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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Fort Lauderdale Bicycle Attorney Post-Collision

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Car vs. bicycle can result in severe injuries for an Ft Lauderdale cyclist. Bicycle collisions between two cyclists or a loose dog can also lead to aches, pains, and injuries.

Cycling without the right safety equipment and best practices is taking your life in your own hands, but that doesn’t mean a vehicle’s driver shouldn’t be responsible for striking a cyclist. However, not every Ft Lauderdale attorney has the experience you need to represent you for an injury claim.

Get back on the bike with confidence again! Pursue a claim to cover costs for medical expenses and loss of income. Follow these tips for finding the best Fort Lauderdale bicycle attorney.

1. Narrow Your Search

An Ft Lauderdale personal injury lawyer might not be enough to win your case! Claims involving a bicycle vs. a motor vehicle can be challenging to prosecute.

In most cases, the cyclist comes away with the majority of the injuries when colliding with a car. However, proving that the car’s driver was at fault for the accident can be a complicated process.

Find Ft Lauderdale Attorneys With Bicycle Accident Experience

You need a Ft Lauderdale lawyer with experience in winning bicycle versus motor vehicle cases. This is a unique situation that differs from car vs. car or other injury lawsuits.

Not all Ft Lauderdale bicycle attorneys are the same, but eliminate any law firms or recommendations that don’t have an attorney with bicycle accident cases. When you narrow your list to bicycle lawyers, research the firms with the most experience.

A bicycle attorney Fort Lauderdale needs to understand the nuances of what happens when a car strikes a cyclist and how to help an injured cyclist gather and understand the evidence. An attorney must be familiar with the severe injuries that happen when a cyclist collides with a car.

Your bicycle case attorney must also know how to navigate the insurance process to help you recover the money you deserve. Most cyclists don’t carry insurance to cover injury from a motor vehicle accident. Your attorney will work with the car driver’s insurance to reach an acceptable claim amount.

2. Research a Fort Lauderdale Lawyer’s Success Rate

Don’t settle for a Ft Lauderdale lawyer willing to pursue a bicycle accident claim. Hire an attorney with a proven record of winning settlements in favor of the injured cyclists.

Your Ft Lauderdale lawyer needs a thorough understanding of bike laws and how to make sure drivers pay for not respecting a cyclist’s right to be on the road in Fort Lauderdale. Being part of the cycling community is not a requirement, but it’s a benefit that can help your bicycle accident attorney win your case.

With a track record of success, your bike lawyer has a good chance of getting you the best settlement amount to help you recover from injuries and loss of income if you can’t work. They can also make sure your settlement includes funds to replace your damaged cycling equipment.

Check references, conduct interviews, and ask for evidence of a successful case history before hiring your accident lawyer.

3. Check the Firm’s Reputation

Is the law firm well-respected in the injury law community? Is the firm’s bicycle injury lawyer also a respected attorney? Reputation goes a long way in the attorney community.

Avoid hiring a lawyer that no one wants to work with. You need an aggressive, experienced, detailed lawyer. However, an attorney that judges and insurance companies don’t want to work with might not be able to win your settlement claim.

Make sure the law firm as the finances and good reputation to represent you well in court and with the driver’s insurance company.

4. Confirm Availability

Don’t put yourself on the waiting list for an attorney that doesn’t have time to pursue your claim immediately after your accident. Time can become a significant factor when filing and winning a bicycle accident claim.

If a lawyer is too busy to meet with you within a few days of your accident, they might not have the time to give your case the attention you deserve. The longer you delay your case, the more irrelevant your injuries and accident can become in the eyes of the car driver’s insurance company.

Find a Fort Lauderdale bicycle crash attorney that can give you and your claim the immediate time and attention you need to win the settlement you deserve.

5. Make Sure You Are Compatible

Do you get along with your cycling accident attorney? You don’t have to be friends or spend time together after the settlement decision, but you need to be able to meet with them and agree on a strategy to win your claim.

A cycling accident can be an emotional, traumatizing experience. Your attorney should have compassion for your situation and be a source of comfort through the claim process. They should be your go-to resource from the moment you hire them as your attorney until you receive your settlement.

An attorney with an attitude of “closing another case” might not be in your best interest. Make sure your accident lawyer can put your health needs first and work well with you to recover the money you lose as a result of your cycling accident.

Look for a cycling accident attorney who has:

  • Empathy for your situation
  • An attitude of never settling for less than you deserve
  • The patience to answer every question
  • Sticks with you through every detail

You’ll quickly find that a bicycle versus vehicle accident is not like any other motor vehicle case. Choose an attorney who you can depend on and helps you work well together. A good relationship can make the claim process better for you!

Don’t Settle for Just “Any” Fort Lauderdale Bicycle Attorney

Not every Fort Lauderdale bicycle attorney has the right mix of experience to make sure you get the best settlement for suffering a bicycle accident injury. Mr. Vivo is part of the local cycling community and represents injured cyclists with compassion and experience winning injury cases!

Don’t settle for just “any” cycling injury attorney. Contact us to review your case and pursue the settlement you need to get back on the road!

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