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Benefits of Organic Vitamins for Kids (and Moms)

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Taking vitamins regularly can provide a multitude of health benefits, and choosing organic vitamins for you and your family offers you the confidence that your family is getting safe, quality nutrients that can keep their bodies and immune systems strong and healthy. Most importantly, organic vitamins reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies. That’s especially important for growing children who might not meet their needs through diet alone.

If you’re a mom intent on keeping your family healthy, read on to learn more about the benefits of organic vitamins for you and your children.

What Makes Organic Vitamins Different?

Many people aren’t aware that most vitamins are synthetic, which means they contain ingredients made in a lab. They’re also full of fillers, bulking agents, and other ingredients your body doesn’t need. In some cases, ingredients like artificial colors, soy, or gluten may also cause a reaction in children or adults who are sensitive.

Unlike synthetic vitamins, organic vitamins are made from natural, whole food extracts. They’re free from fillers or artificial ingredients. Taking organic vitamins gives you peace of mind knowing you and your family are getting 100% pure nutrients from these vitamins.

Another important bonus is that the organic produce used to make organic vitamins contains significantly higher concentrations of antioxidants, flavonols, and other healthy plant compounds, according to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. These compounds can reduce inflammation and protect your cells from oxidative damage. That in turn, may help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. As a parent, you can rest assured that the ingredients in organic vitamins are free from toxic pesticides and insecticides

How Do Organic Vitamins Benefit Children?

Organic vitamins play a crucial role in your children’s physical and mental development. For example, vitamin D and calcium are essential for strong bones, while folic acid and vitamin B12 are needed for healthy red blood cells.

In a perfect world, children would get all of the nutrients they need from their diet. However, as parents know, kids don’t always eat well every day of the year. Sometimes it’s because they’re picky eaters. Other times it’s because certain foods are off-limits due to a food allergy.

Often, it’s because there are so many other options to tempt them. In fact, the CDC reports that children and adolescents get about 40% of their calories from “empty calorie” choices like sweets and junk food. Thus, taking an organic vitamin can provide the extra high-quality nutrients your child might not be getting every day.

Unless your child’s healthcare provider recommends individual nutrients, like vitamin D or iron, it’s a good idea to purchase organic multivitamins for kids versus single vitamins. That’s because there’s a risk of side effects and potential overdosing associated with single vitamins.

Keep in mind that vitamins and minerals have to be balanced in order to work in your body. Too much of one nutrient can unbalance others. Multivitamins are specially designed to provide the right blend of nutrients in the right amounts.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Vitamins for Women?

As you age, your body becomes more susceptible to the effects of a poor diet, environmental exposures, and stress. These increase your risk of chronic diseases. Women, in particular, should pay attention to the following nutrients and health conditions:

  • Adequate iron can help prevent iron-deficiency anemia.
  • Folic acid is essential for healthy red blood cells. Also, if there’s a chance of pregnancy, it can help prevent neural tube defects.
  • Magnesium plays many different roles, but it’s especially important if you have or are at risk for diabetes because it
  • Vitamin D and calcium can help prevent osteoporosis later in life. Low levels of vitamin D  is linked with a greater risk of autoimmune diseases, like thyroid disease, and supplementation can help strengthen your body’s defenses.

Organic vitamins for women provide all the nutrients you need to stay healthy and reduce your risk for these health conditions, in a natural, whole-foods form. Plus, organic vitamins are free from synthetic ingredients, which you might be sensitive to. Consider using organic multivitamins for women that contain special blends designed to boost and enhance women’s health.

Are There Benefits to Buying Other Organic Products?

Choosing organic products reduces your exposure to toxic ingredients, like pesticides, herbicides, and endocrine disruptors that can lead to hormonal imbalances. Everyone should limit exposure to these, but it’s especially important for women and children. These toxins can cause harm to a woman’s reproductive system. Some research suggests they may also increase the risk for certain cancers, obesity, and even diabetes.

A good way to reduce your exposure is by swapping out everyday items like shampoo, makeup, peanut butter, and coffee. They’re widely used products that offer healthier organic counterparts. Not only are they better for you, but also, foods grown organically can also be better for the environment.

If your family goes through lots of peanut butter, choosing organic peanut butter instead can significantly reduce your exposure to synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and unhealthy fats. The same is true for organic coffee. Not only is it free from synthetic chemicals, but also it can contain higher amounts of antioxidants.

Choosing an organic moisturizer,  organic shampoo, and body wash is another easy way to reduce your exposure to synthetic chemicals and endocrine disruptor chemicals like phthalates and triclosan. Some of these ingredients have been linked to increased ADHD activity and reduced immune response after vaccines in children. Check the ingredients label on some of the products in your bathroom!

If you’re the primary decision-maker when it comes to buying foods and vitamins for your family, choose organic whenever possible to keep your family in good optimal health.


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