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Amazing Advice And Coed Housing Tips For New College Students (ASU ‘12)

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Diving into some great advice and coed housing tips for those starting their collegiate journey. How to find the right info you need to start living in a dorm.


College housing has evolved over the years into more options such as coed suite-style living or off-campus apartments with the option of coed living.

You can choose to live in coed housing where you will take advantage of new opportunities to live around a variety of different people including the opposite sex.

This article dives into some great advice and coed housing tips for those starting their collegiate journey.

Types of Coed Living

There are different types of coed dorm living and apartment living options available for college students.

One option is on-campus coed dorms. You can choose to live coed by floor, meaning males and females live separately on different floors or you can choose to live coed by room. Males and females live on the same floor but roommates of the same gender live in a room or suite.

Living at college doesn’t mean you have to live on campus in a dorm room and deal with college dorm costs. You can also choose to live off-campus in coed apartments.

Coed Housing Tips

Living within coed housing can present some unique challenges. Here is some coed dorm advice to help you deal with different issues that can arise when living with the opposite sex.

Bathroom time: Many students’ biggest concern is how to share a bathroom with the opposite sex. It may be a little awkward at first but most people just walk in and out, usually in a robe or towel. The showers have curtains and the stalls have doors so you will still have your privacy.

Dating: Sure people will probably “hook up” and that’s just natural. But most people living in coed housing are just interested in making good friendships and having a good roommate. You should probably just avoid dating someone in your dorm or apartment just in case you break up and you have to see that person every day.

Respect: You should always try and show respect to those around you but it is critical to be respectful when living with the same people every single day. Be respectful to those of the opposite sex and avoid inappropriate remarks or jokes.

Schedule: To help make situations more comfortable set up a schedule for your self. You will often see the same people in the bathroom in the morning getting ready who have classes at the same time and in the halls going about their day.

Studies: Living with the opposite sex can be distracting. Whether you enjoy flirting or just having a good time with a group of friends you will want to find a quiet place to study. Setting up a study group with those who are studious and responsible is also helpful.

Is Coed Housing Right For You?

Whether you choose to live on campus within a coed dorm or off-campus in student apartments you will find amazing learning experiences you never had living at home.

Follow these great coed housing tips and advice and you will be better prepared to make a good first impression, make amazing friendships and be more confident in your surroundings.

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