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Automotive ecommerce is simplified when you partner with Cellacore. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to automotive ecommerce. There is no silver bullet and all-encompassing solution to sell auto parts online – until now! Success in automotive ecommerce is based upon a foundation of great product data and amazing content. When those two come together online, automotive websites become unstoppable and dominate automotive parts sales. We have seen staggering changes within the ecommerce business lately, especially with the recent COVID-19 challenges. While car sales might be slumping at car dealers in North America, aftermarket auto parts sales are growing online.

Based on years of ecommerce experience, Cellacore has leveraged the leading ecommerce platforms to deliver a world-class automotive ecommerce experience while increasing online sales. Cellacore understands automotive customer behavior and keeps website visitors engaged in the conversion activity through great product data, extensive search capabilities, and simple user navigation.

Most automotive aftermarket companies struggle with selling auto parts online. Do you know why? The struggle is related to data and the harsh reality that most modern ecommerce solutions cannot handle the sheer amount of data required to compete in the market today. The automotive ecommerce business is a data-driven business. Without up-to-date product data, such as ACES PIES data, you cannot compete.

When it Comes to Automotive Ecommerce Websites – We Speak Your Language

Cellacore is comprised a team of automotive ecommerce experts. If you are a local repair shop, online retailer, hard parts manufacturer, or wholesale distributor, Cellacore has a solution to fit your automotive ecommerce requirements.

Cellacore does not just stop with accurate year, make, model look up, it extends the customer and user experience with improved access to the most up-to-date information about the products, weights, dimensions, installation instructions, application data, and specifications. Cellacore allows companies to efficiently keep their customers engaged through a unique integration of product data, social media, purchasing opportunities, and shopping cart.

With our technology and expertise, we give you the power to sell auto parts online. Discover the difference today!  Some of the benefits include:

  • Advanced actionable search
  • Simple year, make, model look-up
  • Category driven facets – tied to industry standards
  • Smart category navigation – mega menus
  • Part number and competitor cross reference search
  • Breadcrumb historical search and navigation
  • Product data driven from multiple industry sources – not just one!
  • Enhanced product pages with vehicle fitment
  • Seamless ACES PIES data updates monthly – true industry-driven parts data
  • Google-friendly SEO pages for optimal search rankings

We leverage three of the leading ecommerce platforms, Big Commerce, Shopify, and Magento, to give organizations the option to choose the solution that is the best fit for their business. We can also support selling on eBay or Amazon once you have deployed your automotive industry ecommerce site.

Big Commerce – As the leading and most progressive cloud-based ecommerce platform, BigCommerce offers enterprise functionality with easy access to their architecture and app system. The Big Commerce platform has a powerful API toolset that allows automotive ecommerce and auto parts resellers to easily display their full part catalogs with speed and accuracy. Big Commerce is a scalable platform that can handle a high SKU count. BigCommerce also has in-depth B2B functionality that allows for complex pricing structures to ensure your jobber, wholesaler, or MAP pricing rules can be put in place with ease. Cellacore is a full-service BigCommerce partner.

BigCommerce modern architecture and API first strategy makes it the leader in the automotive ecommerce space. BigCommerce is committed to mobile-first as well. This also allows for a streamlined mobile experience and checkout. With advanced fraud protection, you can rest assured that BigCommerce coupled with Cellacore can offer a world-class shopping experience for your customers.

With BigCommerce we can also offer ‘Buy Online Pick Up In Store’ (BOPIS) functionality. This is perfect functionality for consumer to purchase and reserve products online and then pick them up in store. This offers the ability for merchants to offer installation services. BigCommerce also offers advance core return workflow to capture and collect core fees.

Shopify – A cloud-based ecommerce solution used by over 200,000 businesses across the world. The Shopify platform is a simple and easy-to-use solution that also includes the option of an in-store Point-of-Sale (POS). Shopify is a perfect solution for local businesses to sell online as well as those looking for a cloud-based solution with room to scale. Shopify has a very intuitive CMS and also a very mobile friendly experience for customers.

Magento – A flexible open source and enterprise ecommerce solution, Magento is the most widely adopted ecommerce technology globally. Combined with Cellacore’s automotive ecommerce expertise, Magento offers a complete and scalable platform to deploy B2B and B2C automotive solutions. Fortune 100 companies and rapidly scaling companies alike trust the Magento platform to fuel their business growth.

