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Artius Man Has Scented Candles Designed Specifically for Men

Artius Man Unveils Candle Collection Artius Man, a men’s grooming and beard company, has expanded their products and are now producing nine different scented candles specifically for men.


June 10, 2021 – Hygiene is important for everyone. Not only is good hygiene important for your health, but it is also crucial to your appearance. Artius Man is here to help make sure you are looking as presentable as possible. The online company specializes in beard care products, however, they have now expanded into the candle industry. The Man Candles collection offers nine different manly scents in 10-ounce amber glass containers. Each candle uses a wood wick to give off that lovely crackling sound. Customers can purchase individually, or in packs of three to save some money. There are many lovely smelling scents that can liven up any environment.

The Oud Wood candle is made with Brazilian rosewood, creamy sandalwood, cardamom, and vanilla. They also have Tobacco Vanilla, to add a sweet scent of tobacco to your room. Nothing brings back nostalgia like the scent of a barbershop. The team has utilized spice bay rum and powder to create the Barbershop candle. It is with sweet cherry tobacco that the Pipe Night candle was created to fill the room with the scent of a pipe. Are you a fan of Whiskey? Then the Barrel Proof candle may be the right scent for you! Perhaps you prefer a manly coffee scented candle instead, if so the team also has you covered with their Coffee House candle! If you prefer the smell of the great outdoors, be sure to try the Teakwood candle. Teakwood, mahogany, and lavender are all mixed together to create a clean scent.

The Clean Cut candle gives off the scent of talcum powder after a fresh haircut. This candle has lemon, bergamot, cedarwood, and lavender mixed in to create this unique but masculine scent. The Citronella candle not only gives off a pleasant scent, but it will also repel insects! “I am so proud of how creative our team got when creating these scents.” said the CEO of Artius Man. The team has even put together a guide so you can truly get the most out of your candles. This guide includes tips to help your candle last as long as possible. “I am so happy I finally found some manly scents for my home!” exclaimed a very satisfied customer.

In addition to men’s candles, Artius Man also has body wash, face wash, and shampoo and conditioner products. They even have Artius Man apparel so you can represent the company wherever you go! To check out all of their products and to learn more about the company, you can visit the Artius Man website at If you want to improve your home by instilling manly scents into your rooms, check out the website today!

About Artius Man: Artius Man is a men’s grooming company that specializes in beard care. They have recently added nine manly scented candles to their line of products.

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