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Most Popular Spa Packages Offered by Luxury Salons and Day Spas

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The best of the best services in day spas and luxury salons include premiere package treatments that everyone wants to enjoy in their day spa trip. Popular spa packages offered by luxury salons and day spas can include regular and specialized services that invite your clients to try something new with their usual favorite treatments.

Designing packages for personal care while adding in a service many have not tried, can certainly make your spa or salon the go-to for that special experience.

It’s all about the package

Some of the most popular spa services offered by luxury salons and day spas, are presented as packages. These packages usually include services that complement each other, for example, massage being the number one most demanded service at the spa, is usually coupled with wraps for toning and nourishing. Whether you are a small salon offering just facial and foot massage, or a larger spa with clientele that has disposable income and want a larger variety of choices for their massage, the right spa package can be a real winner for your salon and your clientele. Building a popular spa package around facial or body massage is a must.

Cryotherapy complements the existing services offered by luxury salons and day spas

This is where whole body cryotherapy comes in. Cryotherapy allows the skin to bolster its collagen, and prepares it for the best toning experience. Cryotherapy sessions also help to exfoliate the skin, tighten the pores and prepare it for a very nice tanning session. This is perhaps why luxury spas have been so successful at incorporating cryotherapy with their existing services.

Some of the most popular spa and salon treatment packages enable clients to enjoy the relaxation of massage, and then move into microdermabrasion, and then facial pampering, makeup, hair color and style, along with manicure and pedicure, to polish the day off and hit the town for the evening.

The right package is about creating the right touches for a beautiful self while feeling and looking good. Mixed packages that incorporate relaxation, rejuvenation/recovery and polished appearance are the top choices. Be sure to add in any popular treatments that are new, to enjoy the latest in beauty. Many salons and day spas will customize a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs for eye treatments, body wraps and even full body cryotherapy. Ask yourself if the salon offers these favorites, and see if they will create a beauty treatment plan that caters to your customer’s needs, while adding in a new treatment for them to try.


From full day packages, to a quick hour of treatments to rejuvenate, spa packages can be tailored to be relaxing, restorative healing, and beauty treatments to be whatever you need at the time. From a body scrub, manicure, makeup and hair blowout- to facial massage, cryotherapy and a tanning session package, trying out new treatments can change the way your body and mind feel and get you started on the path to a new and better day!

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