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Top 20 Best Hybrid Mattress Reviews of 2020 (Better Sleep)

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Are you searching for the best hybrid mattress to buy  ? This is the best place to know about it. We have reviewed  here most popular hybrid mattresses for you.You will also learn here what is hybrid mattress and its pros and cons .


  1.  Top 20 best hybrid mattress reviews
  2.  What is a Hybrid mattress ?
  3.  Pros & cons of Hybrid mattress

20 Best Hybrid Mattress Reviews

01. LUCID Brand 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is available in queen, king, California King, and with some retailers, the split king size that fits adjustable beds. You can even buy the mattresses with an adjustable base layer. This is the best hybrid mattress for adjustable beds and provides much more support than the memory foam mattresses often used with that type of bed.

Lucid seems to have jumped on every design trend with this mattress. It contains bamboo, charcoal and aloe vera. The aloe vera makes no difference beyond bragging rights. At least the memory foam is relatively clean; the memory foam is Certi-PUR certified. It won’t make your bedroom smell like chemicals. The mild odor dissipates quickly.

One problem with this bed is that the mattress has a fiberglass layer to prevent sparks from spreading if the bed catches fire. Unfortunately, the pieces can leak from the bottom of the bed and even, on occasion, poke through the mattress cover. Never take the mattress cover off this bed unless you want to risk fiberglass fibers getting everywhere.

This mattress is firmer than average, though it is rated a medium-firm mattress. That’s a problem given that it is advertised as a plush mattress. We do not recommend it for side sleepers. It is OK for back sleepers if you are not heavier than average.


  •  Firm for a hybrid mattress
  • Can find models that work with adjustable beds


  •  Fiberglass fibers can be a problem
  •  Taps into every modern gimmick

02. DreamCloud Brand Queen Mattress Luxury Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is available in queen, king and California king sizes. You can buy any one of them as per your need.

This mattress is one of the softest on our list, if you get the models that have the cashmere top on it and multiple layers of memory foam. (Some imitators lack that and the foam layer.) Note that mattress is not a good choice if you need support, whether it is due to back problems or joint issues.

It isn’t a good choice if you sleep on your side. However, it does minimize pressure points in general, especially if you sleep on your back.

One issue with this mattress is that it often fails to expand to its full height. It doesn’t have reinforced sides, so it bulges out there in general and offers no support if you sit there. It will dip around the edges after a year or so of regular use.

On the other hand, this mattress doesn’t develop the low spots in the middle to the degree as other memory foam mattresses. The soft, tufted top will eventually flatten, too.This mattress is the best hybrid mattress under 2000$.

The mattress does a good job of dissipating body heat. You’re not going to over-heat in bed, and they do this without rough air channels or chemical-laced foam.


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Soft, if you get the real thing
  • Good heat dissipation


  •  Doesn’t always expand
  •  Imitation products are poor quality

03. Sweetnight Brand King Mattress in a Box, 12 Inch Plush Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress

Sweetnight only offers this mattress in full, queen and king sizes. You can’t get a California king version of the mattress.

It has a mild chemical smell. It dissipates quickly. There is almost no motion transfer in this mattress, making it a great choice for couples where one of them tosses and turns at night.

This hybrid mattress combines individually wrapped coils with a thick layer of memory foam. This may be the best hybrid mattress for those who need pressure relief, such as those with back pain or arthritis.

However, we wouldn’t suggest it for side sleepers with these health problems. Nor does it offer enough support for heavier than average side sleepers. You’ll sink down into it until your spine is curved to an unnatural degree.

We’d recommend this mattress for average to lighter than average users, since it is so soft. The bigger problem is that it is advertised as firm, yet it is only a medium, halfway between soft and firm.

This is a budget mattress. It is middle of the pack in terms of price. It is soft, but it isn’t durable. The padded layer wears out after just a year. The sides may start to bulge before then. It may form dips as soon as six months in.This is one of the best hybrid mattress under 1000 USD.

