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Award-Winning Custom Lease Experts

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Leasing a van for your business can be a smart move. It gives you access to the best vehicles in the marketplace without the commitment of the price tag or the fear that it will no longer be useful to you.

With custom lease contracts, you can choose the best price and time frame for your needs ensuring that you will never be out of pocket.

Finding the right lease contract is only half the battle, however, as you will want to find a company that offers a good range of vehicles, additional financial plans, and top-notch customer service.

These are just a few of the reasons why Swiss Vans is the nation’s leading van leasing and sales company for both personal and business use.

What You Can Expect From Swiss Vans

Swiss Vans is the number one dealer of custom lease vans as well as vans for sale.

They give customers plenty of options when looking into the right vehicle for their needs, and the company can help you find the right financial plan too.

They have hundreds of vans in stock across their various suppliers up and down the country, allowing for fast and reliable delivery once you have found the right lease contract for your needs. As the nation’s leading company for custom lease vans, there are lots of options and customizations available for you to create the perfect plan.

This company has a variety of vans, from medium sports vans to tippers and dropsides, ensuring every need can be met.

Their custom van leasing is the nation’s favorite for a reason. When you opt to lease a van from Swiss Vans, you can expect:

  • High Levels of Stock

Swiss Vans have the best stock in the United Kingdom, with hundreds of vans at any one time in their supplier chains across the country.

They have vehicles from the best brands in the business, including Ford, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagon, as well as an exclusive WASP and Hornet range of vehicles that can be customized to suit your needs.

With their high levels of stock, your perfect vehicle for lease or sale can be with you within two to four weeks, which is an incredibly quick turnover.

  • Smooth, Quick Process

The custom lease contracts are streamlined to ensure a fast, smooth process for all customers.

Swiss Vans are the nation’s leading custom lease experts, and their team shares a passion for providing the best deal to customers.

With years of experience in the field, the custom lease process has been perfected to ensure a smooth transition for all sales.

  • Customizations And Upgrades Available

Swiss Vans offer custom lease contracts to ensure that their customers get the best deal for their needs, whether that is personal or professional.

All of the plans and vehicle packages can be customized to suit your needs, as well as options for regular upgrades to ensure the best deal at all times.

Vehicles can undergo physical customizations, as the Swiss Vans team are experts in alloys, leather upgrades, and additional physical changes. Custom lease plans can also be customized to suit any budget.

Award-Winning Vehicles For Lease

Swiss Vans is home to the WASP and Hornet range, but that is not all they provide.

The International Van of the Year 2020, the Ford Transit Custom, is a key part of the range at this lease expert company and is available to their customers for a brilliant deal.

This is an internationally acclaimed vehicle that features innovative technology, style and is ripe for customizations when leased through Swiss Vans.

They have three amazing variants of the Ford Custom Transit available in stock, along with the range of customizations that are available for every vehicle, ensuring you can get your dream vehicle easier and faster than you’d ever thought possible!

The Ford Custom Transit is available for a lease period of 59 months. It is also available for a hire purchase plan, as Swiss Vans are the nation’s leader in van sales and leasing.

There are various style packs to choose from, including the brand’s iconic WASP and Hornet packages and the two standard forms of transmission.

The customizations of this lease package allow for all customers to find their perfect fit, and the smooth process makes it easier than ever before to drive away with your dream vehicle.

In-Depth Knowledge And Unbeatable Passion

The team at Swiss Vans are passionate about vehicles and want to ensure that all of their customers get the best deal possible for their needs.

This is why they offer a range of leasing contracts, as well as having hundreds of vans available for hire purchase. Each vehicle is subject to customizations, as the Swiss Vans team is zealous about mods and additions.

The customer service team is friendly and approachable, as they are always willing to share their in-depth knowledge about vehicle financing with their customers.

The goal at Swiss Vans is to not only provide an excellent service, with some of the cheapest financing services out there but to also help their customers put their best foot forward.

They have experts on the team for a variety of different areas, from the vehicles themselves, financing, sales, and even the mods that can be done to their vans.

Swiss Vans will be with their customers every step of the way and will remain on standby to provide any information they need throughout the process.

The Cheapest Contracts In The Nation

Swiss Vans have perfected the leasing process to ensure that it is as smooth and fast as possible for all of their customers.

They also provide the cheapest deals and contracts through this process by cutting out the middleman. Swiss Vans rely on various funders to keep their leasing schemes smooth and quick to process.

Unlike other van leasing companies, Swiss Vans borrow their funds directly from the bank, which effectively cuts out the middle man, which is the vehicle houses.

This not only makes the process smoother and faster for customers but also allows this company to offer the lowest-priced leasing contracts in the business.

With Swiss Vans, you will be able to create the perfect financial plan for your vehicle, whatever your budget. This is why they appeal to so many people, and they remain the nation’s number one van leasing company for business and personal use.

Ford Vans are the industry-leading vehicles, and this leasing company has the latest vehicles on contract. Their rapid growth over the past few years has allowed them to branch out and offer the best vehicles in the business, from brands such as Ford Transit, Volkswagon, and Mercedes Benz, to name but a few.

Call Today For A Free Quote

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable van leasing company, then look no further than Swiss Vans.

As the nation’s leading van leaser, they will find the perfect vehicle for your personal or business needs on a leasing contract that suits your budget. With options to customize your vehicle, Swiss Vans offers an innovative service that can help you stand out on the road.

For more information and a free quote, call their friendly customer service team today.

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