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Avoiding a Fiasco: How to Not Get Locked Out of The House

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Thirty percent of burglaries happen because someone forgot to lock a door. This gives a powerful incentive to always lock every door when you leave the house. But when you come home to find yourself locked out, you might wish you’d left that back patio door open after all.

However, you can avoid getting locked out of the house without resorting to leaving doors open. Our tips will keep your home safe while also avoiding the hassle of getting locked out, even when you forget your keys. Read on to learn how to never get locked out of the house again!

Locked Out? Try a Spare Key

The best way to avoid getting locked out is to have a spare key you can use.

Spare keys might seem risky, but with the right approach you can keep one where you can find it but burglars won’t. The key (pun intended) is to use a key hider. Let’s take a look at the types of key hiders you can use to hide your spare.

Camouflage Key Hiders

A classic but effective method is to camouflage your spare key in plain sight. The best camouflage key hiders look like ordinary things in your yard.

Using these key hiders might feel like too obvious a solution. However, a burglar would have to spend a conspicuous amount of time searching in hopes of finding your spare. As long as you don’t place the hider somewhere very obvious, they’ll often give up and turn their attention elsewhere. Meanwhile, you know exactly where your spare key is whenever you need it.

One of our favorite key hider designs looks like an ordinary rock. You can hide it in your yard or garden, where it will blend in with the other rocks. Only you will know which stone to turn if you get locked out.

We also love key hiders that look like sprinklers. Few people would think to search an ordinary lawn sprinkler for a key. Even if they did, their chances of choosing the right sprinkler are slim. Burglars need to work quickly to avoid detection, so they won’t spend the time searching for your spare in every sprinkler head. For you, though, retrieving your spare key will be easy.

Key Hiders for Cars

Your car can also provide an excellent way to hide your spare key.

These key hiders attach to the bottom of your car using a magnet. People often use them to hide car keys — but many burglars know where to look for these key hiders when they want to steal or break into a car.

However, if you hide your house keys in this key hider, your car will stay safe and you can get back into your house when you need to.

Lock Boxes for Keys

If you want to “hide” your spare key without really hiding it, you can also try a lock box. This will relieve you of the worry that a burglar might find your hidden spare. Lockboxes add an extra layer of security to your keys, while still making them easy to access.

With a lockbox, you put your key inside a box that someone needs a combination to get into. with a combination. Memorize the combination (or write it down somewhere secure). Then, if you forget your regular keys, you only need to retrieve the spare from the box.

You can even place the lockbox in a hidden location to make it more secure. However, as long as the combination isn’t easy to guess, these will keep your keys safe wherever you place them.

Other Spare Key Solutions

In addition to these tried-and-true tricks, there are a few other solutions for managing your spare keys. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of each.

With a Friend or Neighbor

Some people might elect to leave a spare with a neighbor or a friend who lives nearby. However, while this is helpful in some situations, it means your ability to get into your home will depend on whether another person is around at the time.

In Your Bag

Some people always put a spare in their purse or work bag. This can work, but still carries the risk of a forgotten key if you change to a different bag.

In the Mailbox, Doormat, or Gutter

Hiding a spare key in the mailbox or gutter, or under your doormat, is popular. But it’s also risky: burglars tend to check these places first. It’s much wiser to use an effective key hider or lockbox instead.

Is Your Key Stuck in A Lock? Here’s What to Do

Sometimes, you have your key or your spare, but you still can’t get in. If your key gets stuck in the lock, what should you do?

Jiggling the key while softly pulling it out of the door often works. The more force you try to use, the more the key will get stuck. You can also keep spray lubricant on hand to help unstick a key.

If you still can’t get the key out, it’s a good idea to call a locksmith.

Locked out of the House? Give Us a Call!

If your key is stuck in the lock or you’re locked out of the house and don’t have your spare available, it’s important to call a trusted locksmith. You need someone who will arrive quickly and get you in without breaking your budget.

We arrive within 30 minutes of your call and will quote you a price over the phone. We hope that you’ll use these tips to avoid getting locked out, but if it does happen you don’t need to worry. Save our number so help is always one call away!

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