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7 Key Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

131 million people flood America’s emergency rooms every year. Many of those people were injured as the result of accidents where other parties were liable.

Imagine being in these victim’s position? Getting hurt through no fault of your own and now being unable to do the things that you need to do to like paying your bills.

Perhaps, since you’re reading this post, you don’t have to imagine being in that position. You may actually be living that nightmare.

Rather than falling into financial despair, most accident victims will file claims against liable parties to gain the compensation that they need to manage things going forward. The smartest of those victims seeking personal injury claims hire a personal injury lawyer.

Here are 7 benefits that working with an attorney can bring to your accident case.

1. They Vastly Improve Your Chances of Winning

Not every personal injury claim that gets levied against a liable party results in a payout to victims. Liable parties are almost always insured and their insurance companies will do everything that they can to undermine a victim’s claim in order to pay out as little as possible.

Personal injury lawyers know all of insurer’s tricks and how to outmaneuver them to maintain a solid legal footing. Given that fact, insurers will feel more compelled to settle rather than fight when they’re dealing with an attorney as opposed to when they’re dealing directly with a victim.

2. The Amount That You’ll Receive From Settlement Negotiations Will Be Higher

Personal injury settlements are not set in stone. There are a variety of non-tangible factors like “pain and suffering” that can make it very hard to put an exact dollar amount on what an injury is worth.

Insurance providers will try to low-ball the value of non-tangible injury factors and your attorney will do the opposite. Both parties will negotiate until a favorable outcome is reached for both sides.

Without an attorney, you’ll have to negotiate with insurance companies on your own. This practice can be highly stressful and nearly impossible for people that haven’t managed accident claims before and don’t know what reasonable asks to make in the way of compensation.

3. Guidance Throughout the Claims Process

There are a lot of steps to take after you get into an accident. You have to see a doctor, have your doctor file reports, you have to request police and EMT documents, file claims… The list goes on.

Are you prepared to manage all of those steps knowing that if you skip something, you could derail your case? We’re guessing that the answer to that question is no.

A personal injury lawyer will keep you on task as you navigate your claims process to make going through everything a breeze.

4. Fielding Queries on Your Behalf

In an effort to undermine your personal injury claim, opposing insurers could contact you directly or have third parties contact you to try and dig up incriminating information. Rather than dealing with this form of harassment on your own, with a lawyer in your corner, you can direct all queries to them.

Your lawyer knows exactly how to answer questions in a way that will work to strengthen your case rather than weaken it. Lawyers also know which questions they don’t legally have to answer at all.

5. Support During Trial

If your personal injury case goes to trial because a settlement isn’t reached, you’ll definitely need a lawyer. Trial cases can be overwhelming. There are jury selections that need to take place, procedures that need to be adhered to and more that would be a challenge for even the best educated of people to manage.

A personal injury lawyer can take all of the pressure off of the process by representing you in court with the same skill that they represented you with during the initial negotiating process of your claim.

6. Injury Attorneys Won’t Cost You a Penny Out of Pocket

Reputable personal injury law firms like The Jeffcoat Firm and other industry leaders work on what’s called “contingency”. Contingency means that firms will only charge their clients a percentage of the money that they make for them.

That’s great news for you because it means that you can hire a personal injury attorney without needing to spend a penny out of pocket.

Just know that contingency pay lawyers will only represent cases that they’re 99% confident they can win. That means that you may face a lot of rejections when engaging lawyers if your accident falls into a legally grey area.

7. You Can Focus on Recovery Rather Than Fighting

When you’re hurt, the last thing that you need to be doing is fighting.

Personal injury attorneys do all of the fighting on your behalf so you can spend the next few months trying to recover from your injuries rather than exacerbating them by managing stressful legal proceedings, negotiations and more.

Our Final Thoughts on the Value of Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers do a lot for their victim’s accident claims. For all of that value, attorneys don’t ask their clients for a single penny out of pocket.

That consumer-centric arrangement should make it so no accident victim ever fights a personal injury case on their own.

We hope that we’ve given you the push that you need to hunt down quality representation for your personal injury case and our team welcomes you to dive deeper into our blog’s content pool which covers a wide variety of relevant legal topics!

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