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10 Curiosities about Instagram that you didn’t know

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Among the dozens of curiosities about Instagram, did you know that around 1.3 billion people use Instagram daily? We are talking about one of the social networks that has the greatest activity and impact throughout the planet, where its content reaches so many people that contemplating this network to monetize it and do business with it is a reality that many enjoy.

Of all those hundreds of active users, more than 600 actively publish their stories to their thousands of followers , making the content go viral at an exponential rate. Today we will delve into these points, you will discover some of its striking curiosities and you will be able to learn more effectively about the social network par excellence on the Internet; Instagram.

Whether you have just landed on this platform or if you consider yourself an expert in the field, at LosFamos we have created a small compilation with information that could be tremendously useful in your strategy to gain followers , make the information you publish viral and gain online reputation. Any goal is good if the right steps are taken and, fortunately for you, we are experts in achieving it.

What is Instagram and what is it for?

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It is a social network, an evolution of the concept that we have all been maintaining and forming during the past decade. For the youngest, Instagram is the reflection of everything a social network should have , but for those over 30 years old, we will see that the potential it has developed has been exceptional.

We can share reels , start live streams and publish videos or images so that they are permanently posted on our profiles, among many other functions. Instagram is a platform that allows us to connect with people, monetize our content and capture the attention of thousands of people with similar tastes and preferences. It is a truly global social network where the limitations depend on us.

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Since it was launched in 2010, there are many aspects and features that have evolved, managing to adapt to the needs that the user community has had. Instagram has been accumulating really interesting data that is worth knowing, since from it you can draw conclusions and motivations to understand its full potential.

10 Instagram Curiosities that you didn’t know about

Now that we know a little better about where it comes from and what it allows us to do as users of the network, what do you think if we go on to discover some of the most striking Instagram curiosities? Get ready because we’re starting, take note and let this wonder of a social platform continue to surprise you:

  • 600 million visits . Instagram has become the most visited social network today, managing to record these figures as a monthly average. Imagine the number of users waiting to find your content and follow you. According to the Semrush study , it is in the global top 10.
  • 44 million searches . And we’re not just talking about visits to the website, but it now occupies position 6 globally in terms of monthly Internet searches. That is, almost the entire population of a country like Spain searches for Instagram in their browser every month.
  • Top app in downloads . Leaving aside the desktop application, the Instagram app is the sixth most downloaded in the AppStore and the eighth in the Google Play Store, remaining in the top 10 positions for 3 years now.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo . He is one of the media figures with the most followers on Instagram, with a whopping 600 million followers on his profile. Can you imagine the amount of money they generate with the interaction of their publications?

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  • The photo of an egg . The Internet has a permanent quality; and it never ceases to surprise us. The photograph of an egg is one of the most liked snapshots in history, with nearly 60 million likes .
  • Ideal for marketing . Just as we recommended the need to increase your followers on the social network , Instagram shows us that more than 90% of its users follow a business. This means that we are faced with a great tool to generate income if we take advantage of its resources.
  • Shocking images . It has been estimated that posts with a single image generate more likes than videos. Specifically, almost 28% more according to studies carried out by HubSpot .
  • The most popular hashtag . In case you didn’t know, the word “ Love ”, love in Spanish, is the most popular and used hashtag on the social network for more than 10 years. Furthermore, another of the curiosities of Instagram is that we use an average of 10 hashtags for each publication we make.
  • Songs of India . Given the large number of Indian users who use Instagram, more than 300 million active users, about 75% of the songs included in the reels we publish are of Indian origin.
  • Hidden mode . Although it is not a tool or functionality that the social network offers us, there are ways to navigate the platform incognito, such as the possibility of viewing stories without being detected . Curious, right?

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As you can see, there are many and varied curiosities on Instagram , which gives us an impression of the impact and relevance it currently has in society. More and more users follow the platform and begin registering on it, becoming potential followers of our profile. It is very important that you value the option of starting to increase your followers, as well as the relevance of your published content .

At LosFamos we have really effective services to help you achieve any objective set in your marketing strategy. We are experts in providing you with a quality service adapted to your needs, hence the reputation and good evaluations that we constantly receive. Now that you know a little more about Instagram, what do you think if we work on your profile?

Can you make money with Instagram?

If you are thinking about monetizing the content you publish and thus obtain income from the interaction of your followers with the information or services you promote on your profile, the answer is yes. Although it is no longer part of the curiosities of Instagram, it is a reality that thousands of people currently generate large amounts of money thanks to the relevance and activity of their profiles on Instagram.

Therefore, our recommendation will always be to start as soon as possible and work hard to improve the impression of your profile. Offering a good image and carefully working on the content you publish will significantly help you generate greater interest from the user community. You just have to invest your time and let us contribute our grain of sand .

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