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9 Pictograms That Make Iconic Dad Caps


From worn-in bomber jackets to all-white sneakers, dad style is having a major fashion moment.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to see such trends on runways around the world, gracing top supermodels and sleep-deprived fathers alike.

This is welcome news for anyone who’s ever wondered what to get the man who has everything. Now, there are more accessories than ever before that cater to the “designer dad” aesthetic.

One of our favorites? Dad caps!

Quirky, reflective and downright fun, these are a great way to pay homage to that special pops in your life. The best part? Thanks to simple pictograms, they’re endlessly customizable.

For inspiration, today we’re sharing nine of our minimalist, Scandinavian pictograms that make the perfect dad cap. Your holiday shopping just got a lot easier.


1. The Sleeping Baby

He’s a brand-new father, unshaven, running on three hours of uninterrupted sleep and trying to make it work on time. Or, he’s a seasoned pro at this parenting thing, with the days of diapers and bibs long in the rearview.

Either way, a sleeping baby pictogram reminds him of who gave him the greatest role of a lifetime. This is also an especially sweet way to announce his new role as grandpa!

2. The Coffee Cup

Speaking of sleep deprivation, there are two drinks that make a dad’s world go ’round: coffee and beer.

Whether the dad in your life is dealing with a fussy newborn, a whining toddler or an angsty teenager, they’re going to need that fifth cup of joe before noon.

Why not adorn his dad cap with a coffee cup pictogram? If anything, it will remind him that it’s important to fuel up and fill up!

Cap and Hat Trends

3. The Fishing Line

He might be the perfect, devoted family man but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t crave a little alone time every now and again.

Does your dad or husband love a little water therapy?

If so, this pictogram of a fish biting a line is a great way to encourage him to engage in his favorite hobby. Throw in a new rod and reel and you’ve got a gift that any outdoorsman would appreciate.

4. The Golf Tee

Whether it’s with his buddies from college or his crew at work, he’s been hitting the links lately and needs the gear to fit in.

Before you invest in a new set of clubs, start with a cap featuring this golf pictogram, first. Dads all over the globe can appreciate the stress relief that accompanies a day out in nature, even if more balls land in the sandtrap than their fairway!

5. The Soccer Ball

We love to pay homage to soccer moms, but let’s give a special shoutout to soccer dads, too!

They’re on the sidelines every Saturday, cheering their tots on, even if they’re more interested in chasing butterflies than scoring a goal. This simple soccer ball pictogram gives a nod to his devotion, patience, and willingness to sit outside in the blazing heat or freezing cold just to see that one awesome play.

6. The BBQ Grill

Is your man a master of the coals? If you’re the ones constantly hosting backyard barbecues and weenie roasts, why not send him to work the flames in style?

BBQ grill pictogram reminds him of his important role and is a great way to find him against a sea of partygoers! Pair it with a “Kiss the Cook” apron and you’re guaranteed delicious meals for years to come.

7. The Beer Mug

We’ve touched on coffee, but let’s raise a frothy glass to the unspoken Beverage of the Dads: beer.

Whether he’s a dark stout lover or a pale ale aficionado, this beer mug pictogram is perfect for anyone who loves to kick back with a cold one after a long day of parenting. You’ve made it through the day and you’ve lived to tell the tale. We’ll toast to that!

8. The Cannabis Leaf

Sometimes, a beer or two isn’t enough to do the trick. While cannabis might still be illegal in Denmark (except for medical use), it’s growing in popularity and acceptance in the United States.

In fact, this year marked the second Father’s Day where the substance was legal in California, making dad weed a totally real thing.

9. The Joypad

Deep down, even the most sophisticated man is still a giant kid at heart.

Statistics show that nearly half of all Danish boys indulge in gaming every day. That means there’s an entire generation of kids who will grow up to become middle-aged men playing Minecraft or Fortnite after the kids go to sleep.

Recognize and respect the time it took to make it all the way to Level 10 or slay the impenetrable dragon. Reward your favorite dad gamer with this awesome joypad pictogram!

Find the Dad Caps Your Whole Family Will Love

He’s already got a wallet, and he doesn’t need another button-down shirt.

What your guy needs are a cap, complete with a pictogram that expresses his personality and reveals to the world a few of the things that are most important to him.

Looking for the perfect one? You’ve come to the right place.

We have a wide selection of dad caps featuring the pictograms described above as well as many more. In addition, we also offer beanies, snapbacks, and t-shirts! All items showcase our modern, Danish design and come in our eco-friendly packaging.

As you browse Tråd Denmark on our online shop, feel free to contact us with any inquiries. We’ll help you outfit the men you love, one accessory at a time!

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