The coils under the memory foam layer are rarely felt until the top layer starts to wear out. However, you will hear the springs creak if you push down or sit down on them. There is no edge support on this mattress.


  •  Excellent support
  •  Soft top layer
  •  Little motion transfer


  •  Not durable
  •  Medium, not firm

04. WEEKENDER Brand 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress

This mattress by Weekender is available in sizes ranging from twin to king, and they offer a California king model. You can buy the mattress by itself or get a matching platform bed frame.

One issue with this mattress is that it is about one inch narrower than a standard king bed. This means it will be able to shift around in a standard king bed frame. It is as heavy as metal coil mattresses. Don’t expect it to be easy to get up the stairs.

All versions are ten inches thick. This consists of a two and a half inch thick layer of comfort foam, grooved foam and gel memory foam. This maximizes heat dissipation without sacrificing comfort. Below this is a seven and a half inch thick layer of coils. This makes the mattress medium-firm.

It will last about a year before it starts to sag. The mattress doesn’t have much in terms of edge support. It will sag there soon after you take it out of the box.

The bed doesn’t have bamboo, charcoal or other fashionable materials. Instead, it is an easy to clean, classic polyester material. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a memory foam mattress smell.


  •  Cool
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Medium-firm
  •  No smell


  •  Lasts about a year
  •  Not a perfect fit with conventional king mattress frames

05. Signature Sleep Brand 13 Inch Hybrid Coil Mattress, Queen Size

The Signature Sleep hybrid coil mattress is available in both 10 and 13 inch thicknesses. This is one occasion where we’re recommending the thicker mattress for the sake of comfort. We’re recommending the queen mattress as the best overall value. A king size is available.

This hybrid mattress is unusual in having a rayon-bamboo fabric shell. This helps it to keep you cool without relying on chemical-based gels. This material can absorb moisture but it dries out far faster than memory foam would. If you sweat in bed, you won’t risk creating a mold colony in the process.

The mattress is also made without flame retardants and other chemicals. The memory foam has low volatile organic compounds and phthalates. This bed is an excellent choice for those who want to minimize chemical exposure.

The memory foam layer under the bamboo fabric is roughly an inch thick. Under this are coils around ten inches thick. This mattress offers the support of metal coil mattresses while giving you a much softer surface.

Each coil is independently wrapped, limiting motion transfer and noise. That makes this the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers, since it helps you to keep your spine straight unlike mattresses with thicker memory foam layers.

One downside with this mattress is the mediocre construction. The stitching on the edges may come apart. The coils may poke through the sides, too. It may start sagging after a few months of use. Don’t expect it to last ten years.


  •  Almost no chemical odor
  •  Nearly chemical-free manufacturing
  •  Won’t foster mold growth
  •  Excellent support for side sleepers


  •  Mediocre quality

06. Beautyrest Brand Hybrid 13″ Model BRX1000-C Plush Innerspring Mattress

Beauty Rest is one of the premier mattress brands. They often charge a premium for their products, too. However, you get a better quality bed. For example, these beds have roughly a thousand pocketed coils. One person tossing and turning won’t bother their partner in bed. On the other hand, there’s no edge support. If you sit on the side of the bed, you’re liable to slide off.

This mattress is available in both king and California king sizes. Beauty Rest allows you to order a matching box spring for an additional price. You can even choose from several different box springs. There is a layer of foam on top of the springs.

This is not a bed in a box. Delivery and getting it through the door is more of a challenge than other mattresses on our list. Yet this mattress is very soft. It is softer than a “medium” mattress but not quite plush.

The mattress has one and a half inches of air-cool gel foam, one inch of gel-touch foam and another inch of beauty rest “gel” memory foam. This results in a relatively cool memory foam mattress despite the thick layers of foam. The cover is somewhat conducive to air flow, too. It is almost impossible to overheat laying on this mattress.


  •  Wide range of options
  •  Overall quality
  •  Incredibly cool but thick memory foam layer


  •  Transportation logistics
  •  No edge support

07. Olee Sleep Brand 10 Inch Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam

This mattress is available in standard king and queen sizes. It is not available in California King.

