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Adobe Premiere Rush vs. Elements 2021

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Adobe Premiere Rush and Elements come into the same industry, and both will do the job if you want to edit videos for social media. Still, for people looking for specific features, the article helps them choose the right tool. So, which one is better? Let’s find out in Adobe Premiere Rush vs. Elements.

Adobe Premiere Rush vs. Elements: Quick comparison

Feature Premiere Rush Premiere Elements
OS Desktop and mobile Desktop
Tools Some Many
Ease of use Easier A bit complex
Stock content Audio Audio
Pricing model Subscription One time fee
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Quick comparison


Premiere Rush Premiere Elements
Platform comparison

Premiere Rush is available on desktop and mobile phones, while Premiere Elements is only available on desktop platforms.

Even though you can download Premiere Elements on mobile, it supports a minimal number of devices. For example, you must have Android 9 and one of the popular devices to install Premiere Rush. You can find the full specifications on the official website.


Regarding the interface of Premiere Rush vs. Elements, both take a different approach. Premiere Rush is new; hence it has a nice design.

On a desktop PC, you get the files to the left, tracks on the bottom, preview in the middle, and tools to the right. On mobile, you get the preview on the top and the tool on the screen’s bottom.

Premiere Elements comes in three different modes.

  • Quick: The quick mode offers simple tools, including trim videos and combines photos and videos.
  • Guided: The guided mode comes with specific tools with tutorials sorted alphabetically separated into categories. For example, if you want to smooth out the jumps cuts but don’t know how to do it, the tutorial “Add transitions between clips” can guide you on how to do it in your project.
  • Expert: The export mode is where you take full control. You get advanced tools such as text editing, transitions, and graphics. The mode comes with video and audio tracks.


Premiere Rush and Elements Tools
Premiere Rush and Elements Tools

Regarding tools, Rush does not have a chance to stand against Elements. Premiere Rush is a cloud-based tool, so some of the features are available when the internet connection is available. It supports:

  • Text editing

    • Many built-in titles, transition graphics, and overlays.
  • Transitions

    • Over 15 transitions
  • Colour

    • Over 30 colours for clips
  • Speed

    • Clip speed adjustment
  • Audio

    • Voice type, background noise, background echo, and enhance speech.
  • Crop

    • Crop and transform a clip.

Premiere Elements, on the other hand, provides:

  • Multi-track editing
  • Adjustments

    • Smart fix
    • Shake reduction
    • Auto smart tone
    • A few Colours for clips
    • RGB colour adjustment
    • Gamma Correction
    • Lighting separated into brightness, contrast, exposure, black, and white.
    • Temperature and Tint for video clips
    • Volume level
    • Balance
    • Treble
    • Bass to adjust audio clip’s bass
    • AudioGain to normalise clips audio to match others
  • Edit

    • Pan & Zoom
    • Freeze Frame
    • Candid Moments
    • Smart Trim
    • Time Remapping for slowing and speeding up a clip
    • Motion Tracking to follow an object and attach graphics tools
    • Movie Menu
  • Applied Effects

    • Motion (zoom)
    • Opacity
  • Effects

    • Over a hundred video and over 15 audio effects
  • Transitions

    • Over a hundred video transitions and a couple of audio transitions
  • Titles

    • Over a hundred text titles
  • Graphics

    • Over a hundred graphic shapes

These tools make Elements a medium to advanced video editing tool.


Premiere Rush Premiere Elements
Audition Tracks
Adobe Title Designer
Audio Interchange File Format
MP3 Audio
MPEG Movie
QuickTime Movie
Still Image
TIFF Image
Waveform Audio
Windows Media
Audition Tracks
Adobe Title Designer
Audio Interchange File Format
Audio Interchange File Format AIFF-C
CompuServe GIF
MP3 Audio
MPEG Movie
QuickTime Movie
Still Image
TIFF Image
Waveform Audio
Windows Media
Supported files

Both come with the support for common extensions. I could not find a file format that one or both could not play.

Because both programs are from the same company, you get to see the file formats of other Adobe products such as Adobe Audition and Photoshop. The same goes with Premiere Pro, in which you can open both Premiere Rush and Elements projects.

Saving and exporting

Both programs allow uploading to social media. Premiere Rush comes with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Behance platforms, while Elements offers YouTube and Vimeo.

Depending on the platform, you can export in 4K resolution. Both support MPEG (MP4) file format.

One feature that separates Premiere Rush from Elements is cloud sync. You can save Premiere Rush projects on the cloud to access them on your mobile or a different device later. This makes Premiere Rush a great tool for travellers.

Ease of use

Premiere Rush’s interface is much easier to navigate, but I believe that’s because of the reduced features. Premiere Elements is not as crowded as Premiere Pro, but it has a hint of advanced features, making it a bit confusing at first.

Most of the tools on both programs have tooltips with animations to help you learn.

Stock content

Stock content is a part of Premiere Rush vs. Elements comparison. Both come with free music to add to the video. Premiere Rush offers soundtracks, sound effects, and loops, whereas, Elements comes with music, sound effects, and audio tracks.


Premiere Rush vs. Elements - Pricing
Premiere Rush vs. Elements – Pricing

Premiere Rush is a subscription-based tool, which is available in a single app as well as in the creative cloud package. If you don’t like to pay monthly or yearly, Elements will suit you better. With a one time fee, you get access to the tool. Of course, you will have to pay again for any upcoming versions.

Elements costs $100, while the Elements family plan, which also includes Photoshop Elements costs $150. Students and teachers can get an additional $70 discount on the family plan.

Which one is for you?

I suggest going with Premiere Elements if you don’t travel frequently. Premiere Rush has one advantage of editing on mobile, which is beneficial for vloggers and travellers.

If you want quick editing tools without going through the curve of leaving to edit videos, then Premiere Rush is the option to choose.

Suppose that you will need some advanced tools in the future. Premiere Elements is the ideal choice. It offers some advanced tools that you might not need today, but someday when your audience grows, you will want to try different things. So, it’s good to have those features in place.

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Final thoughts

Both get the job done, but Adobe developed both programs for specific purposes. Premiere Rush is for those who want to edit videos and upload them to social media quickly. Premiere Elements is also for quick editing, but for those who want some good video editing features for crucial situations.

Alright, here we end this Adobe Premiere Rush vs. Elements article. Do you have any comments and suggestions? Before you go, please drop them in the comments below.

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