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7 Tips For How To Accessorize A Silver Dress Like A Stylist

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A silver dress is a bold fashion choice. It takes a lot of confidence, and the right accessories, to pull off. Here are suggestions for how to wear yours.

As a woman, you know that one of the most important style rules you need to follow is to have at least one little black dress in your closet. But owning a silver dress is also a wonderful thing because it gives you a fancy option for parties, galas, dinners out on the town and other events in which you need to dress up.

Unlike the usual little black dress you might be used to wearing, accessorizing a silver gown can be a bit more tricky. Whether it’s a long silver dress or a shorter style, nothing gives you the chance to stand out in a crowd quite like a sparkly outfit.

Figuring out what color shoes to wear with a silver dress and the right makeup for a silver dress is a great starting point, but there are some other easy ways to accessorize that will give you just the look you want. Get ready to wow the crowd!

Understated Shoes Work Best

When you wear a silver dress, you want it to be the star of the show, so keep your shoes a bit more understated so they don’t take away from the fabulousness of your gown. A pair of strappy silver sandals are the perfect answer when it comes to the question of what color shoes with a silver dress are best.

Stay away from closed-toe and dark-colored shoes, which don’t pair well with the glitz and glamour of silver. However, if you’re going for something edgy, try black booties or super-high heels with your silver dress.

Mix Silver and Gold

One of the hardest things to figure out when you wear a silver gown is what color of jewelry to wear with it. Wholesale silver chains look great, but they can create a too matchy look that you can break up by adding a few touches of gold too.

Mixing metals creates a classy and modern look that enhances the color of your dress and produces an elegant outfit for your night out. Look for two-toned earrings, bracelets or necklaces.

One caveat here – try not to get too shiny since your dress likely sparkles. You could also mix in some diamonds to further complement the outfit.

Pick the Right Bag for Your Silver Dress

Just like when you wear any other dress for a fancy event, you’ll want a small bag that doesn’t distract from your silver gown. Just large enough to carry money, your keys and your lipstick is all the space you need. Small sling bags or a delicate clutch are the ideal choices for a night out.

You can certainly carry a silver bag but be sure it’s not the exact same shade as your dress. Go a bit lighter or a bit darker to keep from looking too matchy-matchy. If you prefer to keep the silver on your dress, choose a black bag or a bag that matches the color of your shoes.

Pair Silver with Blue

You’ve read some tips for pairing a silver dress with black, silver or gold, but did you know that blue really looks great with this sparkly shade too? If you really want to create a different look so that you don’t look like all the other girls at the party, try using blue accessories.

Choose jewelry that has blue colored gemstones or wear a pair of sparkly blue high heeled sandals with your dress. You might also try a small pair of blue barrettes to hold your hair back.

Choose the Right Makeup

It’s not a night out on the town if you aren’t wearing the right makeup to match your little silver dress. This is a case where you need to be sure you’re asking what color matches silver because wearing the wrong color of makeup can ruin your entire look.

You want something that complements your skin tone but staying away from warm colors is your best bet. A natural look on your cheeks and something dramatic on your lips and eyes work well when your dress sparkles.

Use dark metallic shades on your eyelids, such as charcoal, turquoise or eggplant. Add black eyeliner and black mascara to finish the look. Then slick on some violet or pink lipstick and you’re ready to go.

Don’t Forget a Coat or Wrap

If you plan to hit the town in your silver gown on a night when it’s chilly outside, you’ll need something to keep you warm.

If you opt for a coat, the best look is going to come from a full-length coat in a color that goes with silver – black is your best bet here. Or you could use a black pashmina or similar style of wrap.

Your goal is to stay warm without messing up the elegant look you’ve created with your dress and its accessories.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Jewel Tones

Are you someone who likes to look a bit different from everyone else? Since pairing silver with blue, silver and black are pretty common, consider adding some jewel tones instead to mix things up and create a look that’s all your own.

Try dark purple, emerald green, neon pink, or ruby red. You can use these colors in all of your accessories, including your bag, shoes and jewelry. Just be sure you stick to one of them instead of all of them or you’ll be all over the place with your style.

Move Over LBD – It’s All About Silver

A little silver dress is the ideal piece to add to your closet this year. It will take you through the holiday season, but never goes out of style so you can pull it out during the spring and summer too.

Just like your little black dress, you’ll find yourself reaching for it all the time. Whether you’re heading out for dinner with a date, attending a wedding or enjoying a party with your family, a silver dress makes you stand out in the most perfect way.

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