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Approved by Fritz – The Virtual Shop for Our Furry Friends

We are proud to present the record-breaking progress in online sales by one of our newest clients.  Approved by Fritz is a premium dog products provider that offers everything from leashes and collars to waste disposal bags and adorable costumes for man’s best friend.  Their products are chic, long-lasting, and procured from sustainable sources.  The delightful doggo duds and designs come in a variety of colors, and Approved by Fritz also offers free shipping.


Number of first page positions


Organic visitors


Total number of completed goals

Approved by Fritz – The First Three Months of the Virtual Shop Revamp

Prior to partnering with us, Approved by Fritz depended mainly on word-of-mouth referrals for their business and Social Media.  In the beginning, they were receiving zero online revenue and very little web traffic.  But after the initial three-month setup and indexing period with Grizzly New Marketing and Google, the boutique business clocked the following figures:

  • 10 first page positions in
  • 414 organic visitors
  • 278 completed goals

What did we do to achieve our goals?

Our team followed our time-tested and trusty process that we use with every client. First, we consulted with the client zone in on the targeted market, brainstorming SEO what phrases a doting dog owner might search for to pamper their pup.  Then we took our targeted, expertly researched long-tail keywords and embedded them in highly engaging content that we created for new landing pages on Fritz’s website. With Grizzly’s in-house techniques, we managed to move Fritz up on the search engine results quite rapidly. For instance, searched terms like “PVC-coated dog collars” in visitors’ favorite colors landed on the first page. When analyzing these results, Approved by Fritz and our team could clearly see which demographics we were winning over the most. For example, the states of California and New York began buzzing over recycled pooch products.


What is the initial result of this e-commerce package

Overall, Approved by Fritz accumulated more than 400 organic visitors during a three-month period in their multiple product categories. The shopping basket usage is huge and ready for conversion optimization. Nevertheless, ranking first page on the most populair search in the world and getting traffic on the most important pages of your online store is phenomenal in this short period. These are game-changing figures to their small business, and they will continue to grow organically, without spending a single dime on PPC advertising, as we polish and mature their campaign over time.

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