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5 Top Tips for Writing Enticing Real Estate Blog Content

In 2018 there were over 1.36 million real estate agents in the U.S. With so much competition, there’s no question you have to do something special to stand out to potential clients.

The question is, what can you do?

A great way to stand out and show off your knowledge of the industry is to create and post to a real estate blog. However, it’s important to remember the real estate blog content you post matters. It offers quality, relevant information and provides value to readers.

If you are ready to start a real estate blog, use the tips here to ensure you are creating compelling and engaging content.

1. Provide Solutions to Real Problems

When someone goes online to search for something, they are typically looking for a specific answer or a solution to a problem. This is especially true with real estate.

For example, someone may search:

  • What neighborhoods have the best schools?
  • What renovations are going to increase the home’s value to the most?
  • Should they hire a realtor?
  • How do they handle multiple offers on their home?

These are all real-life questions that people are going to ask online to find the best answer.

If you make the goal of your blog to answer these questions, like Ari Rastegar does, you are going to become an authority in the industry. The more useful your content is, the more likely people are going to visit your site often and refer you to others who are trying to buy or sell a property.

2. Use Keywords Properly

Chances are you put a lot of work into your blog posts. This means you want people to read them. To ensure your blogs are found, instead of the competitions, you have to use the right keywords.

Some tips to help you find and use the best keywords include:

Create a List of Topics

It’s a good idea to make a list of topics your audience may search for online. With real estate blogging, this could be any theme, from tips for success with real estate to the specifics of selling or buying a home in your area.

Visit Google

After creating your list of topics, start to type them into your preferred search engine to check the suggested phrases that appear. These are the phrases that are most commonly searched and make good keywords to use in your blog post.

Include the Keywords

Once you know what keywords to use for your post, make sure you use them. It’s especially important to use the keywords in the initial 150 words, as Google rewards posts that have keywords as close to the beginning as possible. Don’t forget to optimize the title by including the keywords there, too.

3. Maintain a Casual Tone

Most people prefer posts that feel like they are giving friendly advice, rather than reading a technical manual. Be sure to keep that in mind when you are writing your blogs.

It’s also a good idea to include some humor. Your readers are going to appreciate that warm touch.

The most important thing you need to remember is that your ultimate goal is to keep people on your page and engaged with the content you have created. Make sure you are writing in a way that your audience will understand. Also, ensure you write in a conversational and friendly manner that will keep them coming back.

4. Write for Online Readers

Your blog should be significantly different from the essays you wrote while in school. The text needs to be broken up into easily scanned blocks, including titles and formatting that is going to guide the reader.

As mentioned above, keep the tone casual and informal. You don’t have as much time to grab a reader’s attention, so the titles you use are crucial. With blogs, you don’t want to save the best for last – or, at the very least, ensure you include something interesting in the beginning to keep people engaged.

Never create a “wall of words.” This is a blog post that doesn’t have any real structure or formatting. A good real estate blog is going to be broken down into various ideas using concise headings. Under each of your headings share your knowledge concisely and clearly.

5. Don’t Forget Pictures

Real estate is a visual industry. This means you need to include amazing photos and videos if you have them. Having images present in your blog can help propel you to being memorable.

While you can opt for free stock photos, it’s also a good idea to take some of your own, especially if you are talking about a particular property or area. In addition to images and videos, use infographics and diagrams with your content, which make it more interesting and engaging.

Creating Quality Real Estate Blog Content

If you are ready to start a real estate blog, be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind. The right real estate blog content can propel your website in search engine results pages and make it more appealing to potential visitors.

Remember, the key to any successful blog relies on more than just the content. You also have to post regularly to keep people coming back.

If you want to learn more about creating amazing content for your real estate blog, or need information about online content in general, be sure to check out some of our other blogs. We update our blogs regularly to keep our readers engaged and interested in what we have to offer.

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