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8 Must-Know PPC Solutions to Drive Strong Client Growth ASAP

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Almost 50 percent of people say they’ll click on a text ad that comes up during a search. Most people also say search ads make it easier to find what they’re looking for.

Paid search is one type of pay-per-click advertising. PPC can be both effective and affordable. You must stay on top of the latest techniques to achieve success.

We’ve gathered up eight must-know PPC solutions to help you drive your customer growth. Whether you use one or try them all, you’ll notice the difference.

1. Expand Your Keywords

Many forms of PPC advertising rely on keyword targeting. You select and bid on relevant keywords. If you win the bid, your ad will run alongside the search for the keyword.

If you’ve completed any PPC campaigns, you’re likely aware of the ins and outs of keyword research. Bidding on the right keywords can improve the effectiveness of your ads and the ROI of your campaign.

You may have had success with one or two keywords, but that’s no reason to rest on your laurels. Instead, consider expanding your keyword library.

Keywords are changing, with search users asking more questions. Voice search is also playing a role. You may even want to bid on some of your competitors’ keywords.

Keep in mind that you want to keep an eye on costs. If you must exceed your budget to unseat a competitor, it may not be worth it.

2. Get on the go with Mobile

More people than ever use a mobile device to access the Internet. For some, it may even be the only device they use.

It’s no longer enough to use responsive websites to meet your mobile customers’ needs. You need to build mobile-specific landing pages to connect with your PPC campaigns.

Mobile pay per click is quite different than its desktop counterpart. You’ll likely need to develop a mobile-specific strategy. The sooner you do so, the better off you’ll be.

How will this drive customer growth? Most of your traffic is being driven by mobile today. When someone lands on a page designed for their mobile device, they’re more likely to convert.

3. Adopt Tools and Tracking

Proper PPC campaign management is fundamental to your success. To manage a campaign properly, you must invest in the right tools for the job.

Some of the most important tools are those that track your metrics. They collect the data you need to drive your campaign forward.

With the right data in hand, you can analyse and understand your audience’s behaviour. You may notice one ad performs very well with one age group, while another ad flops. The successful ad, in turn, doesn’t perform as well with another age group.

This information allows you to refine your strategy. Ask questions about what’s working and why it’s working. The answers will tell you how to turn every campaign into a successful one.

4. Market and Market Again

In the last few years, there’s been much made about remarketing. PPC players like Facebook and Google have introduced new tools for marketers.

Traditional PPC couldn’t do much more than draw a user to click on your advert. Once they visited your site, they might not see another ad for your business.

With remarketing, you can target these people again. If someone visited your site, but hesitated to buy or sign up for your newsletter, a remarketing campaign could get the conversion.

The ad network will serve different ads to these users. You can include extra incentive, such as a discount or a free gift when they sign up. This helps you move people along through the sales and marketing funnel.

It’s also helpful for converting new customers. Today’s buyer often needs time to warm up to a business, and remarketing incentives can help.

5. Automate Your PPC Solutions

Automation is everywhere, and it should be part of your PPC strategy. Why?

Quite simply, it works. Marketers who make use of automation software see better lead generation and conversion.

Smart strategies allow you to automate repetitive tasks such as keyword bidding. Algorithms crunch data in a way most human beings can’t.

The result is better insights sooner, and all backed up by the data. While the machine is running the numbers, you can focus on high-value activities.

6. Warm up Audiences with Social

PPC marketing doesn’t exist on search engines like Google and Bing alone. Social media also makes extensive use of it.

There is a key difference in the two platforms. People who click on paid search ads are often ready to buy. Social media users, by contrast, are nearer to the top of the funnel.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore paid search or social PPC. Rather, you should use the two of them together. PPC advertising on social media can introduce your brand and warm customers up.

Paid search can then be ready when those same people search for solutions to issues. People are more likely to click on ads with brand names they already know.

7. Write Persuasive Copy

Copy is sometimes something of an afterthought for PPC marketers. The focus is often on winning the bid or finding the right keywords.

The quality of your ad can affect whether you win the bid. It will also affect whether your would-be client decides to click.

At the heart of it, PPC advertising is still marketing. You must appeal to the customer and win them over. The best way to do this is to use data to understand what your audience wants, then adjust your strategy and copy.

8. Set a Budget

This is more of a cardinal rule for PPC than a solution, but setting a budget is key to campaign success.

How does setting a budget help you drive strong client growth in short order? It forces you to make tough decisions based on data.

If you have a finite amount of money to spend on your PPC ads, you’ll back the proven performers. If you know a keyword converts better than any other, you’ll put more of your budget to it.

Most of all, a budget tells you when it’s time to cut a non-performing keyword or advert. If it’s not resonating with your audience, it won’t drive client growth. Needing to decide where to spend your limited funds will help you leave the deadwood behind.

Get Growing Today

These PPC solutions can help you drive client growth and achieve success with your campaigns. They’re also not the only marketing solutions you can use.

Have a look around our blog. We have plenty of insightful articles to help your business continue growing.

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