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How to Grow Your Traffic With Content Syndication

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51% of companies use content metrics to assess their ROI, and rightfully so. The creation of compelling and focused content has several benefits for companies and their customers.

If you’re looking for ways to ensure the content you’re producing is being read, you’ve thought about content syndication marketing. One of the main benefits of content syndication is an increase in traffic to your website.

Below, we will detail how to grow traffic while implementing content syndication. When you take time to do things the right way, not only will your website traffic improve, but you’ll also notice a significant improvement in the performance of your SEO strategy.

Read on now.

What Is Content Syndication & How to Do It?

Content syndication is when you take the content you’ve created and publish it on other third-party sites. By doing this, you can increase backlinks to your site, which will help improve the amount of traffic your website receives.

The purpose of syndicating your content is to help people outside your typical audience see it. It’s a great way to expand the reach your company has.

Another reason to syndicate your content is that it’s a more cost-effective option versus continuously creating newer content every day.

Content Syndication Benefits

Several benefits come from content syndication, including providing you with the access you need to reach different people. If you’re looking to expand your brand into a different market, it’s crucial to gain the attention of consumers that occupy that market.

Syndication gives you this chance to test the waters and gauge the reaction of a different audience before you take the plunge. Over time, you can continue to monitor your metrics. And you also determine the percentage of customers your company receives from the syndicated content.

Because you’re able to reach a different audience, it aids in lead generation. Lead generation is the cultivation of potential customers.

Content syndication is beneficial to your marketing team. No matter how skilled your team is, they spend a significant amount of their effort on various marketing tasks.

Syndication can save them the time they’d spend in this area and help produce results while they dedicate their time to other marketing tasks.

Issues With Content Syndication

While several benefits come from content syndication when done the right way, there are some cons to doing so. In the long run, these negatives don’t outweigh the positives.

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what these downsides are in case you’re making these mistakes.

Duplicating Previous Content

The first issue many companies run into when syndicating content is the duplication of existing content. It’s easy to duplicate content when you’re producing so much of it.

However, if you want to ensure your website ranks high in search engines, you’ll want to avoid content duplication as much as possible. Because you’re publishing content on other sites, content duplication is something you need to be aware of and avoid.

50% of website pages contain duplicate content, and it continues to be a persistent SEO problem that companies are actively looking to resolve.

No Option to Add Opt-In Features

Do you want people that read your content to subscribe to your newsletter? Or perhaps you want them to provide other important contact information to ensure you’re able to reach out to them in the future, whether by phone number or email.

Many companies turn away from content indication because you’re not able to use opt-in features.

Therefore, you can’t add these types of features as you’re posting items.

Again, content syndication is fantastic if you wish to increase website traffic, but you’ll need to have a strong plan to increase your email list that doesn’t involve these opt-in features.

Ranking Higher Than Your Original Content

Publishing content and ranking higher on various search engines is one of the top priorities for companies. However, another common issue is having the content that’s published on third-party sites rank higher than the content in your blog section.

As you move forward with content syndication, keep the idea of website traffic increases in mind. It will help motivate you to continue with your content syndication strategy.

Content Syndication How-To Guide

Who would we be if we didn’t provide a guide on how to syndicate your content the right way? The first step in our how-to guide is to look into guest posting.

Guest posting is when you take one of your blogs and post it on someone else’s website. The purpose of doing this is to have access to the blog’s followers while creating a backlink to your website.

In other words, it provides maximum exposure. Guest posting helps you build a strong network of relationships with other bloggers who are part of your industry.

Guest posting can help increase your influence in terms of social media. Social media is proving to be one of the most effective ways to advertise your products to potential customers.

Guest posting can help establish your brand as an authority in the industry, which is helpful in the future when you want to get the attention of more prominent blogs.

If you go the guest posting route, take some time to research blogs that accept guest posts. Once you’ve found some blogs that accept guest posts, it’s essential to take your time to review their submission guidelines.

After doing this, it’s time to start submitting different pieces of your content you’d like to guest post on their website. Keep in mind you will face some rejection when it comes to guest posts.

But eventually, you’ll receive a yes, and it’s then you’ll begin to start seeing a payoff in your syndicated content.

Select Syndication Partners Carefully

It’s crucial you select the blogs you’ll choose to partner with carefully. The last thing you want to do is have your content published on a website that has a shaky reputation.

By doing this, you can ruin your online credibility, which in the long run can affect the way that consumers view your business and your overall brand reputation. Several websites are open to the idea of content syndication, but as mentioned above, you need to find a website that works for your niche.

For example, if you sell makeup products, there would be no reason to publish your content on a website that specializes in artificial intelligence. Remember, content syndication gives you access to potential customers who will use your products.

This means you need to evaluate the subgroups of your ideal customer persona before you dive into partnering with other blogs that are present in your niche.

Craft a Compelling Pitch

When you’ve found a potential syndication partner, simply sending in your content will not get them to publish your content on their website. They need to know why your content deserves to be on their website, which means you’ve got to create a pitch to send along with your content.

Don’t get carried away with a long pitch; it’s best to keep it short and get to the point. In the first line of the pitch, let the blog know who you are and the company you’re affiliated with.

It’s best if you attach a link to your company website for them to review what your brand is about and take time to scroll through some of the other content you’ve published in the company blog.

From there, rope them in by letting them know why the content link you’re sending them will do well on their website. You can do this by detailing how you think their audience will enjoy reading the content you’ve created and how you can’t wait to hear from them.

Focus on the SEO

The last step in this guide is to ensure you don’t forget to optimize the content properly. You need to do your research and place keywords throughout your content that rank high in your industry.

Another place where SEO is of importance is in the title of the piece and the meta description. If you’re unsure how to implement SEO correctly, you can always hire a company with the expertise to do it for you.

Content Syndication Marketing: What You Need to Know?

Content syndication marketing can prove helpful for various reasons, including growing the traffic to your website. Above, we detailed some of the issues to avoid and a guide that will help you syndicate your content like a pro.

Are you in need of content syndication or guest post services? Stop what you’re doing and contact SEOJet. Let us put our expertise to work for you and your company’s needs.

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