The bed has a one to two inch layer of foam on top of the pocket springs. One layer is high density foam to prevent that sinking sensation found in traditional memory foam beds. The other is a layer of cooling gel that prevents heat build-up. This mattress won’t fill the room with a heavy chemical odor. It is covered in a durable polyester cover.

The bed springs provide excellent support. This is great if you’re a side sleeper or heavy. The downside is that the mattress is so firm that it is hard for almost everyone else. We’ll say it is somewhere in the middle if there are two of you sleeping on it.

The memory foam layer doesn’t offset the firm mattress. It just reduces the intensity of the pressure points. We don’t recommend this mattress if you have arthritis or joint problems. However, this may be the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers who are heavier than average.

The mattress has much better construction than average. You don’t see the coils. You will rarely hear them move, either. In rare cases, the memory foam layer doesn’t extend to the edge of the mattress. If so, return it immediately because you don’t want to feel the coils without that layer of protection.

An interesting point in favor of this bed is that it can fit on any type of bed frame. It can sit on a standard box spring, wood bed frame, steel frame or the floor. Some memory foam mattresses will literally sink through the standard bed frame.


  •  Very firm and supportive
  •  Great choice for heavy side sleepers
  •  Good overall construction


  •  No California King size


08. Mattress America Brand Frost 13 Inch Hybrid Pocket Coil

This mattress is 13 inches thick. This consists of a thick layer of gel infused memory foam and individually wrapped coils. It is rated as having average firmness. The top is soft, but the bottom is firm. This creates a variety of issues. It isn’t as soft as those seeking a soft bed are looking for. Yet it almost lacks support at the level people need if they sleep on their side.

We don’t recommend this bed if you have back or joint problems. It can even develop low spots after a few months of heavy usage, whether or not you’re overweight. This mattress lacks edge support, too.

The memory foam smells. It is not a certi-pur mattress. Fortunately, it lacks the latex that can trigger allergies, and it resists mold and bugs. Furthermore, the mattress doesn’t trap body heat like some memory foam beds.

This is a bed in a box. It can be shipped to your home and easily carried up the stairs. It generally inflates to its full size in a day or two.


  •  Doesn’t trap body heat
  •  No latex


  •  Chemical smell
  •  Lacks edge support

09. Sweetnight Brand Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

This mattress by Sweetnight has several layers of foam. The high density layer provides decent support. The gel memory foam layer is softer, but it is firm enough to augment the high density layer’s support. It will slowly soften in response to body heat. Yet it will draw away heat to prevent the over-heating that’s common in memory foam layers.

There are coils under the memory foam layer, but you’ll never feel them. This reduces motion transfer but ensures you’ll never get poked by one if you step onto the bed. All of this results in a bed that relieves pressure points, sagging, roll off and over-heating.

The mattress is hypoallergenic. It won’t stink up the room like other memory foam mattresses. The slight smell is not a problem, because the mattress is certipur certified. This means it is made without toxic substances, nor does it contain the natural latex that causes allergic reactions in some people. This may be the best hybrid mattress made in USA.

The entire mattress is about eight inches thick when deflated. It is flexible enough to ship in a box. However, the memory foam is thin enough that you’ll trigger squeaking in the coils when you toss and turn as well as when you unroll it. The coils can make quite a bit of noise.This is the best hybrid mattress under 500 Dollar.

Note that this mattress is medium firm to firm. It is not the right choice for those who want a very soft mattress.


  •  Bed in a box
  •  Non-allergenic
  •  Prevents heat retention


  •  Noisy coils
  •  Hard for a memory foam mattress

10. Signature Design by Ashley, 12 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring

Amazon ID B07BNS7T6V

Ashley is known for making a wide assortment of beds. The Signature Design model is available in sizes from twin to California King. We’re recommending the queen size mattress with a 12 inch thickness. This gives you the ideal combination of support and softness.

