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Affiliate Success Challenge: How To Start Affiliate Marketing

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What Is Affiliate Success Challenge?

Affiliate Success Challenge by Josh Jacobs is an online course to get started in affiliate marketing. Within a few hours of the course, you will have the full set-up of an affiliate marketer without so much as leaving your desk with your own affiliate campaign, email list, funnel, and the mindset of a successful affiliate marketer. The Affiliate Success Challenge is an easy to follow online course that does not require any prior knowledge in marketing thanks to a comfortable delivery by Josh that breaks the process into a satisfying step-by-step guide.

Who is Josh Jacobs?

You’ll get to know him during the course as he will not only deliver an introduction himself of his journey in affiliate marketing, but you get to see his face throughout the course as he records right from his home during the lockdown. Josh is a born and raised Chicago native who has been a digital marketing professional for ten years, with clients ranging from family and friends to large corporations. He has actually been in the online sales business since high school and is very comfortable and happy in his role as a digital marketer. Josh is personable and gives us time to get to know him outside the course as each member has access to the private Facebook group for the Affiliate Success Challenge.

What is a Productive Growth Mindset?

After an introduction from Josh, you get some encouragement through some orientation into a productive growth mindset. Productive growth mindset is actually something I haven’t seen in many online courses: A ten-minute video before the course that directly addresses how to be the most productive you’ve ever been and operate at your highest potential.

From here, we begin the course with some really positive energy. Josh delivers this course in a way that anyone can understand. He uses clear language delivered casually and paces the course well. You get a good explanation of how affiliate marketing and affiliate networks function with a look under the hood of some of Josh’s own tools for success. From here, he shows you how to implement his own working formulas through email marketing strategies and lead generation. Once you get to understand how all the roles come into play with setting up a foundation for a successful affiliate campaign, you’re guided through the creation of your own ads and campaigns with some practical optimization strategies that Josh attests to himself.

What’s included in Affiliate Success Challenge?

Affiliate Success Challenge is comprised of 36 video lessons and 9 modules.

The modules are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Affiliate Marketing Overview
  • Choosing Your Affiliate Offers
  • Setting Up A Domain
  • Setting Up Email List
  • Creating A Strong Follow Up Series
  • Building A High Converting Lead Gen Funnel
  • Setting Up Bing Ads
  • Optimizing Ad Campaign

Affiliate Success Challenge Pricing

Affiliate Success Challenge is available for a one time price of $97.00.

Affiliate Success Challenge Verdict?

Overall, this is an extremely practical course, and I would highly recommend this if you want to get started with affiliate marketing today… right here… right now! It really has a different feel than other digital marketing courses. Unlike feeling like someone is trying to advertise their methods to you, this feels like a trusted friend is teaching and encouraging you along the way of a path to being able to make your own money from home.

To round it up here are some pros and cons:


  • Very beginner-friendly and easy to follow along
  • Practical course. You can get started with affiliate marketing in hours with this course
  • Friendly and personable instructor
  • Private Facebook group for course members where you can interact with the instructor
  • Recent and up to date course (as of May 2020)
  • Website is pleasant and easy to navigate


  • Some additional costs may be needed for purchasing a domain name and email marketing platform
  • No captions on videos at the moment

What is the Mission To Feed 1 Million People?

But here is one of the biggest pros of the course: As mentioned before, Josh comes off as a personable and sincere person. It is fitting to find that Josh is working to give back to the community by donating 100 meals to Feeding America for each $97 purchase of the Affiliate Success Challenge. The goal is to feed 1,000,000 Americans with this course. So not only are you setting yourself up for a sustainable income with this course, but you are also helping those in need along the way!

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