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Aftermarket or OEM? 5 Benefits of Aftermarket Truck Parts

When your truck is malfunctioning and needs repairs, should you get original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket truck parts?

Often, your mechanic will allow you to choose. But there are benefits to selecting quality aftermarket parts produced by reputable suppliers rather than components that come from the vehicle manufacturer.

Here’s a look at some reasons why aftermarket truck parts make sense.

1. Aftermarket Truck Parts Cost Less

Buying aftermarket parts often costs less than buying OEM truck parts. You can get a product that is virtually identical to the OEM part for a fraction of the cost.

Of course, the price you’ll pay for an aftermarket part will differ depending on the part maker. But you’ll still pay less than you will for the OEM equivalent.

2. Quality Can Exceed OEM

Cheaper doesn’t have to mean lower quality. In fact, there are many reputable companies out there that have earned a reputation for manufacturing aftermarket parts that are equal to, or better than, OEM options.

When you do some research on aftermarket truck parts, you’ll realize that you can get the parts you require without having to sacrifice quality.

3. Widely Available

According to one source, around eight of 10 independent shops use aftermarket parts. So such parts are widely available.

You’ll find some shops that insist on OEM parts. But the vast majority of automotive repair facilities will allow you to choose between OEM and aftermarket truck parts. Consumers benefit when they have options.

It’s also important to know that aftermarket parts not only are widely available, but also are available for just about any truck part you need. So you’ll be able to find aftermarket parts to fix whatever’s wrong with your truck.

4. Fast Availability

If you’ve ever been told by a mechanic that an OEM part you need is on backorder, you’ll understand how annoying it can be to have to wait. But choosing a readily available aftermarket part can translate into a faster repair.

It can mean saving you from having to wait weeks or even months for an OEM part to be delivered to your mechanic. Chances are you won’t want to wait that long to get your truck back on the road.

5. Truck Longevity

If you have a well-used truck that needs a lot of repairs, going with aftermarket parts might be the difference between repairing the truck and simply scrapping it and buying another truck.

You can find reasonably priced aftermarket parts that make fixing and restoring your truck more financially feasible. Having to go the OEM route might make such a project way too costly.

Aftermarket Parts Make Sense

It’s worth considering aftermarket truck parts the next time your truck requires repairs.

Based on the benefits mentioned above, you can see that going the aftermarket parts route doesn’t mean having to compromise. You can get the parts you need to keep your truck on the road.

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