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5 Common Home Seller Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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If you’re looking to sell your home, there are a few do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of.

With house prices going up and a lack of inventory, it’s a really good time to sell a home in California. There are buyers ready and willing to spend big money, but just because the market is ripe for a quick and lucrative sale doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy.

In this post, we’re going to discuss some common home seller mistakes that prevent homeowners from getting the most out of their homes. Maximizing your sale requires knowing what not to do, so keep reading and we’ll guide you on the path to a fair home price.

1. Trying to Sell On Your Own

There’s been a movement of people that attempt to sell their homes as-is to cash buyers. This may be the fastest way to sell your home, but it’s not the one that’s going to get you the best deal.

good realtor will give you access to a pool of qualified buyers. They’ll also know from experience how to maximize the sale of your home. They understand when to sell, what to do to improve your prospects, and how to negotiate with potential buyers. It’s well worth the 5-6% commission that realtors charge on the sale of the home.

2. Overpricing

One of the main ways that you end up stifling your chances of finding a great buyer for your home is overpricing it. To find the best potential home buyers, you need to set a fair price on your home. Knowing the right price requires you to do market research and analysis.

This is another area that your realtor can help you with. They’ll be able to look at similar homes in your area and determine the best price to set the home at. Doing this will ensure a timely sale that everyone’s happy with.

3. Neglecting Easy Maintenance

The issue of what you should do to improve the home before selling can be difficult. Many sellers feel compelled to renovate and fix up every aspect of their home so they can get the best price.

What you should focus on is the easy stuff. You don’t need to perform big renovations because they’re going to cost you. It’s better to take care of all the little things that make your home safe and attractive to the buyer.

4. Not Considering Timing

It’s less of an issue in Los Angeles, but timing is an important part of selling your home. Spring seems to be the time when buyers are most keen to settle quickly on a home – from mid-March to mid-April.

5. Not Staging

How you set out to sell your home will have a huge effect on how much you can sell it for and how quickly you’ll find a buyer. You can improve your prospects by staging your home and taking lots of high-quality photos for your listing.

82% of buyers say that home staging makes it easier to picture themselves in a home. You can either hire a home stager or try to do it yourself.

Don’t Make the Common Home Seller Mistakes

Now that you know what the most common home seller mistakes are, you can take the steps to avoid them. If you have an experienced realtor on your side, they can guide you through the home selling process so that you come out feeling great about your sale.

Jesse Garcia is such a realtor. As one of LA’s top-rated realtors, his 5-step sales method can take you from deciding to list all the way through to a lucrative sale. If you’re ready to sell, contact the office of Jesse Garcia to discuss your options today

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