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Disability Insurance for Dentists

Most long-term disabilities don’t arise out of freak accidents; rather they are more likely to occur from chronic back problems, illnesses and diseases such as cancer and heart disease – typically conditions that are often beyond our control. And, as reported in Dental Economics, dentists may be more susceptible to these conditions than the general population. Being a dentist is tough work. It requires physical mobility, standing for hours at a time and the ability to precisely manipulate instruments in tight and often awkward quarters. You insure your house, your car, your health and your life; doesn’t it make sense to insure your most valuable asset – you, the dentist? Finding the best disability insurance for dentists  protects you by protecting your ability to earn an income.

Important Considerations about Disability Insurance for Dentists:

Get an Own Occupation Definition of Disability

You’ve read it in a hundred places – get an own occupation disability policy. While this is recommended for all medical and dental professionals, it’s especially important for dentists. This is because of the types of disability claims dentists tend to file – back/neck/shoulder problems, repetitive movement problems, chronic pain, etc. In fact, back injuries, cancer, heart disease and other illnesses cause the majority of long-term absences.

Buy a Policy When You Are Young and Healthy

Disability insurance for dentists is medically underwritten. Buying a policy requires you to undergo a medical exam and submit past medical records. It’s prudent to obtain a policy before a potential medical condition prevents you from doing so.

Beware of Group and Association Coverage

This coverage is less expensive for a reason – it pays benefits in fewer scenarios and the contract can be cancelled or changed by the insurance company at any time. In addition, your payout from group disability plans are offset by other sources of income like Social Security disability benefits or income earned in a new occupation.

A good individual disability plan costs more than group or association coverage, but so does a good parachute (or dentist, or brain surgeon – you get the point).

We Can Help

For more than 20 years, Doctor Disability has specialized in offering high quality disability insurance for dentists. Our experienced agents are highly trained to serve the dental community with a clear understanding of the demands, preferences and unique needs of dentists. Their sole responsibility is to work closely with you to design a custom disability solution for your specific situation.

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