This mattress has an amazing 680 individually wrapped 13 gauge coils. This minimizes motion transfer and gives you quite a bit of support. These coils are covered by a 1.5 inch thick layer of gel memory foam. The memory foam resists dust mites, pollen, pet pander and mold.

The coils and memory foam are thin enough to ship in a box. You unroll it and let it inflate like many other memory foam mattresses. Unlike pure memory foam mattresses, it offers more support. You’re less likely to sink into the middle until you can’t get out of the depression.

This mattress is better for back sleepers than side sleepers. It will cause pressure points if you sleep on your side. If you need a high level of support due to back problems, this is not the best choice for you.

One point in favor of this model is its low price. On the other hand, it has a very strong chemical smell that takes a long time to dissipate. That is despite having memory foam layer only two or three inches thick.

A different issue is how well this mattress absorbs sweat and moisture. You’ll want a mattress protector on it. And if it does absorb moisture, it will be a haven for mold.


  •  Bed in a box
  •  Low motion transfer


  •  Strong chemical smell
  •  Limited support for side sleepers

11. Olee Sleep Brand 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam

This mattress has five different layers. There are two different layers of memory foam, one of which has cooling gel that prevents you from overheating in bed. (That’s a common problem for memory foam mattresses.) Under all of this is a layer of flexible metal coils that provide more support than a pure memory foam mattress. The combined layers results in a flexible bed in a box.

At 13 inches, this is one of the thickest bed-in-a-box mattresses. It sometimes has trouble fully deflating, and it occasionally doesn’t flatten out after being unpacked.

The thick layer of memory foam makes this bed soft. However, its coils are not strong enough to hold up a heavy user or side-sleeper. This means you don’t want to use this bed if you have back pain, are heavy or sleep on your side. You’ll sink in and end up with an uneven spine.This is the cheap best cooling Hybrid mattress in the market you can buy .

The memory foam isn’t as durable as some of the competing products, so it may form indents in the middle after just a few months of use.


  •  Gel memory foam that prevents overheating
  •  Flexible bed in a box


  •  Mediocre support
  •  Uneven surface is common

12. Sealy Brand 10-Inch Hybrid Bed in a Box, Medium-Firm Mattress, King Size

Sealy makes its hybrid bed in a box mattresses in ten and twelve inch thicknesses. We’re recommending the ten inch thick mattress because it offers a good level of support at a relatively good price. This mattress is available in both King and California King sizes.

However, you can feel the coils if you’re heavy or sleep on your side. The memory foam is only about three inches thick. Don’t buy this if you want to be immersed in the mattress. However, it is very plush straight out of the box. Nor are there many complaints of it failing to fully inflate.

This hybrid mattress by Sealy has both metal coils and layers of memory foam. This model does better than average in dissipating body heat. Another point in its favor is that the coils run all the way to the edge. You won’t wear out the edges sitting on the side of your bed, and you won’t fall off because there is no support on the sides.

On the other hand, there is no padding on the sides of the mattress. You may be able to see the coils on the side of the mattress.

We don’t recommend this mattress if you need something that’s firm. It doesn’t offer a lot of support.


  •  Excellent heat dissipation
  •  Better than average side support


  •  Relatively little support
  •  Visible springs

13. BedStory Brand 12 inch Queen Mattress, White

BedStory is a newcomer to the market. They’re unusual for offering both black and white mattresses. We’re recommending the white one in the queen size. You get the same 12 inch thick gel memory foam mattress (over a layer of supportive coils) in a classic color.

The combination offers a medium level of firmness that suits most sleepers. It is not the best choice if you’re a side sleeper or very heavy. It does not provide enough support for those with back pain. It only somewhat relieves pressure points, and it will not necessarily keep your spine straight.

It is better than pure memory foam mattresses that can leave you curled up in a deep indent. This might be the best hybrid mattress for couple sleepers, since your weight is distributed across the mattress.

This mattress sometimes doesn’t fully inflate to 12 inches thick. However, it tends to inflate evenly even when it comes up short. You won’t get a lumpy mattress right out of the box. The foam will develop low spots after a year or two of heavy use, though that’s common for mattresses in this class.

