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7 Awesome Advantages of Teflon Coating for Your Vehicle

Nearly 80 million cars sell worldwide yearly. As third world countries like India continue coming into financial prosperity, we expect to see that number continue to rise.

Something that we suspect will also grow alongside car ownership’s popularity is Teflon coating.

For the uninitiated, Teflon is a synthetic fluoropolymer that people have been putting over their vehicle’s surface for years. Doing so brings several unique advantages that are becoming increasingly relevant as global warming makes temperatures and conditions harsher.

If you’ve never been introduced to the advantages that Teflon can bring to a car, keep reading. Below, we break down why you might consider splurging on putting a Teflon coat for your vehicle.

1. Your Car’s Paint Will Look Vibrant

While not the most pragmatic of the advantages, it’s worth noting that the moment you get your car out of the shop after Teflon has been applied to it, it’ll look fantastic.

Teflon has a certain sheen to it that makes your car look like it has been waxed. The big difference is that Teflon is much more durable than car wax which allows cars to retain that fresh look for months as opposed to a few days.

2. Protection Against Humidity

If you live in a humid area, you know the damage that the moisture in the air can wreak on your car’s body. Over the course of years of moisture exposure, rust begins to rear its head which can ruin your vehicle’s look, impede its functionality and perhaps even diminish the level of protection that it offers in the event of a crash.

Teflon coating acts as a moisture barrier. When water in the air touches your car’s surface, with Teflon there to protect it, the moisture never truly comes into contact with your vehicle which means your potential for rust is diminished if not eliminated altogether.

3. Salty Air Will Have a Lessened Impact on Your Vehicle

There’s nothing better than living by the beach. You can take your car on cruises up and down the ocean, you can walk to the water and, in some areas, pick up a world-class tan whenever you feel the urge to.

Unfortunately, your car doesn’t share in your adoration of the beach.

Not only does the moisture in the air cause rust (like we mentioned in our last point) but the added threat of salt blowing around can erode your car’s paint. Teflon coating can protect your vehicle against both of those irritants.

4. Teflon Could Improve Your Vehicle’s Aerodynamics

Not everyone is overly concerned with how aerodynamic their vehicle is. After all, your focus when driving probably isn’t to race with other drivers.

There is also a pragmatic reason as to why an aerodynamic car is a good one though. That reason is fuel economy.

With gas prices soaring across many parts of the world, Teflon coating allows your car to cut through wind resistance better which could bring down the annual amount of money that you spend on gas considerably.

5. Teflon Buffers Against Hot and Cold Temperatures

When you’re driving and it’s 100+ degrees outside, your engine is at risk of overheating. When you need to drive and it’s below freezing, you’re going to have a heck of a time getting your car started.

Teflon can help insulate your car’s engine which can keep it at a level temperature when you’re facing unforgivably hot or cold times of the year.

6. Your Car Will Have a Much Harder Time Getting Dirty

Do you ever wonder how it is that your car gets so dirty all of the time?

Some people know the answer to that question because they subject their vehicles to things like dirt roads. For the majority of us though, we use our cars to get to and from work and still find that a few days after a wash, they look filthy.

Teflon coating can break that cycle.

Teflon is a non-stick coating which means that dirt and grime will have a much harder time settling on your car. That will reduce the amount of trips that you need to take to the car wash throughout the year which will save you tons of time and a considerable amount of money.

7. Getting You Car Coated Is Cheap and Easy

Even with all of the benefits that Teflon coating brings to vehicles, if the process of getting your car coated was a hassle, it would be hard for us to recommend.

Fortunately, Teflon coating services are performed at just about any reputable body shop. The cost of getting coated is also good considering how long a coat of Teflon will last you.

Just be sure that the provider you’re using is actually Teflon coating your car when they sell you that service. Some fly-by-night shops claim that they’re Teflon coating cars but are just waxing them which doesn’t provide the same benefits.

Teflon Coating Can Only Help Your Car If You Take the Leap and Get the Job Done

Picking up a coat of Teflon for your vehicle is cheap, easy and provides a bevy of benefits that can improve the look and functionality of your car. Need we say more?

If you’re on the fence about Teflon coating, we recommend getting off of it. Our team has a strong feeling that you won’t regret making your first investment in Teflon.

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