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Real Performance Marketing Strengthens Global Presence and Industry Expertise with New Cairo Office


Houston, Texas, January 2, 2024- Real Performance Marketing (RPM), a distinguished leader in the performance marketing industry and a four-time Inc 5000 honoree headquartered in Houston, Texas, proudly announces the inauguration of its latest chapter-a strategically positioned office on the esteemed American University in Cairo (AUC) campus in Egypt. This expansion not only underscores RPM’s commitment to driving innovation and leveraging local talent but marks a transformative step towards refining industry-specific strategies through the addition of specialized professionals.

A Strategic Nexus of Expertise and Location

Located on the AUC New Cairo Campus at AUC Avenue, P.O. Box 74, New Cairo 11835, Egypt, the new office symbolizes RPM’s profound partnership with AUC-a commitment to shaping innovations and nurturing the brightest talents emerging from the university.

Sponsored by the AUC Innovation Hub, RPM is positioned to make a significant impact on the Egyptian ecosystem. This hub serves as a nexus, connecting seasoned professionals and recent graduates, bridging academia and industry. The state-of-the-art facility at AUC New Cairo enhances RPM’s operational capabilities, enabling the company to dedicate more time and expertise to each industry vertical.

A Harmonious Collaboration with AUC

Strategically situating the office at AUC New Cairo provides access to world-class facilities, fostering an environment conducive to learning, designing, and building. RPM is now equipped to undertake strategic projects aligned with existing AUC programs, ensuring a collaborative effort that is not just beneficial but transformative for the industries served.

Enhanced Leadership and Industry-Focused Team Members (

Guiding this venture is General Manager Amr Abdelkhalek, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience from senior management roles at Centro and Raya. Under his leadership, RPM has expanded its team with specialists dedicated to specific industry verticals.

Marketing Maestros:

Sara Nour: Valedictorian graduate in Economics from AUC, contributing to our Legal group.

Farah Hamza: Summa cum laude Marketing graduate, leading our Consumer Finance division.

Mariam Mekhail: Valedictorian graduate in Engineering from AUC, spearheading our new Home Services/Improvement vertical.

Farida Nasser: Summa cum laude Marketing graduate, joining our Insurance group.

Business Development Spotlight:

Wael Ghelil: A top student-athlete joining us from PwC, directing our Insurance division.

Sherif Edris: Focused on Home Services Advertisers.

Christine Hanna: An attorney and financial virtuoso, overseeing Legal & Mass Torts and directing operations.

Arsani Shenouda: Our Technical Engineer, shaping and executing our product strategy for our Post-Transaction Ad Platform.

Joining our management team in Cairo is Menna Maged, a luminary with past leadership roles in Centro, Raya, IST, and Vodafone. As Senior Operations Manager, Menna brings considerable experience in project management and customer success, reinforcing RPM’s commitment to personalized client interaction.

A Symphony of Expertise for a New Chapter

RPM is excited about the possibilities the Cairo office brings. Anticipating significant contributions to the performance marketing industry, RPM’s expanded team, coupled with the innovative atmosphere at AUC, is poised to orchestrate success, delivering unparalleled results to clients and partners alike.

For a front-row seat at this grand performance and to explore career opportunities, visit

For a glimpse into the magic at AUC iHub, visit AUC Innovation Hub.

About RPM: Real Performance Marketing (RPM) stands as a leading marketing firm headquartered in Houston, Texas, specializing in Legal, Insurance, Home Services, and Consumer Finance. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, RPM continues to extend its global footprint, with the new Cairo office marking a monumental milestone in the company’s journey.

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