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6 of the Most Common Accidents at Work and How to Minimize Your Risk

More than 2.8 million people suffer from non-fatal accidents at work each year. Close to five thousand more lose their lives due to a work-related accident.

The most common workplace accidents causing employee injury or death are discussed below.

Is the Sky Falling or Is That You?

Two of the most common accidents at work involve a person falling or something falling on the person.

These types of accidents can often be prevented. By being aware of your surroundings and having a safe working environment. Health and Safety standards should always be followed.

Things should not be stored on shelves overhead without proper equipment to safely reach and retrieve them.

Proper storage of equipment and safe working policies can minimize the risk of falling or having things fall.

Watch Your Step!

Tripping, slipping, and falling are another main cause of workplace injuries and the majority of the time the accident was preventable.

Proper footwear for the flooring will help avoid slipping because of no treads or having an injury due to insufficient support. Sprains, twisted ankles, and muscle strains are most often caused by the wrong footwear and equipment for the environment.

The safety of your environment is a contributing factor in your risk of injury. Cords, obstructions, or tripping hazards need to be cleared from walking areas and workspaces.

Strains and Sprains from Repetitive Behavior

If you repeatedly perform the same action all day, every day you run a risk of injuring and straining the muscles used.

Lower back pain is one of the most common and persistent injuries and complaints of employees. This is usually because of a work environment that is not ergonomically designed.

Investing the time and resources into creating a health and safety inspired work environment and ethic will be beneficial and could be life-saving in the future.

Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome can end up needing surgery for repair.

If you are not proactive about health and safety when you’re at work you could end up needing long term medical attention, time off work and a workers comp doctor for years to come.

Vehicle Accidents

Automobile accidents often happen on the clock and can lead to some serious injuries. Many people spend at least part of their workday on the roads dealing with traffic and at risk of having an accident.

Safety training and choosing to use alternative methods of transportation or communication may minimize employees risk for many businesses.

Employees may be able to telecommute, meet with clients via video conferences, take public transportation such as trains or planes rather than driving the company vehicle while overtired and preoccupied.

Cuts and Bruises

Even though we’re not counting paper cuts, lacerations and bruises are one of the most frequent injuries suffered by employees.

Let’s face it, most cuts are caused by cutting corners. People are rushing to accomplish something they should be giving your full concentration to and end up getting injured. They slice a finger or cut a leg because they didn’t take the time to put a safety on or watch what they were doing.

Burns, Toxins, and Poisoning

Most work environments have several chemicals or toxins that are required to get through the business operations of each day.

Many work environments include burners, stoves, heating elements and chemicals that can lead to burns.

Many chemicals used in various industries can lead to poisoning or cause illness after skin contact, inhaling or ingestion.

You Can Prevent Accidents at Work

You are the biggest factor in preventing accidents at work. You have the right to a safe work environment and you need to be proactive in taking care of your health and safety. This is your life and you want it to be as healthy and happy as possible.

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