This mattress tends to retain heat. It lacks heat dissipation features, and the gel in the memory foam doesn’t do much in this regard.


  •  Literally a medium mattress, neither firm nor soft
  •  Available in both black and white
  •  Even surface


  •  Gets hot

14. Zinus Brand 12 Inch Euro Box Top Hybrid Mattress with Green Tea

We’re recommending the Zinus because they combine high-quality foam with heavy duty springs. It gets extra points for being shipped in a box. It takes two to three days to fully expand once you unpack it. That’s true even if you get the California King size. However, their California King mattress is one to two inches smaller than a standard California King bed frame.

Zinus has jumped on the holistic bandwagon. When they call it green tea, they aren’t referring to the color. They advertise this mattress as having castor seed and green tea extract mixed into the foam. They say this is done to reduce odor and prevent bacterial growth.

It doesn’t entirely eliminate the chemical smell, though the mattress is Certi-pur certified. It doesn’t release any toxic VOCs into the air. Instead, it alters the smell and adds an herbal odor to it. Whether this is an improvement is a matter of personal opinion.

The memory foam has average durability. It will compress within a year, if you’re sleeping on it every night. You can reduce the issue by rotating it 180 degrees, but you can’t flip it over like a box spring. The memory foam itself is somewhat thin. It doesn’t offset the hard springs underneath. The springs do not prevent motion transfer.

We don’t recommend this mattress if you have back or joint problems. The memory foam doesn’t offset the hard springs underneath. This mattress doesn’t have side support, but that isn’t unusual in this product class.


  •  Medium support
  •  Quickly expands to full size
  •  Available in California king


  •  Odor
  •  Not true to size

15. Leesa Brand Luxury Hybrid 11″ Box Mattress

This mattress puts layers of memory foam and cooling foam on top of pocket springs. This reduces the issue with pressure points that comes with spring mattresses without the risk of sinking in that pure memory foam mattresses have. It contains roughly a thousand springs, so it minimizes motion transfer, too.

This mattress gets points for excellent edge support. This may be the best hybrid mattress for couples where you often sleep on the edge or sit on the side of the bed. It is also made in the United States. The company ups the ante by donating pillows and mattresses for every few mattresses they sell.

This mattress doesn’t have the level of support you need if you have arthritis or back pain. It is suitable for the average, healthy user. It can sag in the middle within several months. We’d rate it a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.This is one of the best Hybrid mattress in the world.

The mattresses are one to two inches smaller than the official king and queen sizes. This can create a gap between the mattress and the bed frame.


  •  Great edge support
  •  Limits motion transfer
  •  Made in the United States


  •  Not suitable for those with back or joint problems
  •  Not true to size

16. Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress, King (2020 Version)

The original Casper mattress was designed for comfort and support, and they charged a premium for it. The first generations of the Casper mattress took up to a month to “break in”, so you’re uncomfortable on your new bed for weeks wondering if it will ever stop causing joint pain. Fortunately, Casper has updated their design. We’re reviewing the 2020 edition of the Casper Sleep original hybrid mattress.

This mattress is notable for the memory foam zones that give you more support under the average person’s shoulders and hips. This is the hybrid best mattress on our list for those with joint and back problems. It is both comfortable and supportive.

This mattress has average edge support, though the corners don’t always expand to their full height. This is better than mattresses that may not fully expand altogether, resulting in an uneven surface from the start.

The mattresses themselves are not true to size. They may be one to three inches shorter than a standard queen or king frame. (This problem is common among bed in a box brands.)

The Casper 2020 mattress does a better job dissipating heat than most memory foam mattresses. The perforations in the foam improve air flow and reduce heat build-up better than gel-laced mattresses. Note that this only works if you only cover the mattress in sheets, not a plastic mattress cover. Fortunately, you only need to stick with the removable cover that Casper provides with the mattress.

The mattress may release a chemical smell for more than a month. The foam is not Certi-pur certified.


