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7 Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer to Fight Your Ticket

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Over 2 million Floridians received a traffic citation in 2020. These violations may range from speeding to driving without a license, but the one thing they have in common is that they can be fought in court.

If you are wondering how to fight your way out of a ticket then hiring a traffic lawyer is most likely the only way.

Find out why these 7 benefits of having a lawyer helps you through this tough situation.

1. Understand the Court Process

Your violation may seem minor but it is taken very seriously in court. It is also more complex than you think. Even the most basic violations require court appearances. And having to deal with a traffic ticket case on your own can be intimidating.

Luckily, a traffic lawyer has seen your case before and understands the court process. A lawyer can explain to you the court procedures so you aren’t surprised by the seriousness of your violation.

Lawyers also know any updates to traffic laws as they are experts in this field. Don’t rely on self-research to understand how you violated a traffic law. Instead, explain your case to a lawyer, give them the paperwork or ticket you received, and let them handle the case for you.

2. Gather Evidence for Your Case

Once you receive a ticket from a police officer or in the mail, you have the option of paying a fine (if the violation is minor) or contesting it in court. This is the point where you may ask yourself if you should hire a lawyer.

Your memory or experience of the incident may seem like enough to tell the court your side of the story. However, your word against a police officer isn’t very strong unless you have other evidence.

A lawyer’s job is to search for and provide ample evidence for your case. This evidence will coincide with your testimony so that you have a stronger case.

For example, a lawyer knows how to gain access to traffic footage or interview a witness of the incident to use as evidence. This is a lot of work and requires connections, as well as an understanding of what to look for. Therefore, trying to collect this information on your own would be difficult.

3. Prove Your Innocence or Reduce Penalties

In Florida, speeding tickets over 30 mph of the speed limit require a mandatory court hearing and have a minimum $250 fine for first-time offenders. Repeat speeding ticket offenders can even get jail time, lose their driver’s license, and be charged larger fines.

Having a lawyer defend you means that you may be able to get these charges dropped or at least reduce the penalties. Lawyers know how to negotiate with judges, so even if you aren’t required to go to court, contesting your ticket may be worth it when you have a lawyer on your side.

4. Speak on Your Behalf

Choosing a lawyer to represent your case means that you don’t have to worry about speaking in court. The only person that you need to discuss your violation with is your lawyer. This allows you to tell your whole story to your lawyer without indicting yourself.

A lawyer keeps your personal information private and only reveals what is necessary to prove your innocence by using the information you provided to defend your case.

5. Offer You Legal Advice

In addition to fighting for you in court, a lawyer offers you legal advice on how to proceed with your case. For instance, they can advise you to accept a plea bargain that lowers your penalty even if it means admitting guilt. They will know if this is the best offer and explain to you why you should take it.

Lawyers know the best tactics according to the violation, appointed judge, and your personal record. They will take all of these factors into consideration to proceed with your highest interest in mind.

6. Save You Money and Time

Fighting a traffic ticket means that you are trying to save money by not paying for a traffic ticket. Hiring a lawyer might seem like an extra expense, however, when you compare the cost of paying for your ticket to the cost of a lawyer, you may be surprised by how much money you can save.

If you try to go to court by yourself then you might end up delaying your case. And, if you can’t make your court date, trying to reschedule it and communicate with the courthouse takes time, patience, and knowledge of the court system.

7. Protect Your Rights and Reputation

A citizen with a lawyer knows how to protect their rights. These rights are sometimes unknown to the average civilian. A lawyer not only knows your rights but can use these rights to shield you from unlawful persecution and mistreatment.

Saving you from wrongful accusations also protects your reputation. From points on your license to how your community views you, the consequences of failing in court can wreck your life. You never want to leave the wrong impression because of one mistake.

That is why a lawyer is more than an attorney. They are also your representative to place you in the best light and show that you are a noble citizen who isn’t a menace to your community.

Get Started Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

If you are thinking of hiring a traffic lawyer in the Miami or Tampa Bay area, then you want one who specializes in traffic law. You also want to speak with a lawyer before you hire them.

Get started by reaching out to Pablo G. Martinez Law Firm and contacting us today for a consultation to discuss your case.

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