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6 Tips to Help with Your Social Media Engagement Strategy

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Social media has become one of the top ways to build and grow businesses. It’s clear that there are plenty of benefits from using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to get to your clients and customers.

However, some brands still struggle with being engaging enough to grow and convert their followers. The good news is there are plenty of steps you can take to address this issue. Keep reading to check out these 6 tips to help your social media engagement strategy.

1. Start Conversations

Brands become leaders and authorities in their industries by getting conversations started. This gets people talking and if you’re the one to start it then the talk will be on your platform.

Having discussions plays an important role in social media engagement strategy because it allows people to get to know the mission and messages that your brand wants to share. It’ll also get them to interact with you whether they agree or not.

2. Ask Questions

Here’s another way to get people talking–ask them stuff. It doesn’t have to be too deep or intense. It could be asking your followers where they’re from or what their goals are for the upcoming week.

One of the reasons why asking questions is useful in a social media engagement strategy is because you’ll eventually get answers.

3. Use Polls & Surveys

This is technically like asking questions but recently social media platforms have made it even cooler and more user-friendly. Apps like Instagram allow you to post interactive polls and surveys in your stories for followers to answer.

These are great tools for engagement and market research.

4. Post Diverse Content

One of the quickest ways to build a following full of crickets is to bore them. People won’t want to engage with the same content that they see every day.

Try switching things up and adding variety (informational, memes, videos, etc.) to your content. Remember to maintain your brand voice throughout the diverse content.

5. Encourage Participation

Sometimes you can get people to participate by just asking them to. Use CTAs (call-to-action) in your posts to encourage engagement from your audience.

You can do this by doing things like challenges and giveaways then requesting that people comment below or tag friends. You can also ask people to repost a certain image or use specific hashtags. Be creative!

6. Go Live

Video has become one of the most popular content methods in small business digital marketing recently. But something even more exciting has come about–live video sessions.

Going live can be very beneficial for your social media engagement strategy. It allows you to be connected to your audience in real-time which can help them to feel closer to your brand.

Looking for More Tips for Your Social Media Engagement Strategy?

Having a social media engagement strategy is important for building an authentic following and improving conversion rates in the long run. It’s important to put your audience first and allow them to get to know, like and trust you.

Try some of these tips if you’re currently struggling with engagement for your brand. For more advice and guidance, check out our blog today.

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