  •  Far better support for those with joint or back problems
  •  Good heat dissipation


  •  May not expand at the corners
  •  Smell

17. Suiforlun Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress has a strong innerspring mattress covered with a layer of gel and memory foam. It actually has five layers of foam, one of which is gel foam.

It is relatively cheap for a hybrid mattress. The unusual bamboo fiber cover makes it breathe. If you’re allergic to latex, this hybrid mattress is a safe, hypo-allergenic alternative.

A side benefit of the bamboo outer layer is the near elimination of the chemical smell that comes with new memory foam mattresses and accompanies many hybrid mattresses.

The individually wrapped coils gently respond to your shifting weight without making noise. The foam layers help keep your spine aligned and eliminate pressure points.

The mattress is able to compress for affordable shipping. One of the downsides is that the mattress is still quite heavy and costs a lot to ship even when compressed.

The manufacturer provides a basic ten year, limited warranty. The mattress comes in sizes from full to King and is available in the hard to find California King size.

18. Tempur-pedic Brand Tempur-Flex Hybrid Prima Mattress

This is a Tempur-pedic brand mattress with the patented and excellent quality Tempur-material. It adapts and supports your body, so there is no “stuck in mud” feeling after you’ve been in the bed for a while.

It provides complete pressure relief and absorbs motion so one person getting out of bed won’t disturb the other. It is medium to firm.

The top layer of the bed has a moisture-wicking fabric to help you stay cool; in essence, the bed is designed in and of itself to reduce the heat retention problem you’d otherwise get even with some hybrid beds. That’s aside from the cover you can zip off and wash or replace if worn.

One of the benefits of this mattress is that you can find it in almost any size. If you like the mattress, you can buy twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king and split California king sizes.

The downside of this mattress is cost. It is very expensive. The free delivery that typically comes with it only partially offsets the price.

19. Sealy Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress is designed for those who need a firm hybrid mattress, whereas everything else on this list is medium to medium-soft.

The gel memory foam solves the heat retention problem that many other hybrid mattresses have. Unusual among hybrid mattresses, the three inch foam edge lets you sit on it without it sinking or deforming long term. It has very little motion transfer.

This hybrid mattress is more affordable than the Tempur-pedic brand mattress while offering almost equally good pressure point relief for those with joint pain or who need excellent support to avoid back pain when they awaken.

This mattress is available from Twin XL sizes to King size. You can find California King versions of this mattress from some retailers.

If you already own a Sealy or other adjustable bed, this mattress will fit the bed frame. You have a wide selection of bed foundations that you can use with this mattress.The manufacturer has a basic ten year limited warranty.

20.Perfect Cloud Brand Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress is middle of the pack in terms of price. At eleven inches, it is one of the thinner mattresses, perfect for those who want a hybrid mattress that’s as low as possible.It has a very high coil count, with more than 1000 individually wrapped coils.

One issue that creates problems for some buyers is the firmness. It is medium firm, but it is labeled as medium soft. It works for back sleepers, but it doesn’t have the support side sleepers need.

This hybrid mattress is better than a standard box spring mattress in terms of pressure points, but you’ll want to look at other hybrid mattresses on this list if you’ve got a bad back or arthritic joints.

One of the downsides of this mattress is that it emits a slight chemical smell for weeks. The mattress has a removable cover, but washing that does not completely eliminate this smell. Conversely, it is durable and works well for those who are happy with it.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress has an innerspring system covered by memory foam or another type of padding. Hybrid mattresses are intended to provide the sturdy support and contoured support. A real hybrid mattress has at least an inch and a half of padding above the box spring.

Some hybrid mattresses use two or more layers of foam, such as a layer of latex foam and a layer of memory foam. Latex foam is spongy and cushy, making the surface soft, while the memory foam improves pressure point relief.

In other hybrid mattresses, the bed combines gel foam and memory foam. A few models have a separate layer of micro-coils on top of a thicker box spring. Some hybrid mattresses have traditional coils while others have micro-coils.

 Pros and Cons of Hybrid Mattresses

01.Hybrid mattresses have better pressure relief than conventional mattresses, something that improves as they ad  to the number of coils.

