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5 Fantastic Projects Made With Textured Paper

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If you’re in the market for paper, textured paper is well worth considering no matter what the project. It looks, feels, and prints on a higher level than traditional paper. Business leaders, teachers, and craft-makers use textured paper all the time. It makes their letterheads, class projects, and crafts shine bright! Read on to find out how you can use textured paper to create some truly stunning creations.


#1- Create Letterheads that Stand Out from the Competition

In business, every little detail counts. Customers and clients look to be pampered and get the best service and quality for their money. The best way to impress them and show that your company can provide for their needs is a beautiful letterhead printed on textured paper. With every correspondence, your customers and clients will see and feel the superior quality your business can bring, and all because the letterhead you sent was so polished and sophisticated.

#2- Print Photographs that Look Like Paintings

One of the most noticeable differences between textured and traditional paper is that the effect looks more like a painting than a picture when you print on it. That’s because textured paper mimics the nooks, crevices, fissures, and crannies that paint produces. The result is photographs that look like they were painted by hand, impressive, stunning, and frame-ready.

#3- Help Your Students Create Stunning Arts and Crafts Project Results

Making crafts with paper is an age-old tradition in schools around the United States. However, when teachers want to take the level of fun and creativity up a notch, they choose textured paper. That’s because even for the kids who have the most trouble with school projects, their results when using textured paper still look fabulous! Kids love it, and their parents love the results!

#4- Create Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Weddings are a time of pomp and circumstance, no doubt. If adding to both is your goal, wedding invitations made with textured paper are your best choice. Invitations made with textured paper make an instant impression when they’re opened. Your guests will love the look and feel of your wedding invitations! The results will be stunningly beautiful and set the tone for the nuptials ahead!

#5- Take Your Crafting Hobby Up to a Whole New Level

Our last amazing thing you can do with textured paper is to take your crafting hobby up a level or two. (Maybe even three!) There’s simply no denying that textured paper looks and feels fantastic! Whether you choose embossed, vellum, linen, laid, or one of the many other types of textured paper, every project you create will look gorgeous! It’s a crafter’s delight and very popular



As you can see, textured paper opens up a whole new world of creativity, elegance, and style. Whether for your business, your students, or yourself, it’s the perfect choice when you want results that impress! What types of projects can you see yourself doing with textured paper?


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