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The Absolute Best Car Interior Detailing Supplies and Cleaners for 2022

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Did you know that excess grime can damage your car’s interior? So, maintaining your car actually has more to it than a weekly car wash and changing the oil.

On top of preventing damage, you probably want your car to retain its shiny brand-new look for all of its life span. Luckily, many car cleaning products and detailing supplies can help you keep the best car interior possible.

In this article, you will learn about the different interior car cleaning products, supplies, and how to clean your car interior. Read on to find out more.

Interior Car Cleaners

If you want to achieve the cleanest car interior, you need to invest in quality interior car cleaners and tools. Interior car cleaning chemicals consist of vinyl and plastic cleaners and protectants, leather cleaners and conditioners, upholstery cleaners and protectants and glass cleaners. Check out some of the top rated interior products used at Chicago Auto Pro’s,

Interior car cleaners need to be portable and quick to clean to give you the best interior cleaning efficiency. It can be great to store them in your car to remove any accidental stains and for regular maintenance!

Classification of Interior Car Cleaners

There are two ways of classifying interior car cleaners. One is according to interior car parts, and the other is according to product types. You should know all these types to choose the product that suits your needs.

Below are the different interior car cleaners to help you achieve the best car interior.

APC, All Purpose Cleaner

As the name suggests, this product gives you the leeway to use it in most interior car surfaces, such as plastic, vinyl, or leather.

Because of its multipurpose nature, you can save a lot by purchasing this type of product. It’s also perfect to keep in your car for emergencies.

Carpet Cleaner

Generally, carpet cleaners come in the form of sprays or foam. These products deeply clean carpets, eliminating stains and harsh odors. For effective cleaning, you may use a scrubbing brush with these products.

Glass Cleaner

A glass cleaner specializes in cleaning your interior windshield and window glass, leaving no streaks or residue. In the end, good visibility is a guarantee when using this type of product.

Leather Cleaners and Conditioners

Leather is a rather sensitive material; hence it needs extra care. A leather cleaner has a unique formulation to clean and maintain your car leather parts by keeping them well-moisturized.

If you use the wrong cleaner on your leather parts, they may get dried out and start to crack. Nobody wants that.

Car Upholstery Cleaning Products

Your upholstery takes up most of your interior. Cleaning the carpet and upholstery is easy with the proper checmials and tools. Check out this video for more tips and tricks!

Meguiar’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

This product has superb cleaning capability on carpets and upholstery and removes odors. An ergonomic spray nozzle produces a thick foam and a pleasant citrus scent.

Additionally, Meguiar’s carpet and upholstery cleaner features a dual-action trigger that offers a wide-angle spray for precise spot cleaning or extensive cleaning.

The product removes even the tough stains of ballpoint ink from upholstery and is consistently the toughest stain remover.

When cleaning, after spraying the product, leave it for about 30 seconds so that it can work before you blot it dry. You may use a microfiber cloth to help in cleaning it off.

P&S Terminator Enzyme Spot and Stain Remover

P&S Terminator Enzyme Spot and Stain Remover is among the most trusted car carpet, mat, and upholstery cleaners. It can effectively remove heavy spot stains on them.

The product is formulated to handle some tough stains that you probably gave up and assumed you would never get rid of. It tackles a wide range of tough stains to eliminate coffee, grease, tar, ink, blood, and lipstick, among others.

You can also use the cleaner on synthetic surfaces such as nylon. In addition, the product leaves a pleasant, fresh smell since the cleaner neutralizes odors as well.

Dashboard Cleaning Products

Sometimes, cleaning a car’s dashboard is overlooked. But if you drive around with a dirty dashboard, the grime and dust can cause some health issues, aside from it looking bad.

To give you that sparkling clean dashboard for the best car interiors, choose either of the following dashboard cleaners.


Lithium Inner Space

Lithium Inner Space is the next step forward for detailers looking to show older interiors a bit of love, and for detailers who want to protect the interiors of new cars. It’s a low sheen conditioner that makes plastic, leather, vinyl, and rubber look as good as new, giving them long-lasting protection against the harmful effects of the sun, and resisting dust like a champ.


CARPRO InnerQD Interior Quick Detailer

With a fresh clean scent and a great look, InnerQD is sure to impress! According to CARPRO it’s also designed to stop the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. The InnerQD formula leaves a slight satin appearance, dry to the touch feel, and streak-free layer that helps reduce the overall dust accumulation. Buy yours today!

Car Interior Detailing Supplies and Cleaners in Packages

If you choose the best car detailing products, they will assist you in saving both time and energy in protecting your car’s finish.

Legit Street Cars Interior Detailing Kit

Make any interior look its best with this kit developed in partnership with Alex from Legit Street Cars and Lithium Auto Elixirs! This kit includes:.

How To Clean Your Car’s Interior

Now that you know the products that can effectively assist you in cleaning your car interiors, below are the steps to help you achieve the best car interior look.

1. Collect all Trash and Debris

Pick up all the trash from door pockets, the floor, seat pockets, and cup holders, and dispose of them.

Then remove any toys, car seats, or other items from inside your car.

2. Clean the Floor Mats

Remove all your floor mats from your car and shake them out well to remove any dirt particles before you vacuum them.

Place them on a clean surface once you are done.

Use a carpet or upholstery cleaner to clean carpeted mats, while for rubber mats, use McKee’s 37 Floor Mat & Cargo Liner Rejuvenator

3. Clean the Interior Windows and Mirror

Slightly lower the windows and spray CARPRO Clarify Glass Cleaner. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe them clean.

Start from the top of the window and work downwards to catch any drips.

4. Clean the Center Console

The center console typically consists of cup holders that can quickly get dirty. Use a sponge to scrub it clean. Remove the cupholders if you can and soak them in an all-purpose cleaner solution.

Use work stuff brushes to reach every nook, cranny, or tight corner.

5. Remove Dust and Grime from Your Dashboard and Steering Wheel

Remove dust from the dashboard using a microfiber towel to reach the tiny spaces around vents and knobs.

7. Clean the Car Seats

For leather car seats, carefully remove dust and grime from the stitching and the backs and bottom of the seats using the vacuum crevice tool.

Next, use a leather cleaner to wipe each seat. You may also use a leather conditioner to restore the leather’s suppleness and color.

If your car has cloth seats, use a vacuum to clean each seat.  Next, use an upholstery cleaner to pre-soak or spot clean heavily stained areas.

Once you remove all tough stains, follow the guidelines on the upholstery cleaner to clean all the seats.

Using a scrub brush, work the product into the seat’s fabric. Then with a microfiber cloth blot and wipe away the product. If necessary, repeat the process, then leave your car seats to air-dry.

8. Clean the Interior Carpet

Remove all the dirt and debris on your car’s carpet using a vacuum. Next, use a carpet cleaner to remove any stains from the carpet; remember to follow the instructions.

Don’t forget about your car’s trunk carpet.

Need Help Finding the Right Product?

Car Supplies Warehouse has the best car cleaning products and supplies to guarantee you the best car interior. If you need specific advice, feel free to visit one of our car detailers for some expert advice.

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