02.Hybrid mattresses allow for more air flow than memory foam mattresses; this matters if you’re prone to overheating   in bed. They’re much cooler than all-foam beds. However, this depends on the brand. Some hybrid mattresses have the same issue with heat retention as all-foam beds.

03.These mattresses are heavy compared to an inner spring mattress. And unlike foam mattresses, they are rarely able to be compressed down to lower the cost of shipping them to your home.

04.These mattresses have much better edge support than coil mattresses that tend to sag on the sides even if it is still comfortable in the middle.

05.One benefit of hybrid mattresses is the fact that they cost less than beds made entirely out of memory foam. The cost of the mattresses depend in part on the thickness of these costly layers while the complexity of the design also increases the cost. Some hybrid mattress manufacturers put layers of wool or bamboo or other natural materials to try to charge more for the “green” label.

06.Hybrid mattresses capture some of the bounce caused by someone tossing and turning or getting out of bed. It isn’t as good as separate mattresses. Micro-coils in the best hybrid mattresses enhance this benefit.

07.These mattresses are quieter than coil mattresses. This benefit is greater when you have micro-coils, especially if each coil is “pocketed” or wrapped in cloth.

08.One of the problems with hybrid mattresses is that they don’t last longer than a mid-grade inner spring mattress, despite costing much more.

09.Hybrid mattresses last longer than mattresses made only of memory foam. They lose about 5% of their resiliency whereas latex foam loses a fifth of its resiliency and poly foam loses half of its resiliency. You don’t risk sinking into the hybrid mattress and feeling like you’re stuck in the mud when you try to get out of your set sleeping spot.


Hybrid Mattress Buying Guide

Nowadays, a lot of items in the market are considered as “hybrid”. The word hybrid means a combination of two different things. These hybrid items therefore are made out of two different materials, and are basically two or more types of these products combined to have the benefits of all the materials used.

With the movement from traditional products to hybrid materials, hybrid mattresses are also being produced and introduced to the market. If you don’t know much about hybrid mattresses, here’s a hybrid mattress buying guide to help you.

Things to Consider Before Buying  Hybrid Mattress

#1: Size of Bed

Of course you must consider the size of the bed that you want. Is it for your personal use only? Will you use it with someone? Do you want a narrow bed or a wider one? it all comes down to how you are going to use the bed, who will use the bed, and your mattress size preference. Aside from that, if you already have a bed, of course your mattress must fit in it. Choose a mattress that fits your bed.

#2: Size of Room

How big is the room where you’re going to fit your mattress in? Make sure that your mattress and your bed fit the size of the room and is applicable for the size of the room.

#3: Comfort

With comfort, of course you have to consider what you want in your bed. Your mattress is where you will lie down on when you sleep. You would not be able to fall asleep and have a proper sleep if you are not comfortable in your bed. To have your desired comfort, you must consider if you want a softer bed or a harder one, etc.

#4: Materials

You must consider the materials that your mattress is made out of. The materials of your mattress will also determine the comfort. There are mattresses that are only semi-hybrid while there are also others that are fully hybrid mattresses. With the materials, you may opt for one that has a latex lining, gel foam, memory foam, and innerspring, all depending on how you want your mattress to feel like.

#5: Price

These hybrid mattresses may be more expensive than regular mattresses. Are you sure that you are ready to spend a little more for extra comfort? Also assess you budget for these hybrid mattresses. But of course, you still want the highest quality hybrid mattress to keep you sleeping soundly every night.

#6: Durability

Your mattress is an investment that you plan to use for several years so you must ensure that it will last that long. Choose products and brands that have been tried and tested or you may test the mattress that you want before you actually buy it. Such programs are available these days. You want to make sure that you really like the hybrid mattress and that it will last you long before you spend bucks on it.


Hybrid mattress FAQ

01. Are Hybrid mattresses good?

Hybrid mattresses range from mediocre to better than either spring mattresses or memory foam mattresses. The best way to find a good memory foam / spring mattress hybrid is to do your research. A thin layer of foam over a thick layer of springs won’t do much to offset the pressure points. A very thick layer of foam with springs on the bottom is hardly better than a memory foam mattress.

