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5 Common Errors in Hiring Fence Contractors and How to Avoid Them

If you’re looking to install a fence around your property, you’re likely overwhelmed by the prospect. After all, there are dozens of options to consider, not to mention a lot of jargon to learn.

Finding the right company to do the job is another minefield to navigate. How can you ensure your fence turns out right the first time without going through lengthy and costly fixes? Here are the most common errors in hiring fence contractors and how to prevent them.

1. Not Researching and Gathering Multiple Bids

You don’t know if you’re getting the best value for your money when you only receive one bid. It’s also possible that the contractor offering the lowest bid is not the most knowledgeable or experienced person for the job. 

To avoid this mistake, research contractors by looking at their portfolios and obtaining multiple options for fence contractors. Comparing fence installation costs and levels of expertise should also be done before deciding.

2. Overlooking Contractor Credentials and Experience

Poorly trained or inexperienced contractors may take shortcuts or be unable to address complicated fencing jobs. Unlicensed and uninsured workers may leave homeowners liable for damages or injuries during installation.

To avoid this pitfall, always do thorough background checks on contractors. Ask for references and look into their qualifications and fence installation experience.

Vet candidates carefully by obtaining documentation of any insurance or licenses. Additionally, hiring contractors knowledgeable of local regulations and building codes is best to avoid legal liabilities later on.

3. Failing To Communicate Clearly

A misunderstanding of the project can lead to costly errors. To ensure clarity at the start of the project, develop a timeline and budget and provide this information to the fence contractor so both parties understand the requirements.

Be sure to ask questions if anything is unclear so you can ensure the same expectations have been set and avoid any disputes. Communication should be ongoing, and all parties should clearly agree upon any changes to the project to prevent errors. 

4. Not Checking References and Reviews

Overlooking this step can lead to poor fence installation. It’s possible to find yourself in a situation where the contractor guarantees warranty services, only to discover that the company has gone out of business.

To avoid these unfortunate occurrences, prospective homeowners should insist that the contractor provide them with customer references. Reading online reviews is also a must. It might also be better to ask family or friends for referrals.

5. Ignoring Written Contracts and Terms

Consider the details of the fence installation before committing to the project. Look into the contractor’s expectations regarding payment, time-frame, maintenance, etc. Without a written contract, it can be difficult to enforce these expectations or to hold the contractor accountable if they are not met.

To avoid this error, review the agreement before signing off on it. Use a written contract to ensure all parties understand their responsibilities. It is best to consult with a legal professional to receive advice if any questions arise. 

Dodge These Errors in Hiring Fence Contractors

It is essential to be a vigilant consumer when choosing a fence contractor. Being aware of common errors can be beneficial. Ask the right questions, examine legal documents, and research reviews and licenses before signing a contract.

This will help you decide wisely and get the fence you desire without major hiccups. Don’t forget to inspect the finished product to ensure your satisfaction. Research is key to avoiding errors in hiring fence contractors.

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