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A Brief and Wacky History of Bingo

Did you know that bingo once had a different name?

The original name of the game was “beano”

For as popular as the game is, the history of bingo is not as well known. 

Continue reading to learn more about who invented bingo. 

The History of Bingo

This spectacular game has been dated since the mid-1500s. It was first seen in the Italian lottery that is still played every Saturday. The Germans also used bingo in their schools around this time to aid in teaching their students history, math, and spelling. 

A Frenchman in the 1700s created a new version of the game where the first person who covers a horizontal row of numbers was the winner. The cards had the numbers 1-90 in random arrangments on the board. 

America in the 1900s however, came up with their own version called, “beano.” This version was a popular game at carnivals, it was also quite similar to the French version in bingo.

Players in the game each get beans and when their numbers were called they would cover them. This was also where the shouting of “beano” and “bingo” identified winning. People would get excited and highly anticipate the numbers that were about to be called because they almost made a row. 

With the building excitement, while playing bingo, it’s no wonder it’s still a fun game today. The history of bingo shows the interesting take that each country took on the game. 

Below is a brief review of bingo history. 

Todays Bingo 

The history of bingo is quite interesting and the game is still around today. Technology has been taking over many games, and Bingo is included. There any many places that you can play free bingo online

Besides online playing, there are many recreational centers and bars that host bingo nights. People can even win prizes and cash when they get a lucky chance to yell “bingo!” 

There are many ways that a person can play bingo, there is the online option, going to a bar or company, and most casinos have bingo as well. Bingo has become so popular that it is eve used in teaching and for parties! 

Bingo is a game that most can agree to play. It has been an all time favorite for all the right reasons. You get to socialize with friends and get the chance to win prizes and cash. 

Keep Calm and Get Your Bingo on

The history of bingo includes an interesting story and multiple variations. The games all had minor differences and revolved around the same game concept. Bingo is used in schools and senior homes, you can find it just about anywhere. 

Typically, places host bingo night on different days, so you will have a choice on when you want to play. Get a couple of friends and enjoy the company while also winning prizes if you get lucky! 

Be sure to refresh yourself on the rules for bingo before you play!  

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