However, the ideal combination literally depends on you. If you are a side sleeper, you need far more support than if you sleep on your stomach or back. This could be provided by firm foam, thin foam over springs or a combination thereof. If you are heavy, you need that good support, as well. Read the hybrid mattress FAQ for a given mattress to determine its level of firmness relative to what you need. Then read the product reviews.

02. Do Hybrid mattress need a box spring?

No, you won’t need a box spring with a modern hybrid mattress. However, you may want a box spring or bed stand underneath a pure memory foam mattress, since you don’t want to risk sinking down to the floor.

A side benefit of hybrid mattresses is that the bottom layer can lay on any bed frame, including open metal frames. A pure memory foam mattress would sink down and around a hard frame like this, creating ridges on the surface.

If you already have a box spring, then you can put a hybrid mattress on top of it as long they’re of similar size. For example, a king sized hybrid mattress can rest on a king sized box spring. Check the dimensions, because some memory foam and hybrid mattresses are actually one to two inches smaller than the official queen or king size.

The problems arise when the hybrid mattress is larger than the box spring. These mattresses rarely have good edge support, so you’ll be sliding off the side of the bed when you try to sit on it.

03. Are hybrid mattresses better than memory foam?

Hybrid mattresses have a number of advantages over conventional memory foam beds. You’re less likely to sink all the way to the bottom. They may not indent as far if you do sink into the foam.

They can often be shipped as a bed in a box like memory foam mattresses. They may or may not smell as much or have an odor that lasts as long.

04. Are hybrid mattresses worth the money?

A good one is. A bad one isn’t. Don’t worry about premium ingredients like a bamboo cover, charcoal mixed in the memory foam or green tea extract embedded in it.

The only exception to this rule is if you’re prone to overheating. Additional design features like vented holes in the memory foam, air channels carved into the body or heat-dissipating gel in the memory foam may be worth the extra cost. Just make sure you learn about the actual performance of the bed before you buy it.

05. How thick should a hybrid mattress be?

If you don’t need much support, then a seven inch hybrid mattress is fine. The hybrid mattress in this case is a little more supportive and much softer than a futon mattress.

The more support you need, the thicker the mattress needs to be. However, it is the depth of the springs that matters more when you need support. This is why you’d want seven to ten inches of springs, not foam.

06. Can you flip a hybrid mattress?

No. A box spring or traditional spring mattress can be flipped in most cases, though some have a different surface on the other side that makes this a bad idea. (You’d be sleeping on a non-quilted surface that may be rougher just to hold it in place against the frame.) Memory foam mattresses are sometimes flippable.

A few actually have a different firmness on the other side so you can switch from soft to medium-firm by flipping. However, this isn’t the case with hybrid mattresses. Flip over the mattress, and the memory foam is resting on the floor while you lay on top of hard springs. And that’s assuming you don’t rip up the memory foam in the process.

07. Is a hybrid mattress good for side sleepers?

Hybrid mattresses are better for side sleepers on average than memory foam mattresses. However, they are not all able to offer the necessary level of support for heavy side sleepers or side sleepers who need just the right amount of support to prevent back pain.

08. Is a hybrid mattress good for back pain?

They can be. Hybrid mattresses eliminate pressure points almost as well as an innerspring mattress. If the issue is back arthritis or vertebrae problems, you’ll need a bed that keeps your spine aligned. This will vary from mattress to mattress.

09. Will a hybrid mattress sag?

With time, yes. With a poor quality mattress, it may happen within weeks. In a high quality mattress, it may take years. Note that it can’t be as bad as you’d see with a memory foam mattress because there are solid springs underneath.

10. What is the difference between a hybrid and innerspring mattress?

The difference is the layer of memory foam (or several) on top of the springs. The hybrid mattress may have more springs in the mattress or advanced features like individually pocketed springs. However, this depends on the particular model.

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