By leveraging three of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, Cellacore can help increase sales and improve the customer experience for any automotive aftermarket company. Improving your operations with the right automotive ecommerce solution is the easiest path to increase revenue and profits.

B2B and B2C companies can benefit from a partnership with Cellacore. Our solution allows public facing pricing and customized pricing for wholesale, jobber, and business accounts. Cellacore simplifies the complex nature of automotive ecommerce product pricing and product data management.

Data-Driven Ecommerce Platform Built for ACES and PIES Data

Product data is the foundation of all automotive industry websites. Finding what you are looking for as fast as possible is essential in digital commerce.  The automotive industry is built upon product data via the ACES and PIES data structure. What is ACES and PIES?  Why is it important to your ecommerce website?


So, what is PIES?  PIES stands for Product Information Exchange Standard. This is a standard derived by the Auto Care Association that is embraced by the automotive aftermarket in North America. Essentially, PIES data is the general product information for a product. PIES is a structure for all attributes related to a single auto part or a kit of parts. PIES is made up of attributes such as color, size, weight, dimensions, packaging, and related information. PIES data does not contain vehicle fitment.

Vehicle fitment is made simple with ACES. The ACES acronym stands for the Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard. ACES is a catalog of all the fitment related to automotive parts. ACES data is the link between the part and what vehicle it fits on. ACES is what allows consumers to complete Year/Make/Model website searches.

The ACES standard is based on mapping parts to the Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb). The VCdb is a relation database of all vehicles, including all configurations such as sub-models in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. By connecting the right part to the right vehicle, we can ensure that a part will fit on a consumer’s car. The ACES standard simplifies Year, Make, Model searches on today’s modern ecommerce websites.

Automotive industry manufacturing companies produce their respective aftermarket auto parts with data in the ACES and PIES data structure. This then allows retailers to use ACES and PIES data to uniformly catalog data from multiple manufacturers in a standardized format. By leveraging ACES and PIES data to power your ecommerce website, it will increase the speed at which you can list new products and brands on your website. The automotive industry standard data will also increase the efficiency of updating existing product data and also pricing.

We Don’t Stop – We are Committed to Your Automotive Ecommerce Website Success

We are a focused organization dedicated to our clients’ success. At Cellacore we don’t stop just at building a unique automotive ecommerce experience; we deliver full-service done-for-you solutions to grow your sales.

  • Revenue strategy – evaluate your business model to reach your goals
  • SEO – how to be found (for real)
  • Vendor or wholesaler connections and introductions – source from the industries best – seamless API integrations
  • Content marketing – strategy and full-service execution
  • Learn how to improve your conversion rate and checkout efficiency
  • Increase shopping cart checkout order size
  • Post purchase engagement strategies to keep them coming back
  • Sleek, modern user experience on mobile and desktop
  • Marketplace integration – eBay and Amazon integration for fitment and product listings
  • Social media strategies to increase product exposure

At Cellacore, we are a USA based company focusing on auto parts ecommerce. Our resources are experienced in the automotive aftermarket and understand how to apply technology to solve the most complex Automotive Ecommerce needs for companies to increase online sales.

Our clients range from automotive aftermarket manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers. We work with start-ups as well as established brands. Our clients range from having 10 products for sale online to up to 1.3 million auto parts for sale online. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the right automotive ecommerce platform, we have a solution to fit your needs to increase your online sales of automotive parts.

Don’t let your ideal customer buy overpriced OEM parts from a dealership. We empower you to sell more car parts via your own online store. We’ve moved into the age of digital commerce that is becoming the new normal. Act today and take your ecommerce business to the next level with a modern and mobile responsive webstore. Get your market share of the automotive aftermarket today!

For more information on the right solution for your automotive ecommerce requirements, call us at (813) 775-4109! Schedule your online demo today! It does not matter if you are new to automotive ecommerce or a successful existing retailer with a strong online footprint, we have options to help you increase sales from multiple perspectives. In your demo, we will review some amazing case studies where we will cover best practices for ecommerce sales of aftermarket parts and how to take your automotive ecommerce business to the next level! After all, at Cellacore we power some of the largest and most successful automotive ecommerce businesses.

Call us today at (813) 775-4109!

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