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Anxiety and Addiction


A personality disorder, such as anxiety, is often an underlying factor that contributes to addiction. Substance abuse is often a symptom of self-medication as an attempt to cope with anxiety. Instead of getting help from a therapist or talking to your family, you may turn to drugs or alcohol instead. As a result, both anxiety and addiction get worse and consume your life.

Dealing with multiple conditions at once is referred to as co-occurring disorders. You are trying to cope with anxiety and addiction at the same time. Unfortunately, doing so on your own rarely works. To find true healing for disorders, you may want to seek help from a treatment center when you can get extensive care.

How Anxiety Can Trigger a Dependency

If anxiety triggers addiction, then what triggers anxiety? There are several possible causes of anxiety, such as:

  • Stress at work or school
  • An unstable or violent home life
  • A past trauma in your childhood
  • A mental disorder or inherited traits
  • Financial problems
  • A medical condition or poor health

There is a wide range of life circumstances that can cause you to feel anxious all of the time. An anxiety disorder occurs when you start to feel paranoid, afraid or worried all of the time – including times when there is no reason to feel that way. Anxiety can lead to panic attacks, health problems, and other issues. Seeking anxiety and addiction treatment in NJ can help set you on the path to a more relaxed and happy life.

How does this lead to addiction? 

You may get a prescription from your doctor. Or, you may start drinking a little to calm your nerves and relax. Marijuana or narcotics may seem like a way to escape your problems. As time goes on, you use more of the substance as it wears off. Eventually, you’re using every day and then multiple times a day.

You may get to the point where you can’t function without the substance. You may have tried to quit using it, but relapsed several times. This is how dependency forms. Once you’ve reached this point, anxiety and addiction treatment in NJ may be the only way to help you recover from both anxiety and addiction.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

Treatment for anxiety and addiction typically involves a step-by-step process of detox, rehab, and aftercare. An addiction treatment center offers a wide range of programs, including:

A full program can help you get through every stage of recovery and prevent a relapse. A therapist can guide you as you learn more about your addiction and discover strategies for personal growth. You will learn how to cope with your anxiety and manage your disorder in a healthy way.

Find Anxiety and Addiction Treatment at Victory Bay

Although anxiety and addiction may be challenging to overcome, the right treatment can get you on the right track. Victory Bay offers an addiction treatment program that promotes true healing and recovery from your addiction. To find out more about how to get started, call us at 855.259.1624.

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