ll benefit tremendously from choosing the hardcover option.

3. The Market

Ever since digital printing for photo books became a real industry, publishers and printers alike have found that hardcover books are where the real value lies. Sure, paperbacks may sell more copies because of their affordability, but avid collectors will always check out the hardcover first to weigh their options.

While you can always print a paperback version of your photo book later to capitalize on mass market appeal, the hardcover version will be the most desirable choice for collectors, aficionados, and gift-buyers. Whether your photo book is a self-published photography series, a coffee table book, an event or holiday themed collection or otherwise, hardcover is all about added value.

At PhotoBook Press, we firmly believe the print medium you choose is critical for archiving your memories, artwork, and unique projects. If you’re interested in printing a custom hardcover photo book for your next project, reach out to a member of our team today.

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